Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


We must disassemble the wirelessly enabling infrastructure throughout the world now because you and your families can now be wirelessly tortured, enslaved, emotionally controlled, mentally controlled and physically controlled by wireless means from unknown remote locations while this infrastructure remains standing. This wirelessly enabled torture and mental control is widespread throughout the world now. If you are still unaware of its use it is because you are being remotely influenced by it to be apathetic about it.
Do not have any more children until the wirelessly enabling infrastructure has been disassembled and banned forever because they have no protection from remotely enabled wireless torture.
I enclose some information herebelow which I found at
Wetware refers to a biological system. A Wetware CPU is the brain and nervous system of living beings note used to power non-organic machinery. In speculative fiction settings, particularly those where true artificial intelligence either doesn't exist or is shunned, it's sometimes the case that the brains of living beings, sapient or not, will be incorporated into machines and used for processing or command and control purposes. It varies whether the rest of bodies are retained, or how willing the beings in question are. When used on unwilling subjects, it may be an element of Sci-Fi Horror, particularly Body Horror or And I Must Scream scenarios.
Related to Brain in a Jar, Man in the Machine, and Cyborg Helmsman. Compare Brain–Computer Interface, Living Battery, Unwilling Roboticisation, and Human Resources. Contrast Brain Uploading, where instead of using human "wetware" to run machine software, you use machine hardware to run human "software". Also contrast Wetware Body, where a machine controls an organic body instead of the other way around. Finally, also contrast Tinman Typist, where a machine occupies the workstation of a human instead of the latter being wired into where a machine should be.
A human with cybernetic implants that have a highly advanced AI (internal or external) that, upon its host's death or presumed lifelong incapacitation (e.g. a coma), takes over the biological mass of its host for its own purpose and continued independent existence. If this process is committed by an AI on a still living and conscious living host, this results in Wetware Body and/or Unwilling Roboticization.
Science fiction often portrays cybernetics as the way forward. Replacing lost limbs, augmenting abilities, even allowing body transplants. But on occasion, a story involves characters who don't want to surrender their fleshy bodies. And that can be handy to know for a villain. This is normally done by dictator and other control freak types. This can be to suppress rebellion, to remove individuality, forcibly convert someone into a minion, or to create a robot army – or a combination of the above.
This can be similar to You Will Be Assimilated. Related to Cybernetics Eat Your Soul. Can sometimes be portrayed as a very special kind of Body Horror, akin to zombification (especially in cases where the procedure begins with brain harvesting). Also see We Can Rebuild Him and Emergency Transformation.
Some devices that inflict roboticisation use nanomachines, resulting in graphic scenes of the person being slowly mechanized while screaming in pain as they are being rebuilt into machines. May be resisted with Heroic Willpower. May lead to Sheep in Wolf's Clothing. See also Man in the Machine and Hypno Trinket. Compare and contrast Brain Uploading.

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