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Strongest correlation/proof of Amok and PSI-CATALYZED CRIMES with continuous KILIC-PSI-Terror from Heidelberg - #TERMINALMINDCONTROL

I have studied many or all publicly known cases of Amok or mindcontrol-supported crimes and I must say, I could tell something about it........

It took some days until I figured out that the word self-loathing meant in reality extreme hatred and infinite rage, spontaneously percepted, probably without the knowledge from where and by what.

What became known as self-loathing appears to be one of many common elements in many cases from past years.

In my valuable opinion the cases started precisely in that time period when PSI-experiments, or manmade PSI-experiments started to form. At the beginning it was not quite certain, especially in cases with a greater distance between.

As far as I remember this situation lasted for many years. During that time the turkish PSI-group around Kilic became more and more arrogant, and their experiments became more and more aggressive and terminal.

In the past it appears this turkish PSI-Terror was perpetrated more carefully and covertly. In the past it also appeared that not necessarily any or every person should develop a negative fate, although many TI's stated that the targeting begun in the 80's or later.

The question is merely why and when the terminal character developed.

Using Wikipedia an increase of numbers can be identified with the blank eye at around 1982 or 1983. Numbers existed at every point in the past, but when did they increase.

My first recollection that PSI-Terror and Kilic is correlated to others and referred to events or persons in a foreign country was of course (and correctly!) when living above them in Heidelberg in 1999. One of the brothers of this PSI-Group begun to terrorize with "N.Y. Bronx", showed a fat men rocking up and down on the back side of his car. At the same time the old song "Money, money..." could be perceived.

At this point in time the Kilic-PSI-Terror case was widely known although still kept a little bit covered in a way. It was known and never a secret because Kilic attacked many citizens telepathically for some time and at that time there was no consent about how to deal with it practically. Nevertheless the case was and is present.

What is most important is that over many years these turks experimented with PSI-Terror, Telepathy and Mindcontrol on sexually oriented experiments to the genitals, imitating sexual practices, imitating orgasms. Imitating orgasms via telepathy meant for example sexual practices like oral sex and it meant to make people have an orgasm and that characteristic telepathic images occurred. It involved: Kilic showed himself(a brother), his face and mouth came closer, and then the PSI-induced orgasm happened, with real sperm, consequences and difficult manipulations on the conscious level afterwards, complete deprogramming and also depatterning with repeated times occurs. It is almost in all aspects a genuine rape, and it is PSI-rape. Others have called it a psychophysical rape. 

Another method during sexual PSI-assaults throughout the night were ugly telepathic comments to confirm and to inform others the PSI-assault happened. For example Kilic terrorized with the sadistic comment: "Aaaah, davon werden wir noch lange zehren.....", a more special phrase proving that he knows his PSI-rape-sex-weapon is for example: "Mach ihm Flatschen....", all this while raping a targeted person and making them come. The german word "Flatschen" means in this context of sexual PSI-rape: a pool of cum, a pool of sperm. Kilics weapon is a PSI-rape-sex-weapon and citizens are threatened and blackmailed by this, is about PSI-Sex-Terror. Although it is in german I am convinced that Kilic's PSI-Terror is undoubtedly the cause. Many other traumatizing and terrorizing telepathic comments were made while assaulting or after a successful attack and after a PSI-induced-orgasm. Kilic even bragged how often in one single night he assaulted sleeping, unconscious and vulnerable persons repeated times. Later he even bragged that several persons at the same time were successfully hit. It was and is most sadistic and pervert and one of Kilics true characteristics that he has.

This pervert method was also present over the last 30 years of PSI-Terror.

This was most probably derived from a twin-telepathy among the turkish Kilic brothers and expanded, intensified and developed more and more and was extended to other citizens over the years. This was continued until a "saturation" was reached, namely practically all citizens. Although some specific problems with time zones occurred, this appears to be an international real-time phenomenon, which is perpetrated solely by a single turkish privately motivated PSI-group from Heidelberg. That means for example: disturbing in one time zone around midday hits before and after in another country with different local time, a phenomenon which in my opinion is attributable and is characteristic for Kilic's PSI-Terror, Kilic terrorized often that way.

Another phenomenon or characteristic deeply connected with PSI-Terror by Kilic was and is at every time the huge manipulative influence by this PSI to change in certain ways facial characteristics and making people who were assaulted and PSI-raped many times over and over again look specifically alienated, a bit strange, a bit changed, a bit like another person or bit like the turkish perpetrators, a bit or even more like one of the Kilic brothers. This phenomenon plays an important role.

Kilic is active since many many years. One could say he is raping, terrorizing, disturbing and manipulating continuously since many years without a brake. There were no breaks, no holidays and no Sundays. In my opinion that is the practical way how numbers of rampage actors, familicides, school massacres and many other things more increased that much. Increased numbers are in my opinion due to continuously persisting manmade PSI-Terror, or more precise the continuous persistence of the Kilic-PSI-Terror from Heidelberg.

The real dominant and heavy PSI-effects must be understood to be committed as a group. That's the explanation for the strength of the effects. It is not the product of a single telepathic mind but the result of entanglement and even conditioning with PSI-induced orgasms. It appears several methods to condition a person to perceive PSI stronger and more effective were invented by these turks. I will write them in a separate blog.

Over the years Kilic's experiments escalated more and more and became more and more terminal, it appears he never experimented strictly in a research group with selected and acquainted persons and under controlled conditions. He only used the general public for his experiments, men, women, children, blind persons and disabled persons of all ages. He attacked and attacks people under all thinkable circumstances, in the bed, at home, in the train, in the shop, at the bank, while eating or dining, during sleeping time and in the bathroom.

While living in Heidelberg I was myself the victim of systematic PSI-assaults, predetermined PSI-attacks with selected content. For example, when living the floor above them one female turk started to discuss or predetermine when and if I was assaulted sexually. It appears this female turk(probably the sister) wouldn't have a full PSI-sex-assault happen directly above their heads, with all consequences and all the "jam" in the floor above their heads("...aber mach es nicht hier über unseren Köpfen...."). I wondered the way she told that, it sounded as if others do the work namely the brothers. That's why the first sexual PSI-rape against me happened in my new apartment and not while still living in the floor above them. A possible reason can be possible legal difficulties they feared if perpetrated directly above their heads and in the same house!

The actual method they use must be understood as a form of remote-telepathic-mindcontrol with highly aggressive elements of submitting/subverting and impersonating the healthy personality of individuals telepathically, synchronizing them to "KEMAL KILIC" and the other psychopathic turks of the KILIC-PSI-GROUP. Many citizens were continuously aware of these ongoing experiments. This PSI-group gave certain hinds from time to time so that people remained updated and got an insight into their current actions. At one day in late 1999 apparently a female turk suddenly started to comment over telepathy: "Oaaah,....Astralleiber können lästig sein......". It was comments like this from where people could follow the events and know what is going on. It is about out-of-body-experiences, remote-viewing methods, channeling, telepathic manipulations and all that TOGETHER!

Within a short time these methods were repeated by Kilic over and over again. The PSI-group stayed awake for many many days to achieve additional power. They suppressed sleep or the urge to sleep for many days, some say weeks. They worked in a group and this whole group suppressed the urge to sleep. Being extremely tired, feeling almost infinite urges, they additionally attacked people sexually. That is extremely important. Several methods to condition, synchronize and disturb a persons consciousness were re-invented and tested exhaustively. There are many similarities to MK-Ultra physical oriented experiments, then finally re-invented and adapted to other PSI-methods. Deprogramming and Depatterning or Repatterning can also be achieved by invasive PSI-methods, manipulating sexuality, sleep and others. PSI-mass-synchronization perpetrated and controlled by one single turkish group from Heidelberg.

As it persisted, several severe consequences resulted.

One appeared to be total control with methods of mindcontrol, telepathy and psychokinesis. That's the most probable and multi-consistent reason for the presence of much telepathy, psychokinesis, PSI-Terror, forms of remote-viewing by Kilic, channeling and infinite rage in most or all cases. In my opinion psychokinesis and telepathic manipulations are almost always the initial main-cause for any behavioral deviation or should we say behavioral modification in many cases.

Another detail should be mentioned. In recent years it became more and more assured that the PSI-group behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) are definitely not simple "PSYCHICS". It is not and was never a helping hand for citizens, although many hoped and begged that this would be the case. It has become a group of self-proclaimed experimental TERROR/TERMINAL-PSYCHICS, experimenting from a private apartment in Heidelberg with realtime PSI-methods, with a most passionate and deadly disposition to play fate with the lifes of other, preferring role-play-like elements to manipulate the minds of millions of unwitting and especially unconsent citizens. The turkish PSI-group revealed their true terminal character and a callousness towards the lifes of their arbitrarily selected and assaulted victims many years ago. The deadly character and his dubious game increased that much, that it is absolutely correct to say he plays on both sides, he is the cause of mindcontrol-supported or mindcontrol-sustained crimes and afterwards he observes how people are filled with anxieties, and on the other hand he is also actively observing and influencing investigations and manipulating the shaping of the public-opinion. The process of PSI,- and mindcontrol erosion of our society has progressed to a severe level. One single turkish household plays fate and god with PSI-methods and people loose their lifes in many different ways.

As numbers of crimes increased dramatically it can't be determined within a short time what relevant action or crime was perpetrated with preliminary occurrence of mindcontrol, but one could estimate a hugh number of cases. On thing is for certain: in all those years the relevance of Kilics PSI-Terror and the role of this PSI-group was underestimated and Kilic was and is telepathically active over all those years. The question of mindcontrol-influenced crimes is more than well motivated. In Germany we are talking about 800.000 spontaneous crimes in total within the last three years, chances are high that a high number of unconfirmed or undisclosed mindcontrol-influenced cases are among these. Only some cases are evaluated properly and made public. But several cases can be found in the newspapers. The possibility and the high risk of deadly consequences for all peaceful citizens by PSI-Methods and escalated terminal experiments is there, it is real. PSI-Methods, telepathic manipulations, channeling and mindcontrol programming, directly or indirectly, all that means a tremendous endangerment to all peaceful living citizens.

The question is merely how we, the people, approach this or what our approach is. PSI-Terror is not a secret, these turks and the name Kilic was and is widely known, it happens in the public, people notice and noticed it publicly and it was confirmed in the newspapers. The question is what we think and how we feel about it.






I have a detailed opinion about the Virginia-Tech case("KILIC kann kein Englisch....") and the many bizarre details of this case, a short comment about Myron May and a case observation about Fritz von Weizsäcker, the case of a german medical professor that happened around here in the last year. Many other cases. An older case with at that time a lot KILIC-PSI-ACTIVITY around is the case of Salihi. Although apparently only just one single case it caused a lot publicity some years ago and even had an own press conference. Here is the link:

In my opinion the case of the taiwanese shooter(Thomma) who assaulted many citizens in a shopping center must also be understood to be a mindcontrol-catalyzed crime by the turkish PSI-group. Kilic talked days before the assault and news in the press in german: "...und dieses Mal bleibt ihr ruhig/haltet euch zurück....!", also about "narkon" immediately followed by "narkonon". Kilic explicitly pressed the people he addressed for not scrutinizing or questioning his imminent telepathic manipulations. He literally announced the imminent amok and escalation. Kilic's PSI-group believes that amok and escalations causing deaths and scandals can mean advantages, refreshment and liberation for other people and other countries. Considering the syllophony of narkon-narkonon it is CLEAR what was meant. Fragments that were perceivable in Germany around Heidelberg from this turkish PSI-group.

By the way: many of these perpetrators are rather similar in their facial features to Kemal Kilic, a forensic-psychiatry-like/bullfrog-like looking guy, especially the eyes, nose and mouth proportions. The next question is to compare KEMAL KILIC's facial features with the real amok-perpetrators. For example Salihi(from the link above) looks highly similar to Kemal Kilic, the most aggressive turk from this psychopathic turkish PSI-GROUP from Heidelberg. Possible reasons can be: KILIC selects right from the beginning only "brainwashable" and naive targets and most importantly that KEMAL KILIC attacks selected persons with his pervert and genital-oriented PSI-TERROR-Methods with after some time, and attacks/assault over and over again, finally lets them look like KEMAL KILIC. Both methods were observed over many years also in combination and there is absolutely no doubt that these turks are behind these PSI-TERROR attacks. Guaranteed!

Quite many other cases especially from recent months must be perceived to be PSI-catalysed crimes, all professions and almost all age-groups are affected, rich and poor people, or like recently influencial personalities. Problem is that most of these cases are not analyzed adequately enough, results are not to the benefit of the general public. Once a forensic enforcement was ordered public voices asking for details are silenced. Behind, say, several hundred's of thousands amok and rampage crimes is an unestimatable amount, the majority, of PSI-catalysed crimes being at the best told to some psychiatrist, but not to the public and to the victims. General public is being kept in the dark about highly dangerous PSI-TERROR-METHODS, the very personal product of a small turkish PSI-GROUP in Heidelberg. Problem is also a suspect only needs to mention telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol during an commitment hearing with an expert witness and the expert witness will plead for insanity, although PSI, telepathy and psychokinesis is by no means within definition of insanity(look e.g. WHO-Standard). An open debate is missing and never happened. Without any debate there is no solid guarantee to preclude any amok-cases of this nature in the future. Silencing the critical debate about deathly, terminal and homicidal PSI-TERROR-Methods, telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol doesn't help preventing these PSI-catalysed crimes, to the contrary, missing information and knowledge about deathly and terminal PSI-TERROR-Methods(#TERMINALMINDCONTROL) can be fatal. The question is to protect citizens from the dangerous KILIC-PSI-GROUP in Heidelberg, male and female turks behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen), born "ALI GÜLDANE" in Turkey, but the contrary happens, namely to cover and protect KILIC-PSI-GROUP, promote these PSI-catalysed crimes, blaming other innocents. After some time of silence the same dangerous and highly psychopathic KILIC-PSI-GROUP resumes their murderous activity and the murderous PSI-TERROR, amok and escalations restarts for a new. Even during Covid-19 there are hundreds of thousands of amok and murder cases in Germany, Europe and quite certainly also in every other country. And still no public debate, no analysis and no adequate warning for the general public. Not even the urgent recommendation to keep calm by all and every possible means. That's why the KILIC-PSI-TERROR continues instead of guaranteeing the general public a "mindcontrol-free" and healthy environment.

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