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Something new that's happening to me

I used to get a lot of these artifical anxiety attacks. It seemed like every other day, sometimes 6 days in a row it would happen. Now (since last week), I have been shaking really bad. I mean, not just a normal shake, but a rapid out of control shake. My whole body shakes out of control. First it starts out slow with my head turning to the right (sometimes left) real sharp, and then it gradually increases after a few minutes. I think the military is either 1.)bored, 2.) desperate, 3.) pissed off even more (because I said a lot of awful things to them throughout the year), or 4.) trying something different to see how i re-act and handle it. The "anxiety" attacks would last 10 hours if I didn't take a certain pill to get rid of it. I figured out that Ambien (sleep aid) counter acts with the anxiety, it makes my brain slow down and the thoughts and feelings eventually go away. I went to the hospital to get the shaking checked out and the doctor said it must be because of my medication that I'm taking. I started to mention to him about electronic harrasment/direct energy and he started talking about some of the conspiracies. He meantioned that the planes flying around leave contrails and also said something like x patterns in the sky. I told him that those are not contrails but chemtrails being sprayed. He tried to disagree with me, but I put him in his place. I said contrails disperse after a few minutes, these trails that the planes leave in the sky are there all day long, so it's chemical trails they are pouring in the atmosphere. He said, "well, there's nothing I can do about it." And then he changed the subject on what I was first off trying to tell him. He told me during the conversation that there's no such thing a blood tests for radiation poisoning. Yeah right, he's lying his ass off, of course there is. I think he was paid by someone to discredit and not help me. I also think this other person named Tammy Watz was also paid to not help me and discredit it (different doctor's office in the same town). About 6 months ago, I went to her office and tried to explain to her what is really going on. She surprised me, she brought in another person (female) and then Tammy tried asking me what was going on. She never invited another person in the room before until the day I decided to see if she could help me. Long story short, I asked her if she could send me to another hospital in St. Louis that could take my blood and test it for radiation. She left the room for a couple of minutes and came back saying that she didn't know any hospitals that do that. Really? That's funny because I found one in St. Louis that does that kind of testing. How do I know for sure? I googled it and called the hospital and asked the lady twice to make sure she understood what I was wanting to do and she said, "yes, we do that here." This is what I think is happening to me. I know I am being exposed to a lot of radiation 24/7 365 days. Sometimes there's a lot of it hitting my brain and sometimes it's average. I think no matter what doctor I go to, they are going to not help me and give some lame ass excuse why they won't do it. I also believe there's gang stalkers around me. I just experience some weird things around me too often to make it a coincidence. People will say things around me that I have already done. Bits and pieces of my life I will hear from random strangers. They do it to make me paranoid and afraid, but that's changing soon. I was up in another city and this club house, and somehow the president was mentioned. I said to those who were talking about it that if they knew he was a Muslim and not really born in the United States. They kind of gave me a look and then this guy starts talking about occults and masons. He said it's all over the internet. Right there, I felt like he was talking about what I have been doing for a couple of years, researching occults and masons. I tried to get his attention and he kept ignoring me, so I asked this guy next to me what his name was. Once he heard his name, he looked over and said yeah I researched it and then he turned back and ignored me again. I just find that shit funny as hell, people who have no lives and try to torture others for their own satisfaction. I guess it makes them feel good inside; it's a sick and messed up thing to do. Anyways, I'm not going to let them get to me all the time and in the meantime, I'll just enjoy the good things in life. Yup.

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