Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Swiss Government Dead Squad torture innocent victims Worldwide and cover it up

To all Victims,Friends and the Public.......we have to fight this unimageble crime.. "Invading someons Brain is the worst crime in history of Mankind"...I am a innocent TI by the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich/Churches of Zuerich/my own Family (Aebi,Stamm,Schaetti) and there friends a well none Homosexual Group of Zuerich/Schaffhausen with bestialic record and never investigated (covert by the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich)...they have law free slaughter territory...they ar all on the Swiss Governments/Town of Zuerich/Taxpayers payroll....

The Swiss Government and the Swiss Press use often and happily arrogant the Term "Schurken Staaten/Criminal Countrys" when it reports on 3erd World Countrys/Muslim Countrys.....but i have catch them with there Pantys down,,redhanded...and we will use the term "Schurkenstaat Schweiz".......Psychosickos/Homosexuals/Torturers/Mengele-Nazi-Gestapo followers have reached the highest ranks in Swiss Politics...look at the 7ens carefully!!!???!!!.....they lost reality,they lost credibility in the Land of the RED CROSS and UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL....they torture there own citizen ! ! !In the Schurkenstaat Switzerland big avoidable scandals today on the daily menue: Swissair,UBS Bank/Credit Swiss Bank/ Airplanes full of unwanted refugees (To Black) sent back to Africa but the Swissplanes not get landing permit.."To white...Bitch" was the answer....then the Killing contract to the Swiss Authority by the former White South African Government (covert up by the Swiss Government)(Killing,sickening/manipulating the black people)...etc..etc...SWITZERLAND YOU LOST LONG AGO YOUR REALITY/CREDIBILITY in the Eyes of the World...they dont even understand you anymore,you simply speak a language which the World not have taken

They fried me alive with Microwave Weapon...they dehydrated me close to dead with Microwave....they separated my Brain (Mindcontrolcommand) from my Body and try to realise there pervert/sicko fantasy....they tried to make a homosexual (Tunta) out of me...they tried to make a criminal out of me...they tried to force me in to suicide over months (no escape from the Pain inside me/outside me)....they tried to activly kill me 13 times....they made a never seen Gangstalking/killing rampage for 8 Month while i was held/kidnappt/imprisond in an appartment of the Triemli Hospital Zuerich (2008) with hunderts of Gangstalkers/Tortures/Deadsquad including : Police,Churches,Town of Zuerich/Agencys,Public Transport,social Welfare,Immigration,Customs,Swiss General Athorny ,Federal Police,Foreighn Affairs Ministry......and they made a Gangstalking Rampage...and they made a Gangstalking lasted 8 Month while i was held/kidnappt/imprisond,  while i felt the seconds like years and the years never ended......SHAME ON YOU TOWN OF ZUERICH....SHAME ON YOU SWISS GOVERNMENT....SHAME ON YOU SWITZERLAND , YOU LOST REALITY...YOU LOST CREDIBILITY.....

On the 7.sept.2011 while i was on my way to Europe to deliver for the 3erd time my Courtcases (the Swiss Terrorist/Gangstalkers snappt twice bevor my Courtcases (100 Anklagepunkte)from the Postdelivery to the ICC International Criminal Court and the European Court for Human Rights) , the highest Swiss Government Minister Michelle Calmy Rey resignd her post over my case, the fear of what will come up to the Swiss Government convinced her to this step.....good Girl.......but it dose not aware of my case/situation for over a have refused to investigate/help/ ar guilty.......

SWISS GOVERNMENT>>>>>I JUST MAKE IT BIGGER...MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT......and it will cost you Money...plenty claims will be astronomic.....


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"I have put lots of info online publicly. My book talks about my personal life and what happened and who."
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See who they're hacking. Understand everything?

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WHO IS PROGRAMMING THE ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL APPARATUS AND WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED WHEN EVER THEY ARE PROGRAMMING IT? AS WELL AS INFORMATION ABOUT VOICE TO SKULL TECHNIQUES.Most of the militaries as well as some of the police forces of the world now use voice to skull technology on a continual day to day basis in their everyday work. Voice to skull is sometimes known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy and it is a method of communicating voices inside the heads of members of the…See More
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