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Stalking vs. Investigating

Definition of Stalk:

  • Pursue Stealthily (Usually Animal Prey but in the case of Psychopaths this includes Humans).
  • Steal up to Game Undercover.
  • Stalking Game.

Definition of Investigate:

  • to inquire into
  • examine
  • make an official inquiry into or to conduct a systematic inquiry or search

Just the definitions listed above give a very distinct picture of how a stalker and an investigator would behave differently. The stalker is hunting it's prey. The investigator is observing his subject. One is set to kill. The other is just observing.

  • The stalker makes the victim aware that he/she is being hunted. The victim is aware.
  • The investigator lets no one including the suspect know about the investigation. The subject is not aware.
  • The stalker involves civilians.
  • The investigator does not involve civilians due to: lack of training and experience in handling criminals and investigations, dangers due to lack of training and experience, sabotage of investigation whether intentional or not due to lack of training and experience, potential abuse of power.
  • The stalker doesn't abide by the laws or the constitution. They mock all laws and rules in general.
  • The investigator abides by the laws and the constitution. If he doesn't his case will be for naught and the criminal will go free.
  • The stalker doesn't care about the safety of anyone. They will manipulate, control, and use anyone and everyone they can regardless of the dangers.
  • The investigator cares about the safety of all involved. It is counter productive for the investigator to endanger innocents i.e. civilians even if they are part of a Community Watch.
  • The stalkers are known to participate and encourage psychopath behaviors and tactics in order to achieve their objectives which are to discredit, torture, extract/implant information, and kill. They do not work within the law nor do they feel that they should be held accountable.
  • The investigator does not employ psychopath tactics. He is there to stop crimes and catch criminals. He himself is not nor has ever been a criminal. He works within the law and is like the rest of us accountable to the law.

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