Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Suggestion to TIs in the world to end this war

Hi, I'm Shin Hayama, a Japanese TI. I'd like to suggest a joint-project here to all TIs in the world to end our problems.

I believe we should internationally collect as many testimonies as possible about what we have been through every day and publicize it on a multi-lingual website so that every non-victim can easily see it and understand our situation.

The main object of collecting testimonies is to show that our situations are caused by physical and man-made attacks, which naturally leads the readers to the understanding that any governments of those victims should investigate the problem and disclose information about such crime and technology which are mentioned by the victims.

We can also gather and put on the website some information that supports our argument such as about technologies which we think are related to electronic harassment and show this crime is scientifically possible, and some news coverages about TI-related incidents which say the investigation and the solution of this problem will be urgent.

I believe numerous, say, a hundred of objective well-explained testimonies can have significant impact on many of those who see the site.

Then we can use the website to end our problems in various ways such as collecting lots of email addresses of politicians, journalists, scholars, etc. to send petitions, posting flyers with the site address, and talk and negotiate with people who may be helpful for us and use the website for more detailed information.

I'll explain later the reason why I think the project may work, but let me elaborate the project itself first.

This link is to the page where I put the sample audio testimony of myself.

Another Japanese TI helped me record this as the interviewer. The voices may not be so clear because we recorded this on skype, and neither of us are native English speakers. This is only a sample to show you how we can record each testimony.
Please also understand that I put the sample testimony on my site, but I have no plan to carry out this project by myself simply because it's far beyond my ability, and that's why I suggest the project here to you.

Here are some tips which I think are important to make the site effective.

-The content of the testimony should be focused on objective explanation of the symptoms the victim experiences. The main purpose of the testimony is to show what the victims experience is man-made attacks and a crime, not a mental disorder. I believe such information will be pretty enough to advance our activism to next step. Therefore, physical phenomena of this crime such as the result of shielding and measurement of harmful frequencies will be also usuful for the content. Explanation of gangstalking tactics you get will be OK if you can logicaly explain them. You don't have to tell about what you cannnot locicaly explain whether it is about gangstalking or electronic harassment. You can also add how the crime has destroyed your life, how the police and other authorities denied your complaints and therefore the govenment should investigate this. You don't have to chlonorically elaborate every hrassment from the start to the present, whcih will be too long and confusing. You don't have to elaborate your speculation about who might be behind the crime, though if you have clear episode and evidence which connect someone with your harassment, it may work. You don't have to elaborate the technology they might use, and which conspiracy theory might be bihind the crime. The more imformation, the less focused. Just focus on the main porpose. I think this is the most important thing.

-Audio or movie will be better than text because they are easy to passively take. Most ordinary people are not so interested in listening to someone's intangible torture, so many of them won't actively read the texts. Much less do they pay money to buy book style testimonies. Of course such testimonies are also useful for the activism, but basically only TIs buy them. We Japanese publicized books with 33 TI testimonies in 2010 and with 29 TI testimonies in 2013 and well understand that.

-Interview style is more understandable. I got the idea from ICAAT's website;
and hope they will continue the project.
In many cases, even an explanation by an experienced and knowledgable TI is somehow hard for non-victims to understand. What is normal to TIs is unnormal to non-TIs. So clarifying confusing points by asking questions from the viewpoint of non-victims will be very helpful for them to understand this crime.

TI: I got V2K.I mean I hear voices in my head.
Q: What is V2K?
When do you hear the voices?
What exactly are they talking?
Are the voices female or male ones?
Where do you hear that?
Why do you think it is not a mental disorder?
How does the shielding affect the voices?

TI: They read my mind. They monitor my life.
Q: From what facts do you think someone reads your mind?

TI: They always make me sleepy when I work and disturb my work.
Q: People usually get tired and sleepy. Why can you say getting sleepy is a part of the crime?

TI: Perps gives me pains.
Q: When does it hurt? Why can you say it is not a physical condition but a crime? Did you go to see a doctor?

TI: They stalk me in groups.
Q: Why can't you say they're just walking?

Even if you cannot answer all the questions, that's OK. Please simply say you cannot technically explain it. The important thing is a single testimony won't prove many things. However tens of testimonies will show this is a crime because they will show similarities in tactics taken by perps both in electronic harassment and gang stalking, the similar type of detection of strong electromagnetic field and reduction of symptoms by shielding, all of which show those are artificial attacks. Plus, technological and social information on the site will support our argument. Then finally non-victims will start to notice that something is happening in the society and feel the necessity to inquire more information from authorities to know the truce and to protect themselves.

-The shorter, the better.
Non-victims won't spend much time for listening someone's torture. I have recorded several testimonies in Japanese, and about 20 minutes were enough for each testimony. To keep the testimony short, the speaker only objectively explains their symptoms caused by the crime and its brief background.

-Better with real name but alias is OK.
To collect as many testimonies as possible, anonymous testimony should be allowed. In this way, fake testimonies by perps can be also posted, so someone need to check and exclude testimonies which are strange and have negative effects on the site.

I use these three software to record and edit.
1: skype
2:Free Video Call Recorder for Skype (recorder)
3:audacity(audio file editor)
If the recorded testimony is fully OK, you don't have to use an editor. You can also use iTunes to minimize the file size by lowering the bit rate.

By using skype and similar type of software, TIs can record the testimony with each other whenever and wherever they are. You can also directly record with an IC recorder or a video camera if you like. Once some testimonies are available on the site, it will get easier for others to know what kind of story they should tell, and the process will go on automatically.
A short comment to brief the testimony will be helpful for the audience before they listen. For example.

Jack, American, recorded in December 2016
In this testimony he complains that he hears voices in his head coming from nowhere and feels sever pains on his body without any reasons. The symptoms started when he had trouble with his boss in the office two years ago. He used a detector and detected abnormally strong electromagnetic field in his house. [Click to listen]

Then the testimonies are sorted according to their languages such as English, French, Japanese. So all the TIs around the world can join the project. On top of that, the government officials in most countries can understand English or other major languages, so even if you live in a country with relatively few TIs, you can easily appeal the authorities using the website with numerous testimonies.

To make our demands clear to the site visitors, I recommend to use simple, reasonable, and undisputable argument. For example,

Our demand is :
-The government of each country should investigate the problem and disclose the technology mentioned by the victims to protect the citizens.
-Politicians in each country should publicly ask the government in congress about if such crime and technology exist in the society, and officially inquire the government about the problem and the stealth weapons in the way that the government must take responsibility for its answer in the future.
-Journalists, scholars and human rights organizations should bring the issue to the public and raise voices for claiming the official investigation.
-Our demands are on the ground of the facts that there are numerous people who complain they are electronically and remotely attacked and that there are various evidences which show this will be man-made attacks. It is without doubt necessary for the government to disclose the related information in the viewpoint of national security and human rights.

But I think it would be better avoiding using such slogans for the site as:
-Let's fight against depopulation agenda, NWO, etc..

One of the reasons is we need another story to explain them, and the argument is not so easy to support and therefore easy to refute. It can be off-focused. Another reason is such themes have difficulty gaining common agreement even among TIs who will post their testimony.

It would also be better to avoid discussing deeply about possible perps technology such as:
-scalar waves, nano-implants etc.. for this website.

That's for the similar reason above. We all understand the abnormal penetration of harmful frequencies through even a shield room shows some unknown properties might be related to our symptoms, but we can avoid arguing such difficult points just to bring this issue to the public. Even pain attacks using interior wirings are not accepted by the police and not acknowledged by the general public, so let's start with easy-to-understand points. Once non-victims get interested in this issue, they will probably start requiring more information, and since they are not mind-controlled, they can work more effectively than we. So you can leave the rest of the work to non-victims. For this reason, I think the information about technologies to support our argument can be modest one and relatively easy to understand. When we introduce controversial technologies, we can present them as only one of the possible theories. This manner will also help gaining more cooperation from TIs with various opinions. Anyway, every TI can easily use the the testimonies for their own activism just by putting the link to their own website.

For making and managing the site, a web engineer and several people to write the documents and check the testimonies will be needed. If some existing TI organizations can start this project, it would go smoothly. I'm familiar with Japanese TI organizations, but unfortunately any of them don't have such capability to carry out the project.

This is my plan and I believe this can be one of the main roads to end this war.

How it may work.

Through the activism, I realized most of the people we negotiated with didn't understand our situation well. The other day, we negotiated with a congressmen because he said he relatively had understanding about this issue, compared to other politicians. However, after talking, I understood that he didn't know almost any details about electronic harassment, for example what symptoms TIs suffer, what kind of things perps can do, what physical phenomena we have observed by measuring and shielding, what our demand is, not at all. He seemed to know some words like "electro-magnetic weapons", "HARRP", "mind control." But as for the reality of electronic harassment, he seemed to know only what other TIs who previously contacted him told him.

I think that's totally understandable because only TIs know what this invisible crime is like. There are no other resources available on this crime. So, we did our best to present our situation with all intervention by perps. We explained our own harassment, showed some data taken by a Japanese TI organization and gave a file of technological and social information about this crime mainly fetched from the internet. He showed understanding, but once our demand became concrete (to make several official questions about what the government know about electro-magnetic weapons for the sake of national security), he well admitted the necessity but didn't meet our request. I felt he thought the information he had was not sufficient to take the risk of publicly asking the government about the issue.
I think that is also understandable. Just a few explanations by TIs about themselves, self- made statistics about TIs, and several unreliable technological information are weak for him to take any risk. There are almost no resources freely and easily accessible on the internet and in any other places which explain what exactly TIs experience every day. I guess they cannot understand us simply because they don't get information for that. As far as I know, the situation is not so different even in English. Many TI group websites are made and presented for TIs, not for non-victims to understand our problems. Non victims can't be fully confident of believing our story because of lack of enough information. This is one big wall which hiders our activism.

Another big wall against our activism is once a non-victim starts to believe our story, they rather get scared to take any risk of doing anything for tiny victims against the immense enemy. No merits. But I think this second wall is lower than the first one.

I guess several achievements TIs have made so far are based on repeated face-to-face talks with non-victims about the situation of themselves with well-organized supporting documents. Then finally those non-victims understood the TIs' stories to some extent and took some actions. But our time and the ability might be limited for doing such things and persuading numerous non-victims to change our situation, so I hope this massive testimonies can work in the same way and automatically persuade unlimited people who access the website into thinking that something terrible might be going on and they need more information from their governments for their own sake. If the site can persuade one non-victim, it will probably persuade other non-victims as well. So making a really persuading, reliable and understandable website for our activism will be one of the most urgent things to make our activism progress. The testimonies are must for such website because unless each TI explains their situation with their own words, non-victims can never know about this crime. Without their understandings, you never get their support.

As for the second wall, I guess there are some non-victims who have political interest and merits in exposing our situation and this crime. The enemy of our perps are not only TIs. So once we can break through the first wall, then we can present the information to such people, and they will willingly start to distribute the information for their own cause. Some of those people will probably have connection with journalists, scholars, lawyers, and politicians, too. Since they are not electronically mind-controlled, they will move quickly.

One good thing in this project is we can start fighting from now only with what we already have. All you need is your courage to speak out. I believe the power we need to end this war is already inside each of us. If you're interested in the project, please make any comments on this post. Thank you.

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Comment by Sally on December 23, 2016 at 10:51am

Hi Shin

Thankyou for writing such a well thought out idea for activism. I think this sounds great but l forsee a couple of possible issues. Its hard to get a hold of that many Tls. Here at ppink not many Tls are active. Im not sure if facebook is better to locate Tls. You have made a very important point in saying our testimonies should be clear, concise and sound level-headed. This can be a problem because we all express ourselves differently non-Tls we may not sound credible. I think that written testimonies might be better because we have space and time to express ourselves more clearly. Just a suggestion that perhaps testimonies could be done in english as it is the most universally understood language.

Question: What sort of website would you format this on? What could you call it that a non-Tl might google and stumble across it?

Comment by Sally on December 23, 2016 at 10:56am

Shin this is a link to 1200 Tl testimonies written several years ago. Have a look at it. Youll notice that there is no uniform to it and to a non Tl reader can sound quite mind boggling and confusing. This is what we dont want. Maybe a template of the same questions asked to every Tl could keep it uniform and more informative.

Comment by Sally on December 23, 2016 at 11:07am

Shin if its not possible to gather 100 testimonies a letter like the one in this link would be a good representation of all of us and we cld all sign it. We would also need to include tech/weapons info as you suggested.

On second thoughts maybe vid testimonies are better but we telling the story should have a scripted testimony prepared coz we can easily confuse non Tls. If we sound confusing we dont sound believable.

Comment by Sally on December 23, 2016 at 11:19am

I had another idea but dont have the funds to organise it. I thought a good thing would be like a brochure/booklet concisely describing the Tl torture/abuse we suffer. It would list the symptoms, the technology we think is responsible, the government departments that have been contacted/are aware, the lack of support from law, medics and govt and reference some good credible information sites for non Tls to google. Then it would need to be printed in hundreds of thousands and distributed globally. This way we are getting the right info out there, thats credible and uniform and being exactly the same this booklet will become hopefully well known across the globe. Unfortunately us Tls are mostly money short so l cant think of a way to finance it but l think it wld work if we literally got them distributed in the thousands and it became a well-known booklet. Again it would have to be clever, concise but informative, easy for the non-Tl to understand and importantly reference a few great websites that a non Tl would hopefully want to search once they finished reading the brochure/booklet.

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on December 23, 2016 at 11:09pm

I have a petition coming out sometime in January 2017 I'm searching the best free online petition websites. But most of the Free sites and paid sites only allow 150-200 words.
This is a shame-because if you have real documentation that would inform the readers of the seriousness of the petition - you cant really make any corrections-or modifications to the original documents that prove the petition is urgent and the victims need help Now.
So I'm in a tough position but if you Shin and Sue need me for support just let me know I'll see what and where I canbe of assistance.
In Jesus Christ Services

Comment by Shin Hayama on December 24, 2016 at 6:18am

Hi Sue,

Thank you for such informative and detailed comments.

I will make the similar suggestion on Facebook and other places.


I couldn't download 1200 testimonies, but understand that great efforts were made to gather testimonies several years ago. About the preference among video or audio or text, I think each media has its own merit and demerit, so it would be better if each victim could choose the favorite style. In that case, how to arrange different styles of testimony in the website will be a challenging point.


 Apart from the choice of media, I believe adopting interview style will be very helpful for non-victims to understand us. If the interviewer hear expressions which will be difficult for non-victims to understand, the interviewer can keep asking and fill the gaps between TIs and non-TIs. "Excuse me, what do you mean by the word Owelian","what do you mean by satellite torture?" etc.. About several testimonies I recorded in Japanese, every TI prepared what they were going to say beforehand, but still there were many unclear points to ask about. Plus, ss for text, I think people tend to prepare what they say by writing a script, so you can add the script to audio or video testimony.  


 By the way, seeing the summery of 1200 testimonies, what I think is if we can make more user-friendly information source, we will draw more attentions from non-TIs. Downloading files from online service will be a little demanding and difficult task for ordinary non-TIs to do. I guess Mr. Finch's petition is mainly appealed to professional people and organizations. In that case, they would read with such labor. But if we want to address to unlimited ordinary people, one click to listen to /watch/read testimony will be better. Anyway, I will make more consideration about how to do this project.


As for brochure, I think it's a good idea. Actually, I made a brochure in Japanese, make thousands copies and posted them. The more you printed, the lesser the cost for each print is. So if many TIs do that together, distributing brochures are pretty possible.  


Thank you very much.      

Comment by Shin Hayama on December 24, 2016 at 6:30am

Wayne、thank you for the kind words. I'm sure we cannot explain our complicated situation with 150-200 words. I will suggest the plan to more people and consider a better way. If things go well, let me ask for you assistance. Thank you.

Comment by Sally on December 24, 2016 at 6:37pm

Thanks Wayne and ty for all you do to bring awareness to our situation. Shin you have a clear idea of the things necessary for this to be effective. Keep us updated.


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