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Some comments about arbitrarily fraudulent psychiatric diagnostics in context of PSI-Terror in Heidelberg

Just one sentence about this: It already was a detailed content of Kilics PSI-Terror and of his telepathy to terrorize, manipulate, urge and deceive people that much, playing fate with them, that their life or course of events actually lead them to mental institutions.

This turkish PSI-group is fully aware that their behavior is illegal and against the law, is fully aware of the fraudulent consequences they cause. It is their full intend. 

Since PSI-Terror started and it became more and more clear that turks, namely Kilic, are behind this another thing re-entered the society. Namely the so-called "political schizophrenias", and political and psychological method of info-war or PSY-War or PSI-Warfare or both PSI-PSY-Warfare.These are methods to paralyse, to distract, to deprogramm and to depattern citizens. One phenomenon of this info-war is that although widely known, proven enough in the news press, to still claim PSI-victims run risk that their own liberate opinions reflect anything else but the legitimate right to ask for a removal of terminal, unhealthy and dangerous influences in our society.

The Kilic-Heidelberg-case is not a new case, it was present in the past, many professionals recognized it and became aware of it. But the info-war around this Kilic-Heidelberg-PSI-case is going as far as blaming any innocent person from any distance at any time instead of the actual perpetrators.

As the case wasn't addressed seriously enough it thrived more and more over the years. Several fraudulent investigations, leading away from the real perpetrators, must be behind there, because every other normal person would have been stopped or gotten committed. In my opinion the molesting of PSI-victims with arbitrarily false diagnosis over many years over and over again not only amounts to protecting the actual perpetrators, it is of course a psycho-terror in its own. We firstly need to realize that PSI-Terror, the manipulation of the general public with manmade psychophysical, telepathic and psychokinetic means and with PSI-Terror is illegal and not allowed by the law. The turkish perpetrators do not have any allowance to experiment with citizens at all.

Many victims have repeatedly stated that fraudulent diagnosis or psychiatric experiences deeply concerns them. I am of the opinion that political motivated and political handicapped diagnoses with only the purpose to silence unwanted persons was and still is in certain regions very common. The reason for fraudulent diagnoses is authentically due to experimental PSI-Methods, experimental telepathy and psychokinesis and mindcontrol specifically in relation to Kilic Heidelberg. Simply put one could say that over the years and since PSI-Methods are available unofficial and secret agreements under special judges, certain attorneys, local CIA and psychiatric medical referees(Amtsärzte) and Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) himself were established in a certain way to explicitly deny the obvious influence of Kilic's dangerous PSI-experiments, to play with their anxieties and to make citizens fear and beg for their lives. A highest effort is behind this to talk citizens into believing a ordinary psychosis, I could spend a whole separate blog with showing the big difference of PSI, telepathic and mind control manipulations and psychosis. I have also observed how many psychiatrists(names available!) try to utilize Kilic's telepathy, influential mindcontrol to bring citizens very ordinary and ridiculous mentally-ill diagnoses or to press for commitment with Kilic's telepathy, very certainly not for the purpose to heal, if there's any need or any allowed possibility to "heal" what is already deemed PSI, telepathy and mindcontrol at all. The method isn't allowed. The most expensive mental health institution in the world cannot and actually does not "heal" PSI, telepathy and mindcontrol in any way. The UN-Health Standard is clearly that any PSI-effect isn't psychosis at the same time, no commitment legally possible. But this UN-Health Standard and the Right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health is made totally impossible, impossible in it's basic and founding principles. Many other standards on different levels are also made impossible by this radical, malevolent and malicious turkish PSI-Terror from Heidelberg.

Many commitments happen fraudulently or in error, because Kilic's PSI-Terror and PSI-Experiments can make people look superficially as if criteria were partially fulfilled in a way, unless they have a very strong personality. That's also a prefered PSI-Terror-Method by Kilic, probably one of the oldest. But this means that diagnostics can be tremendously in error, of course. And it also means that either psychiatrists can be horrendously in error or, the other possibility, that psychiatrists are fraudulent personalities who notoriously lie, and write lies about alleged psychiatric conditions of other people, unwilling to realize and to acknowledge the truth about modern turkish PSI-Terror, telepathy, psychokinesis, remote-mindcontrol and all the other methods. Psychiatrists who do not accept any paranormal aspects at all often call telepathy believes or imaginations(german: Einbildungen und Vorstellungen) regardless the fact that dangerous PSI-methods are (in the meantime) very well established. Neverthenless many PSI-victims were committed simply on the basis of the argument that they were non-compliant(krankheitsuneinsichtig), which must be understood as an attempt to consciously annulate the victim's defense. As I said, there are special pro-CIA judges or judges who act in favor for the german party "Die Grünen", judges who are most probably themselves affected by Kilic's yearslong PSI-Terror, yet(!) they produce the most stupid, faulty and fraudulent verdicts, although the opposite was and is obvious since years and never in doubt. They are certainly driven by the intend to generally ban their own problems, which again brings us back to political judgments, politically biased judges, attorneys who act merely in revenge of their own interest.

It is also very much a play to fill citizens with anxieties and then fatefully deny citizens any rational argument. I am here referring to arbitrary denying the rights. When asked about telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol the turks officially answered: "ja, ja.... das sagt man über uns seit Jahren.....". Fully aware and with a malice. It is evidently unavoidable that many judges and attorneys are themselves under a dense impression of PSI, that remains true. But the other side of the coin is that many fraudulent investigations, manipulating proof and others are arbitrarily manipulated to influence chances before the court. I once said Kilic plays on both sides. It is also true that there are fraudulent attorneys, fraudulent judges and fraudulent expert witnesses, all those play occasionally or on a regular basis with the illegal PSI-methods of Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. All that contributed to the erosion of rights and the society.

I am here mostly referring to those arbitrary cases where commitment hearings were through and through arbitrarily and where any veto was neglected and denied. All are crazy - only Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) and his most dangerous PSI-Group would never be. That is basically the picture behind this. And that means fraudulently diagnosing is a political terror instrument, especially in Heidelberg and in relation to PSI-Terror from Kilic. The UN-Health-Standard is clearly that a suicidal behaviors must be present during a commitment hearing, which means that a psychiatrist has to determine if such a behavior is present. He has to determine it from only a very few sentences. The problem is that in numberless cases this principle was and is violated. For example a psychiatrist can lie and write his lies and simply acknowledge a commitment if other authorities press for it. That's by definition a political abuse, others want a commitment but the requirements are not fulfilled. Numberless cases are known in Heidelberg, where quick and fraudulent and faulty commitment hearings lead to short time hospitalization. Legally it wasn't justified, legally it wasn't necessary. I am talking here of a concrete and fraudulently abuse of psychiatric instruments and methods for the purpose to intimidate citizens politically. It all happened and happens before the background of present and known PSI-experiments, experiments that allegedly serve only the best for society. The opposite is the case. The truth is that it is the most illegitimate, fraudulent and antidemocratic influence of all times and definitely not allowed. I wondered so much about one UN-expert's comment that enforced commitments are torture or are equal to torture. Many countries are lightyears away from this certainly justified highest standard. It cost victims 6...8...10 years and a lot of money and of course requires an able lawyer to reach the highest courts, considering the affected qualities in the victim's lives and economic chances this is certainly very recommendable.

In the early 80's phase of PSI, telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol many psychiatrist, doctors, citizens, professors, judges and others more became a PSI-target themselves and that's why especially in Baden-Württemberg, and in Heidelberg falsely and fraudulently diagnostics is more than political biased/handicapped it is merely a personal act of revenge at least for many of them. And that's precise! Many psychiatrists are that much biased/handicapped from own deeply disturbing PSI-experiences, that a hateful personality thrived over the years. Another ingredient is possibly a general skeptical attitude towards parapsychology, telepathy and psychokinesis and a pronounced will to refuse to believe(?) in parapsychology. The problem is that since 1988 a tax financed and public parapsychological research institute exists in Baden-Württemberg. The institute has also public consultatory functions and premises the possibility of telepathy, psychokinesis, remote-viewing and most importantly that it can pose an endangerment to individuals.

Many local psychiatrists were or still are a target of Kilic's PSI-Terror, the names are available or occoured during past years of Kilic's wild PSI-Terror against numberless peaceful citizens.

Who wonders then about fraudulent investigations and court cases, about arbitrarily fraudulent diagnoses and the whole diagnostics itself, it is no wonder anymore.

Many years ago I was myself a victims of a fraudulently conducted court case, a police officer committed the crime of fraudulently planting proof and in overall the court case wasn't justified legally at all. I know what it looks like if people begin to behave strangely before a PSI-background.

It is true that one is best advised to never go or move to Heidelberg. The truly bad and disadvantageous things become visible only with a time.

Another detail is most important. In recent years it became more and more difficult to find reliable lawyers in Germany. Most lawyers know it since a long time that our legal systems is in many ways fraudulent and excavated like a nutshell, especially in regards of PSI-manipulations. But what wondered me even more was when I discovered that the president of the bar association in Southern-Germany in Karlsruhe worked personally with Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) in a law office in Heidelberg for only a few years. I am wondering because in my view it suggests influencing, surely no independence and of course the oddity that a president would ever agree to that, especially considering the circumstances. It is well known that Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) and his PSI-group openly terrorized citizens, judges, attorneys, professors and psychiatrists and that all are under a sense impression of telepathic and psychokinetic influence, that consequences manifested and that it means a pervert sex-scandal of incredible proportion. It is also the turkish household who brought thousands fraudulent and ridiculous diagnoses only because these fatous turks(Kilic's) want to experiment with the health and lives of others.

Another interesting detail is this one. It is well known that this Kilic-PSI-Terror is not a product and the result of recent years, actually it is a story from the 80's and was already a known problem for the 80's generation. That means there's a preliminary story to it that already existed among a previous generation. When studying at Heidelberg University I have heard in many lectures how professors gave some voluntary hinds about how they felt disturbed by ongoing PSI-Terror by Kilic, also several hinds about the turkish identity of the perpetrators were given. It happened in several different faculties and there's absolutely no doubt that it posed a tremendous problem and tremendous difficulty for an academic community. Practically nobody is unaffected, especially in Heidelberg where the perpetrators live or lived for most of the time. Did you ever question yourself if exams, verbal exams and written tests are under a dense and fraudulent atmosphere of Kilic's telepathy, psychokinesis, mindcontrol and cognitive manipulation and that all that influences the results? Another question is if mindcontrol manipulative methods, helpful telepathy from his PSI-group to get the quickest and best answers to the advantage of Memet Kilic's(Die Grünen) own exam were present and applied, because I am very much doubtful about his degree and the circumstances around. When studying in Heidelberg professors made hinds during their lectures about these turks, it was and is known among professors. I myself can state concrete examples, including names, location, time and circumstances when comments and hinds were given during lectures. Nobody asked for it. The lectures were visited by a few hundred young students.

I have also heard it from psychology students, at one time during a seminar a female student started to speak out loudly: " Ooh, wir sind telepatisch ....", a phrase that clearly shows what is meant.

I have heard of cases of psychiatrists who left their jobs because of severe problems with telepathy, psychokinesis, mindcontrol and remote-viewing experiments specifically by these turks.

Another detail of terrorizing PSI-activity by these turks is about the many names of citizens of the town Heidelberg. Private citizens of any nationality including other turks, doctors, psychiatrists, man, women, professors, names of locals firms and businesses, employees of local firms and businesses in Heidelberg, judges and attorneys, politicians, employers of authorities and other local institutions in Heidelberg and of course the names of this turkish family Kilic(themselves). What also became clear over the years is that the turkish PSI-group preferredly attacks people who's name is similar or equal or who look similar to one of the turks(Kilic imposter) of this household. All that proves clearly that over the years many people were deliberately affected by these turks and their PSI-Terror and that greatest effort was and is behind.

The PSI-Zombification of the civil world is real and Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg is the cause and the reason for that.

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