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also our hearing is the only "mechanical" sense , also used to wake us up as “alarm” or “warning” to things in our environment …..again I don’t think they directly target us with sound …..but indirectly certainly use/exploit sound in our environment  to trigger/mask  attacks there is a correlation …plus we are going to be in “alert” flight or fight state of mind so we are scanning for any sudden changes in the environment sound being a very crude but strong sense when it comes to this....just think how a sudden sound can make us jump …or how powerful sound is in movies etc.
also I believe over time we many get more sensitive/or conditioned by environmental sounds     

Steve Goodman
The MIT Press
Cambridge, Massachusetts
London, England
Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear

good book ...again I have researched sound a lot as it is "used" in our targeting
 so certainly they are exploiting sound in targeting ...trigger, effect emotions , fear response,conditioning  etc. ,,,,but using sound directly cause problems ...the speed of sound "bullet travels faster" also range the time and energy use goes up in targeting a person dramatically if somebody stood in front of you they would be hit/block it.

[quote]But why are sounds and music not simply scary, but something that psychologically and emotionally grips us? Science suggests that sound-based information travels faster than visual information, as humans evolved to use hearing, rather than sight, as a first defence against predators.
The aim of the soundtrack in a horror film is to trigger fear, stress, panic and anxiety – and Hitchcock certainly achieves this.
so yes the technology can effect/stimulate  our body ...but also I believe they use sound to enhance & trigger fear, stress, panic and anxiety to overwhelm us

so we really are in this surreal blurred reality “horror movie”   

so we are being stalked by a virtual reality psycho wearing a mask ...but when we peel the mask of its some sad mind scientist using high tech toys to run some rather sick human illegal unethical  experimentation on us.

Also sound is used in deception

Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear

[quote]“Ghost Army” was the nickname given to a division of the U.S. Army, the
Twenty- Third Special Troops, stationed in Europe during World War II. They
consisted of artists deployed in the fabrication of camouflage and fake inflatable
equipment, and sound and radio engineers using equipments pioneered at Bell
Labs. The Ghost Army’s aims were to trick the enemy into reacting against the
presence of a non-existent phantom army using the sounds of troops, tanks, and
landing craft, allowing the actual troops to manoeuvre elsewhere. In addition to
the Ghost Army, Division  was working on a joint army- navy project based on
“The Physiological and Psychological Effects on Men in Warfare,” research orchestrated by Bell Telephone Labs and consisting of physiologists and sound engineers, including the inventor (Harold Burris- Meyer) of the new stereophonic
system that made possible the recording of music for Walt Disney’s
In a short excerpt of archive footage from an army training film during World War II,
an engineer is shown cutting a “dubplate” of sound effects such as bulldozers,
the construction of a bridge, and an armoured column of troops. The records
were then filed at a library at the Army Experimental Station and rerecorded in
sequence onto wire. The engineer is filmed mixing down a soundtrack onto a
wire recording using three turntables.

This sonic deception involved the generation and distribution of sounds to
produce the sonic experience of the battlefield in order to confuse, mislead, or
distract the enemy. Blending actual recordings and artificially generated noise,
it was targeted at the enemies’ ears and listening devices. [b]The less effective the
enemy’s visual capabilities, the more powerful sonic deception could be. [/b]

“like playing sounds that appear to come from the other side of a from your neighbour place”

again I believe they use some type of urban sonic warfare against TI`s …you don’t hear tanks & troops …but nasty plotting neighbours, sound effects enhance physical stimulation ...(bones cracking , brain frying sounds etc. )

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Comment by Sally on March 29, 2015 at 5:37am

I read somewhere that newborn babies have 3 instinctual fears...falling, loud sounds and I cant remember the third. Loud sounds and the memory of them can be traumatizing for sure. Perps give me massive loud v2k blasts. I think it is referred to as MEDUSA ( mob excess deterrent usind silent audio) lmagine pressing your ear against a speaker, turning the volume up full ball and switching on for a few seconds. Thats how loud it is except its an electronic sound. It takes me ages to calm down when they use this one.

Comment by T.I. Vico on March 31, 2015 at 2:04am

They've been using sounds since august in my case (continuous annoying sounds). But they can also alter my hearing (sometimes they sound louder than they actually are, sometimes they're echoed etc.). Sometimes I believe that I can hear a lot of subtle sounds that other people don't. Or maybe my hearing has become very sensitive to this kind of sounds.

In my case particular sounds make me feel in a certain way (for exemple chainsaw noise always makes me feel better - maybe because it reminds me of something I used to do before this started). 

In any case I'm overwhelmed by sounds on a daily basis. Everywhere I go, it's either car engines, syrens air conditioners, boilers, fridges etc.

During my stay at the mental health facility, I could hear a certaing sound coming from the light bulbs. Also, whenever I go to a park, ambulances start to wander around that park with their syrens on.

And I must not forget the tinnitus that is almost always on. 


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