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Temperature Manipulation In Remote Interrogation and Mind Control Torture


Temperature Manipulation In Remote Interrogation and Mind Control                                                          Torture

Pat B.         March, 2018


Most of us know what having a fever feels like. The profuse sweating. The chills. The aches and pains in various

parts of the body caused by the illness causing the fever. The tossing and turning. The extreme discomfort. The

sense of relative relief from discomfort and pain following the sweating phase of the fever cycle. And hopefully,

the beginning of the road to recovery from the illness thereafter. But when the episodes of brief but profuse

sweating plagued me since September or October of 2017, the episodes were far from a fever.


Fever is loosely defined as a body temperature higher than the normal range. The normal body temperature

range may be anywhere between 97 degrees and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is sometimes referred to as the core temperature. An elevated body temperature will typically be higher than the upper limit of the normal range. Body temperature elevation is a typical hallmark of the fever process and it is a natural component of how the body's activated immune system responds to microbial or non-microbial assault.


Causes of Fever


Fever has many causes. Some causes of fevers may be infectious. Other causes of fever are non-infectious.

And then there are fevers of unknown origins. In the category of infectious sources of fever, sources of infection

include some bacteria and some viruses which produce pyrogenic substances. It is the pyrogenic substances that trigger most fevers during infections.


How Pyrogens Cause Fever


Bacteria cause infections through the toxins that they secrete. These may be endotoxins or exotoxins. Viruses cause infections that may result in fever through their adverse cytopathic effects. Viruses act intracellularly to destroy the cell from within.


Pyrogenes are bacterial proteins, breakdown of bacterial proteins and the breakdown of cell

membranes of bacteria during the infection process. It is the pyrogenes that trigger the onset of a fever in infection-caused fevers.


The most studied pyrogenes in the induction of fever are the lipopolysaccharides of endotoxins during an infection. Endotoxins, like lipopolysaccharides, are components of bacterial cell membranes.


When a bacterial infection occurs, active immune system kicks in. During a bacterial infection for example, bacteria secrete toxins that act as pyrogens. In addition, other pyrogens are also produced as a result of bacterial cell death.


During bacterial death, the cell membranes of the bacteria disintegrate and the bacterial proteins and other producs of bacterial breakdown are released into systemic circulation. The cell membranes of the bacteria themselves disintegrate into their component parts, which include lipopolysaccharides. Lipopolysaccharides are a potent actor in fever initiation. All these products of bacterial breakdown which are collectively known as pyrogenes, stimulate the macrophages to release a special pyrogene called Interleukin - 1  which they release  into the systemic circulation where it eventually triggers the physiological processes in the brain that ultimately manifest in fever.


Interleukin -1 or IL-1, in turn works by stimulating the production of one of the prostaglandins, PG E2, which is subsequently released into the blood circulation. Prostaglandins are chemically related substances that are ubiquitous in tissues and are believed to play a wide array of functions in the human body, especially in blood circulation. Blood circulation eventually carries PG E2 to the hypothalamus for further action.




The Hypothalamus and Its Role In Temperature Regulation


The hypothalamus is an all-important component of the limbic system and contains an aggregate of nuclei that function as regulators of a myriad of physiological systems upon which many of these systems depend for proper function.


“ The hypothalamus is responsible for the regulation of certain metabolic processes and other activities of the autonomic nervous system. It synthesizes and secretes certain neurohormones, called releasing hormones or hypothalamic hormones, and these in turn stimulate or inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. The hypothalamus controls body temperature, hunger, important aspects of parenting and attachment behaviours, thirst,[2] fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms. ”



In addition to the regulation of the many aforementioned systems, the hypothalamus also plays a paramount role in the regulation of human body temperature by always making sure that our body temperature is within homeostatic or normal range. The normal range range temperature is so desirable because it is the ideal internal temperature environment for the optimal function of many physiological processes, especially enzymatic action that mediates many of the chemical reactions in the human.


The hypothalamus' function in the human body is so important that it is one of a few brain structures where, in

order to facilitate its function and optimize its effect, it is without the blood-brain-barrier that otherwise surrounds all other brain tissue. The blood brain barrier is a modified structural system in the microvasculature of the brain that contains 'tight junctions' whose high selectivity for passage of substances into the brain, ensures that only

a few select substances enter the brain. Thus the BBB works to insulate the brain from the harmful effects of offending substances that the blood may carry to it while permitting entry of those substances that it needs for proper function, such things as glucose.


How PG E2 Acts On the Hypothalamus To Trigger Fever


The hypothalamus has a special area generally known as the thermoregulatory center which controls and manages the human body temperature to maintain it at core level or ideal range at all times. During a fever development process, PG E2 works on the thermoregulatory center of the hypothalamus by resetting the hypothalamic core temperature upwards and beyond the upper limit of the normal range.

When the body's temperature is set higher than the upper limit of the core - like a home thermostat that heats your house - the new higher temperature is not reached instantaneously. The human body's temperature does not instantaneously jump from its core value to the new higher value either. It takes time. To raise the human body temperature from core to a higher level, work must be done by the body.



How The Body Reaches Higher Than Normal Body Temperature



The body's mechanism for reaching the new higher temperature set by the PG E2 in the hypothalams is primarily through chills. That is why chills are sometimes observed as a pre-sweating phase in the fever process. Chills produce shivering. Shivering in turn generates body heat. The heat generated through shivering becomes additive to the existing core temperature, all of which helps the body's core to 'climb up' to reach the new higher temperature levels set by the PG E2 in the hypothalamus.


Vasoconstriction also occurs during the chills phase. Vasoconstriction is the narrowing of the walls of blood vessels. Vasoconstriction of peripheral blood vessels of the skin greatly reduces the surface area of the total blood exposed to the external environment, especially in the skin. This minimizes heat loss from the body, retaining it in instead, and thus contributing greatly to raising body temperature.


The chills cause shivering. The shivering caused by the chills is a natural mechanism that uses mechanical energy to generate the internal heat needed to raise the body temperature from normal to the new high temperature set by the PG E2. Vasoconstriction in the skin helps to prevent heat loss from the body which also helps the body to reach the new higher temperature. Thus, chills with shivering in combination with vasoconstriction work in synergy to accomplish the same goal of raising human body temperature and the two mechanisms may both be employed in order to help the body temperature reach the new body temperature in set in the hypothalamus. This chills and shivering phase continues until the new high temperature is reached.


How The Body Restores Normal Body Temperature From An Elevated Temperature


Once the body reaches the new high temperature set in the thermoregulatory center with the help of chills and

vasoconstriction, the chills stop and the walls of the peripheral skin vessels begin to relax. The new high

temperature levels off and remains high for a few hours followed by profuse sweating in the so-called 'break' of the fever. The sweating is triggered by the hypothalamic action which seeks to bring down the now elevated temperature to core range level where it ought to be. And everything that occurred to raise the temperature from core temperature to the new high temperature, must now be undone.


Vasoconstriction is inhibited. The peripheral vessels of the skin now vasodilate, the opposite of vasoconstriction. Vasodilation increases the surface area of the cutaneous blood vessels in the skin, which exposes more circulating blood to the external environment which in turn results in the body losing heat to the environment.


Profuse sweating, the opposite of chills and shivering, sets in. Profuse sweating which often accompanies

vasodilation, produces cooling of the body by cooling the blood in the dilated skin blood vessels through

evaporation. Both work in synergy to bring the high temperature down. When vasodilation and sweating reduce

the body temperature back to normal, sweating and vasodilation stops. The fever cycle is now complete and the

whole process takes hours from start to finish.


Fevers Caused by Brain Tumors


Not all fevers are caused by infectious agents of course. Other fevers are caused by non-infectious agents. Others have unknown causes. And others fevers are caused by some brain tumors. Tumors that press against the hypothalamus for example may cause compression of the hypothalamic mass which may negatively affect the hypothalamus' function as a whole including the performance of the temperature regulatory center. The tumors may also release toxic substances and other tumogenic pyrogenes which may act negatively on the overall function of the hypothalamus as well, including the normal function of its thermoregulatory center. These tumors are infact known to cause fevers.


But because of the likely constancy of the pressure exerted by the neoplasm on the hypothalamus in combination with the effects of a likely constant exposure of the hypothalamic mass to tumogenic pyrogens and toxins released by the tumors, these fevers are not likely to be merely transient but more likely to be remittent.


Additionally, the tumors pressing up against the hypothalamus may exert additional effects apart from sustained fevers. The pressure exerted by the brain tumor against the hypothalamus, and most likely against other neighbouring structures in the vicinity of the hypothalamus as well, is often caused by the growth of the tumor itself. Because the interior of the bony cranial cavity within which the tumor grows is rigid and volumetrically non-expanding, the growing tumor has nowhere else to go but to try to expand and survive within the existing real estate. This means pressing and pushing up against existing structures around it, exerting increasing pressure to the adjacent neuronal tissue. The resultant effect is a likely increase in intracranial pressure.


Intracranial pressure has its own symptomatic manifestations which may manifest in any variety of ways

depending on the brain structures affected by the tumor. From recalcitrant seizures, to cognitive impairments to motor impairments to coma and worse...


Fevers of Non-Infectious Causes

Fevers of non-infectious causes include fevers caused by environmental, drug-related, inflammatory and other non-infectious causes.


Fevers of Unknown Origin

Fevers of unknown origin are so-called because they lack the obvious diagnostic attributes of infectious, non-infectious and tumor fevers which otherwise may be useful in diagnosing the fever's etiology. With the advent of newer technologies however, many fevers, although not all, originally categorized as of unknown origins now have known etiologies, for example fevers in SLE (Lupus) and some othe autoimmune diseases.



Summary on Fevers


As we can now see, there are many causes of fever. Some fevers are caused by infectious agents, some have

non-infectious origins. And some yet still have unknown origins. But regardless of what causes the fever, ALL

fevers share one common attribute: they express in the same typical pattern because the underlying

physiological mechanisms that are activated during an immune response, and the associated anatomical structures involved, are the same in all fevers regardless of whether the fever was caused by an infectious agent, non-infectious agent, or unknown agent. These mechanisms are a critical part of the immune system 's response to assaults by agents that are foreign to the human body.


So Is This A Fever?


It began in  September or October of 2017. The second time it hit me, like the first time, I sweated profusely, the

protective pile of things on my head felt moist to the touch. I use the protective things on my head to shield the

head from the vibrating particulate nanodevice and microdevice simulations of millions of crawling, biting, gnawing, digging, darting, jumping, pinching insects and nematodes on my head and face which have inflicted vulgar levels of pain and torment on me for the last 8 yrs now, 24/7, and counting. The torture is part of an illegally classified program in which thousands of citizens are abused with a dizzying array of advanced electromagnetic weapons systems as we speak. None of the victims are consenting. All are unwitting. As an aggregate, all are in a dynamic flux, with some newly recruited. Others on the program for years. Others on their way to dying or committing suicide. Others yet already dead. With no one held accountable.


The effectiveness of the protective gear on the head that I wear is essentially non-existent. Physics guarantees that the odds of layers of ordinary cloth used for protective purposes on the head, against vicious attacks visited upon it with advanced weaponized nanotechnologies and other advanced weapons systems, will not only be pathetically ineffective, but are indeed downright laughable. But because it is a natural reaction for human beings when subjected to severe levels of pain and discomfort to do anything and everything in their power to reduce the pain and protect their bodies from harm, I persist in wearing it 24hrs a day even as I know that the effort is clearly in vain.


And so with the profuse sweating, my face became wet very fast and my entire body, very hot and clammy.

Within minutes, the whole episode was over.


Both bizarre episodes of sudden elevation of temperature resulting in profuse sweating before abating, had been

identical except for one thing: during the first episode, I had not noticed a key feature preceding the heating

of the body to profuse sweating. But during the second episode, I would notice the special feature. It was impossible to miss.


During the second episode, a high beam of heat that was so highly focused and so highly precise that I could

almost trace its circumferential margins on the surface of my head, was unmistakably the incident source of the heating. And like the Active Denial System, a weapons system that uses 95 GHz of energy to broil the human skin and which had been used to torture me for months, 24/7 in 2010, the incident source of the heat originated from a remote location.


Documentation of that ADS torture in 2010 where I slept on a bed of Ziplog bags filled with ice, and carried

Ziplog bags filled with ice on my head everywhere I went for the duration of the ordeal which lasted months, has been systematically stolen from my home and electronic devices. But the information, as well as technical information on ADS itself, including its manufacturers, its system integrators, the manufacturers of its core functional modules, and its intended applications in war theaters, is all out there on the internet for anyone with the ability to read. But I shall continue to use my pen to document these crimes even as the effort appears to be a fool's errand sometimes, and so I shall rewrite what was stolen until the day they kill me.


But unlike the ADS in 2010 whose wavelength is so short that it penetrates the skin by only 1/64th of an inch

according to technical documents, the heat source that I experienced, and continue to experience to this very

day, was clearly of a much longer wavelength, an attribute of the electromagnetic energy that is deliberately

meant to be deep tissue penetrative. It has to be deep tissue penetrating to be able to heat the head so high that the body instantaneously sweats profusely.


The target of the heat beam has always been my head or face. Every few hours following the second episode,

the focused heat would hit my head, sometimes on the side of the head, sometimes at the base of the skull in

the back, sometimes on the forehead and sometimes over the whole face, every night and every day, with each episode resulting in profuse sweating . At night, the episodes rob me of the 3 or 4 hours of sleep that I have averaged each night since 2010 due to the barbaric torture that is contemporaneously implemented with a dizzying array of remote electromagnetic weapons systems, each of which is designed to inflict a unique type of pain, sensation and torment.


The torture is intended to inflict maximal physical and psychological pain by maintaining a sustained assault on the trigeminal nerve, the largest of the cranial nerves, which processes most sensory input from the head and face. And the attack on the hypothalamus has been ongoing.


The trigeminal nerve has seen in the course of this time, extremely painful injuries on some of its

superficial branches on the scalp, including the supraorbital branch that emerges to innervate the scalp at a point corresponding to the area just beneath the left eyebrow.


Sub-epidermal and subdermal segments of the facial and scalp skins are routinely burnt by the torturers in order to destroy the fat and connective tissue surrounding the nerve endings. Destroying some of the supportive tissue around skin nerve endings while preserving their blood supply, isolates them for an unimpeded direct assault, thereby ensuring infliction of maximal pain. On an area on the scalp where sub-epidermal tissue was burnt in order to expose the nerve branches to direct abuse, it appears that a segment of the nerve branch itself was injured in the process, by design or accident. The result has been a sensation of a pain from a sub-epidermal sore that cannot be visibly seen because the epidermis itself was never breached. The remote human body abuse technologies, as one graduate student in nanotechnologies confirmed to me, need not have the skin visibly breached for objects to be inserted into the human body or for invasion of underlying or deeper structures.


The pain and tactile sensations on these modified areas of the scalp and face is exponentially higher than anywhere else on the head and face and the intensity of the pain and sensations beyond description.


Back to the heat beam. The results of the heat beams on the head or face, have always been and continue to be the same. Within seconds of the incident heat beam's contact with my skin, profuse sweating follows. But in contrast to the fever patterns outlined above, there has never been a chill phase.


The second time the beam hit me, in a natural protective reaction to the offending stimulus, I placed my hand over the heated area of my head with the palm of the hand in contact with the targeted area of the scalp. The back of the hand soon became very hot. But I kept it there still to protect my head, because between letting the remote heat destroy my hand or destroy my brain, there was simply no contest.


The heat and the profuse sweating that it produces, are only one more layer of extreme pain and discomfort

added to the ones caused by the vulgar excitation of all pain receptors by locally vibrating devices in situ for

extended periods of time at high pressure on the scalp, which I have endured for more than eight years now running. This particular excitation of the nerve pain endings, causes pain identical to that felt when a medical syringe is driven into a human muscle during intramuscular injection.


Mechanoreceptors of the face and head have been on overdrive since 2010, 24/7, as well, with the torturers

making sure to activate all the tactile receptors by using different nanodevices for implementation of various

types of stimuli at various skin depths of the scalp and face, from soft touch, to deep touch, to high pressure

scrolls as if one were tracing with a multiple pencils, curved lines all over the scalp, to stimuli for other tactile

sensation so painful they are indescribable and virtually unknown to human kind. By applying various types of

stimuli at various depths, the torturers have ensured that all the sensory receptors on the skin, both known and unknown to science, are maximally engaged and insulted at all times.


The Layering of Pain Sensations with Intense Mechanosensory Sensation in Remote



The heat on the head followed by intense sweating became a new added layer of torment and pain to a favourite of the torturers techniques which includes scrolling the devices all over the eyelids, the thinnest skin in the human body while I close my eyes in the dark, trying to sleep. The eyelid scrolls are diagonal, vertical, horizontal and they feel as if hundreds of tiny insects are crawling all over the eyelids diagonally, vertically, horizontally and in all curved lines imaginable. Then the pycopaths guide the devices to simulate gnawing at the margins of the eye as if a persistent insect were hell-bent on trying to enter into eye, forcing me to shut the eyes as tightly as possible in order to prevent the fibers and other cursed nanodevices they use, from entering the eye. Others are guided up and down the eyelashes. Occassional pin pricks help to heighten the agony, and intensify the sadistic thrill of the torturer. Millions of the rest are turned loose to crawl and dart and bite all over the face...



It is impossible not to try to reflexively wipe off the devices to protect the eyes. Or face. Or ears when they are deposited deep inside the ear where they are vibrated wildly, feeling like a traumatized insect madly seeking to escape. Not to mention the scrolls on the scalp. So each and every day, for more than 8 yrs now, I spend day and night wiping the devices off the eyes, the nose, the face, the ears, the forehead, the scalp, the eyebrows, etc. The energy expenditure of this alone, especially when coupled with sleep deprivation, is enormous and it drains the body of every last joule. And then some.


The constant wiping of the facial parts and scalp, is a mechanical action that is always accompanied by friction.

The constant friction on the skin has its own associated problems. The tissue, especially around the eyes, the

nasolabialis, the forehead, the ear canal, etc. becomes painful and super tender to the touch from the irritation caused by the frictional effects of incessant wiping. The pain deriving from this alone, I believe, is what torture psychologists referred to as self-inflicted torture in their psycopathic but vain attempts to project the insanity of the torture operator onto his or her victim. With most thinking persons though, all the Ph. D.s in the world that such psychologists may hold, can never succeed in masking the absurdity of the suggestion nor succeed in re-assigning the crimes of torture from perpetrator to victim.


Moving and Vibrating Nanodevices and Microdevices Inside The Eyes


The heat is an added layer of torment and pain inflicted by the torturers when they mobilize nanodevices inside

the right eye, where they vibrate and cause random movements and sometimes emerge out of the eye from the

edges. These nanodevices and microdevices inside the eyes impart perfectly circular rainbow halos around

every light source in the evenings and nights. The lines of dermacation between the colours of the rainbow halos are often so well defined as to appear almost manually traceable. During the day, the devices inside the eyes make it painful to look at ordinary objects as the optical components of the nanodevices interact with natural light to heighten the brightness of the light.


The Heat is An Added Layer to Ejecting Vibrating Nanodevices and Microdevices From

Extensively Modified Skin Areas of Face and Scalp



Similarly, torturers cause nanodevices and other micromaterials to eject from the area of the skin covering the temporomandibular joint where extensive modificationn of the skin has occured in a fashion noted earlier. These visible modifications have been done remotely over the years to inflict the most horrific of tortures.


The skin modifications include somehow burning the fat and other connective and supportive tissues in the subepidermal and dermal regions of the skin in order to isolate, and expose, all mechanoreceptors and nociceptors on the scalp and face, to painful nanodevice and microdevice stimuli for purposes of induction of

maximal levels of pain possible.


These modified areas visibly appear as indentations on the skin or depressed skin areas with a characteristic 'burn' look. The epidermal layer of the modified skin is very thin and delicate. The modifications appear all over the scalp and face, where in the latter, they are slowly modifying my natural phenotype. If continuing at this rate, the modifications on the face will have so altered my natural look over time to the extent where I may be unrecognizable to anyone that has ever known me before the diabolical activities began tormenting me.


Again, the pain in these modified areas when nanodevices and microdevices are vibrated at maximal pressure, is expontially enhanced and superlatively intense.


The fibers that emerge from these modified skin areas, are mostly translucent but a few are bright red, blue, and green. The overall effect on one such modified scalp area on the whole left side of the head over

the temporal bone where the vast majority of the devices eject from deep within, is that it feels like one giant

open sore.


As I lay down at night, the highly kinetic ejecting devices often hit the pillow directly underneath the

affected area, with loudly pelleting sounds. The same sounds can be heard during the day especially when they

hit the protective head gear.


An Added Layer By Exploiting Receptors Inside Natural Orifices

Up the right nostrils some nanodevices and microdevices are mobilized, and then vibrated inside the sinus

cavity, forcing panicky voluntary sneezies in my desperate attempt to eject them. Nanodevices dumped on a

modified area of the skin on the right side of the nose bridge, directly deposit into the sinus cavity. The skin modification here appears like a scar of a well-healed injury to the skin except that it was remotely carved on my skin in 2017 while I slept.


Other devices are vibrated along the inner edges of the nostrils and on the nasolabialis. Skin indentations on the nasolabialis are clearly visible as well. In both cases, the body responds by witholding breath in order to

avoid inhalation of particulate matter into the lungs.


Repeated holding of the breath leads to suboptimal oxygen intake, which contributes to a state of slow but

steady oxygen deprivation of brain cells over time, one of the important goals of mind control torture. Waterboarding and nanoboarding as meticulously explained in my earlier documentation where nanodevices and microdevices are used to simulate drowning of the target from particulate matter, both trigger the natural protective mechanism of breath withholding in order to protect the lungs. And over time, degrade brain function.


Vibrations on the gum line are not uncommon with terrible toothache activation occasionally. All of the structures

mentioned above are dermatomes of the trigeminal nerve. But this is just the tip of the iceberg...


Day and Night Shifts in Remote Torture


At night, everything that happens during the day repeats but at night and in the early hours of the morning, the

brutality with which the torture is inflicted, takes the physical and psychological and emotional pain it generates

to levels just short of death.


Through careful observations of the behavioural patterns of the torturers, I have consistently stated in all my

documentation of my gross abuse, that the torture occurs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And that

it has been inflicted in that temporal pattern for more than eight years running now. Thousands of other unwitting

targets of electromagnetic weapons systems abuse report exactly the same temporal pattern of 24/7

subjection to unspeakable horrors for years on end. But because various electromagnetic weapons systems used to abuse thousands of unwitting subjects are made up of a wide array of electromagnetic-energy based weapons systems, the physiological effects experienced by targets are not all necessarily the same. Some groups of targets that are abused with voice-to-skull technologies, for example, report very similar experiences but different from other groups abused with electromagnetic-energy based weapons systems that use different guided and controlled frequency segments of the spectrum. Or groups where the sensory input targets a different sensory system.


This temporal pattern of round-the-clock torture, suggests, and implies, that the torture operations function on

shifts-driven schedules: that there is a day shift and there is a night shift for the operators. The degree of

certainty in this conclusion is above scrutiny for the simple reason that it is not humanly possible for one single

person, even when aided by advanced military-grade computer systems with the user consoles that control and manipulate the operational parameters during a torture session, to be manning the diabolical operations continuously, 24 hours a day, for days, months and years alone without sleep, without rest, without meal breaks, without taking a leak. And perhaps they may not need a leak break as I could easily see how they could pee in their pants laughing when the victim writhes in agony.


And by the same logic, it can be inferred with certainty that many different operators have manned the torture

consoles in the abuse of the same target, since an operator has to have some relief in order to rest in between shifts.


And finally, because of the network of cordial relationships that state but occult torture agencies around the world have with one another, it is more than likely that some of the day or night sessions are training sessions for torture agents from other nations. Slahi, an innocent man who spent many years in Guantanamo, alludes to this in his 'Guantanamo Diary' book where he met agents, or torturers, or torture trainees from Jordan, Egypt etc. But mine is no torture in Guantanamo. It is remote torture with advanced electromagnetic weapons systems in my own home where every home of a target like myself, is a virtual Guantanamo prison but only worse.


To say remote torture in a virtual Guantanamo is worse is not to belittle the horrors that detainees endured and continue to endure over there. Nor is it intended to relegate the suffering to a lesser level of significance. Remote torture in virtual Guantanamo is worse in the specific sense that it is designed to deny the target of all reason for hope.


For example, in remote mind control torture, targets have no avenues to pursue legal recourse, and hence have no possible ways to enlist legal representatives. The weapons used to torture, injure and kill are not tangible or concrete objects. The faces and names of the torturers are unknown to the tortured.


In virtual Guantanamo, as a direct consequence of having a complicated path, if at all, to legal recourse, few judges are ever likely to rule for the cessation of the abuse of a remotely targeted individual like they can for the release of a Guantanamo detainee. Remote targets have no access to the Red Cross or other international agencies. Remote torture targets have no access to trusted medical personnel dedicated to attending to their needs as is the case in Guantanamo, even if as The Physicans For Human Rights and others note that they are there primarily in the capacity as monitors who are under the authority of the entities holding the detainees. Targets of remote torture suffer, succumb to illness and die alone quietly while Guantanamo infamously shines for the whole world see.


And it is so because the operations are so grossly criminal, exceeding even the Nazi crimes and so indefensible that nothing would ever do as a pretense for their undertaking. As such, they are illegally classified. And so many targets deteriorate. Or go crazy. Or die. Or die crazy. Or die deteriorated and crazy. With no one ever held accountable.


Ted Koppel, while a host of Nightline at ABC news organization in the 1980s, did a beat mentioning the close

relationship the South African intelligence agencies had with foreign intelligence agencies, including American intelligence agency or agencies despite apartheid's grossly abhorrent record of human rights violations. Ted Koppel never, to be fair, mentioned the word 'torture' in that report. The South African torture included a case where bricks were attached to the testicles of one black South African who was then forced to pull the bricks up against gravity, according to his testimonial on American television after that system collapsed under the weight of its own evil.


After the collapse of apartheid, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission was set up. During the hearings, it was

revealed and recorded that the apartheid regime worked with the CIA to develop weapons systems based on unique genetic patterns or gene sequences unique to only black people but not found in persons of European descent. Cry the beloved people!  It is not a liability or failure to be black! Neither is it an accomplishment or asset to be white! But things are far from dire. There is hope because the world has come this far. Together. And the world is full of hundreds of millions of persons of goodwill, from all races. And better still yet, the smiles and laughter of all children evoke in all decent persons, a need to love, cherish and protect each and every child on the planet, regardless of race, color, religion or creed.


The pattern of day shifts and night shifts also explains the severe intensity of the torture during the periods

following the 'shift-change', early mornings and early night. These are the times the psychopathic entities appear

to log in for work. Well rested. Full of energy. Enthusiastic about taking off where their brethren left off, never

minding the physiological, mental or psychological states of the target. Anticipating the thrill of going off at the

spectacle of an agonized and writhing victim half wishing he or she would continue living and at the height of his or her pain, half wishing he or she would pass out. If the target is black, that is even better for the torturer. Ingrained bigotry helps further cement the numbing on an already numbed soul.  My neighbor hung a noose on a tree straddling the two houses on Halloween of 2012 as his idea of fun.


Since physical torture as witnessed by the world in both Abu Ghraib and in the documentation of the

Guantanamo torture by Slahi is an analog version of electromagnetic torture in many ways although the latter

extends much farther in its brutality, Slahi wrote in his Guantanamo Diary on page 281 :

" The guards were working in a two-shift routine, day shift and night shift. Whenever the new shift

showed up, they made their presence known by banging heavily on the door of my cell to scare me.

Whenever the new shift appeared my heart started to pound because they always came up with new

ideas to make my life a living hell..."


When in bed at night and in the wee hours of the morning, the body is in a relatively stationary position,

an ideal position for a highly focused directed energy weapon whose primarily function is to target a human body which at times might be moving. Night time and early morning torture is a twofer too because while the body is stationary in both cases absorbing a constant stream of pain, it is simultaneously being deprived of sleep.


Sleep deprivation is a well-known hallmark of torture. Its debilitating physiological effects, especially on the brain,

are well studied and well documented. I average 3 or 4 hours of sleep at most each night.


A Layer of Nanodevices and Microdevices Inside the Oral Cavity


The nanodevices and microdevices that are rained upon my body 24/7 since 2010, effectively create an invisible

envelope of nanodevice and microdevice-filled airspace surrounding my being at all times. This means that the air I breathe and the air that I have breathed for the last 8 yrs, is a foul mix of microfiber, microdevice, nanodevice and chemically saturated air that imparts a permanent bitter taste to the mouth as it enters the oral cavity.


The devices in the air inevitably find their way into the nasal passages and into the oral cavity. Sometimes,

earosolized nanodevices are sprayed directly down the throat where they lodge as a heavy lump which

generates a unique electronic sound each time swallowed saliva passes down the throat. When the infusions are super heavy, the lymph nodes in the neck area swell enormously with a tenderness that is felt when palpated. The torturers have no qualms about vibrating devices right inside the swollen lymph nodes either.


Once in the stomach, the devices are mobilized to inflict any pain a torturer feels like although sometimes they

are inactivated. They are sometimes used to loosen up the eosophageal sphincter in order to drive acidic gastric

juices up the lower eosophageal sphincter. The acid then burns the lining of the eosophagus, causing an intense

'heart-burn' pain that often needs no food to be present in the stomach to occur and triggering a cough reflex sometimes so severe I throw up.


The devices are also used to trigger cough reflex when they are vibrated on a chosen spot along the walls of the upper alimentary canal or in the upper segments of the windpipe. As I wrote in an earlier journal, the coughs can be so prolonged and so violent that the eyes become blood red, with the white indistinguishable from the iris. Serous fluid flows from the eye ducts and flows uncontrollably from the nose as well, while the muscles of the chest that are involved in coughing, ache severely from the strain of extended explosive contractions and expansions during the violent coughs. And since both acid and vibrating the devices along the walls of the alimentary canal trigger severe cough reflexes, they are thus used interchangeably to induce these violent coughing episodes.


Heat Flushes in Menopause


So is the heat caused by menopause?

Well for starters, menopause is not an illness. And although episodic hot flushes are not uncommon in menopause, they may infact be the main symptomatic signature of the phenomenon. But I had been through that several years ago and there's no documented history of the phenomenon of menopause visiting the same person more than once in their life time in intervening gaps measuring in years. Now what kind of a hormonal arrangement would that be? Well, exactly the kind I did not have. And besides, and most importantly relevant too in my case at least, the hot flushes of menopause that I experienced never caused profuse sweating. Heating yes, but never of the level that reached profuse sweating.


Fever Caused By Hypothalamic Brain Tumor?

Could the intense heat be attributable to a brain tumor? I had gone down the list trying to make sure, not for me, but for the reader who might be wondering if I had, and have fevers, and had to find a way to distill my thoughts.


In order to definitively know what was going on, it was imperative that I use the process of elimination to arrive at

the answers. But first, I had to determine what all the causes of the fevers noted above have in

common. And most importantly, from there, try to find out how they all DIFFERED from the heat-followed-by-profuse-sweating I was, and still, experiencing.


A Close Examination


A close examination of facts shows that :

1) Endogenous infectious agents cause fever development

In none of the causes of fever - brain tumors, infectious diseases etc. outlined above - is the elevated heat

during a fever cycle, ever initiatiated by biological agents acting whilst outside of the human body or exogenous

to it.


All the mechanisms of heat generation inside the body during fever development, are internal, are biological and are native to it. Harmful microbes pose no danger to the human being while physically existing outside of it. To trigger an immune response, they must first gain entry into the interior of the body by either breaching the skin's defense mechanisms or by embedding in the mucous membranes.


2) The source of heat generated during a naturally occurring fever is internal

In none of the fevers caused by infectious and non-infectious agents and fevers of unknown origin, is it

suggested anywhere in medical literature that the heating of the body during fever development is attributable to

an exogenous heat source.


In all the literature describing the mechanisms of fever production, the heating of the body is always

accomplished through natural internal physiological processes that are endogenous to the human body.


3) The fever cycle takes hours to occur from start to finish

In all of the fevers caused by the factors mentioned above, the process of the fever development occurs in



4) All the fevers mentioned above are caused by an activated immune system

The fevers in all of these cases occur as a consequence of an activated immune system.

These are the most important common elements that all fevers share.


Fevers Induced During Experimentation By: (i) Injecting Pyrogens into the Hypothalamus  (ii) Heating the Human Body with a Thermode


The only exception to the four points outlined above, are documented experiments where researchers injected

pyrogens directly into the thermoregulatory center of the hypothalamus to induce a fever in animals. In other

experiments, the same thermoregulatory center of the hypothalamus of an animal was heated with a thermode

to raise the core temperature, again, to induce fever in animals.


In all these experiments, researchers successfully induced the fevers in the animals, and today those

experimental results constitute yet another evidence of the thermoregulatory function of the preoptic

hypothalamic temperature regulatory center. Notably however, in none of the experimentally induced fevers were

the fevers ever produced with aid from infectious micro-organisms. Neither did any of the animals have brain

tumors of any kind.


Profuse Sweat-Inducing Heat Beam


When the sudden highly focused heat beam distinctly hit the left side of my head and nowhere else on my body, it struck me suddenly and without warning. This was immediately followed by profuse sweating that drenched everything on the head and body.


The heat beam, because it feels so precise, appears to be both highly directed and of a precise diameter,

heating only one side of the face or head at a time, including lately, more frequent attacks on the base of the

skull in the back. At the precise time the incident heat source connects with my body, the heat from the incident

external source, immediately heats the head and in seconds, the body as a whole becomes extremely hot,

breaking into a profuse sweat before the temperature normalizes again. This happens several times a day.

Several times a night. For 5 months now and ongoing.


The first time this occurred, my skin felt very hot to the touch, and the second time this occured, when I placed

my left hand over the heated area in an instinctive protective measure, the back of the hand soon heated up too.

Within minutes, the heat had dissipated and my skin temperature was back to normal again. Moments later, the

episode would recur. Over and over. In intervals of an hour or two, or seemingly, less at times.

To-date, my head and face are heated in this fashion several times a day, and several times a night since

September or October of 2017. This date coincides with the time I signed up to take the TI survey developed under the guidance of Mr Bill Binney and Mr Kirk Wiebe. Mr Binney and Mr Wiebe are former National Security Agency employees. The stated purpose of the TI survey was to collect data from victims of torture with electromagnetic weapons systems for analysis.


Ruling In Or Out Causes Of Fever In My Sweat-Inducing Heat Episodes


Ruling Infections In or Out


I had not had any febrile diseases at the time of the first onset of the profuse sweat-inducing heat beams nor have I had any since. I had none of the pains and discomfort associated with a febrile illness. I did and do

continue to feel the terrible bodily and mind toll that subjection to persistent streams of extreme pain twenty fours

hours a day from extreme torture with electromagnetic weapons systems exerts on a person. The daily pain and extreme fatigue associated with sustained infliction therewith. The horrible scalp itching and pain,each caused by the extreme irritation and mad vibrations of embedded nanofibers and microfibers that dislodge as clouds of millions of super tiny translucent fibers when the scalp is brushed with a soft bristle brush, and by the outright activation of pain receptors on the scalp and face as well as on other parts of the body, but primarily on the head and face. But none of it constitutes an infectious disease. So I had to rule out infections as the cause of the bizarre heat-followed-by-profuse-sweating episodes.


Ruling Non-Infectious Causes In or Out

These include environmental causes such as found in acclimation studies of miners in deep South African gold

mines. Heatstrokes, etc. These were easily ruled out. And the elimination process continued on.


Ruling Brain Tumors In or Out

I had, and have, no tumors of the hypothalamus nor brain tumors that impinged upon the hypothalamus body itself .


The hypothalamus is responsible not only for the regulation of body temperature in humans, but for many other

important functions in the human body as well.


Any undue wholesale deformations of the hypothalamus' functional tissue due to brain tumor pressure exerted

upon it would inescapably affect its overall function, not just that of thermoregulation. The symptomatic effects of

such wholesale functional impairment would inevitably manifest not only in sustained fevers but also in a myriad of disorders in any or all of the organ systems that its endocrine hormones directly, or indirectly influences. I have no symptoms of such organ impairments and neither do I have sustained fevers. So I had to rule out brain tumors as a cause for my bizarre profuse sweat-inducing episodes. The process of elimination continued.


Ruling Out Fever on The Basis of TheTemporal Pattern of the Fever Cycle Alone


As stated above, a naturally occurring fever cycle takes time to develop from onset to resolution. The time is

often measured in hours. Fever begins when the core temperature in the hypothalamus is set to higher than

normal. Then the hypothalamus works to bring body to catch up and heat itself up to this new high temperature. All the mechanisms for increasing body temperature, both mechanical and chemical, are recruited in order to drive the temperature up to the new setting. All of this takes time. When the task of raising the temperature to the new set range is accomplished, there is a brief lull before the temperature regulation center resets the temperature back to normal again.


On bringing the body temperature back to normal, the hypothalamus must now help the body to catch up and cool itself down to the core temperature. This is one of the reasons the hypothalamus exists. To ensure that our temperature is at homeostasis. To this end, all the mechanisms for reducing body temperature are recruited to drive the temperature back down to normal again. When the temperature reaches its normal homeostatic value, the fever cycle ends. All of this takes time measured in hours.


But the heat that I experienced, and which I continue to suffer from to this very day, is extremely transient, lasting for no more than seconds to minutes at most at a time before my body temperature feels normal again. The

comparison of the temporal feature between the two - my bizarre heating followed by profuse sweating

episodes and the heat attributable to a natural fever cycle - comes down to seconds or minutes versus hours.

Hours for the natural process, seconds or minutes for the unnatural that I am currently experiencing.

Furthermore, I have never had an instance of the chill experience, a phase that is sometimes present in fever



Based on the time factor of the naturally occurring fever cycle alone, the discrepancy between the time it takes

the naturally occurring fever cycle to develop from start to finish, which measures in hours, and the time it takes

for the heat beam to induce profuse sweating before my temperature returns to normal again, which measures in

seconds or minutes at most, clearly demanded ruling out my experience as triggered by a natural endogenous

activated immune system response process.


Ruling In or Out Exogenous Incident Heat As Causal Agent


Experiments done on animals using a thermode, an exogenous heat source, to successfully induce fever by

targeted heating of the temperature regulatory center of the hypothalamus in animals, are well documented. By

precisely directing the heat at the thermoregulatory center of the hypothalamus in the animal, researchers were

able to successfully raise the 'thermostat' in the hypothalamus to a higher than normal temperature, thus

inducing fever in the animals. The studies were duplicated by other researchers, and the results affirmed.


The experiments showed that resetting the hypothalamic core temperature to temperatures higher than normal body temperature with an external incident heat source, had the same results as pyrogen-induced temperature reset in the hypothalamus. The key difference between the two being that, the heat normally produced via shivering in naturally occuring fever, is sourced exogenously to the body in thermode-induced fever. And with the heat produced by thermode, an outside source, there is no need for the body to go through the chilling and shivering phase. That is why I do not experience any chills or shivering prior to the sweating profusely : the incident heat beam is a remote and advanced version of a heat source, functioning the same way as the thermode did in the experiments.


The heat beam source in my abuse is clearly and perceptibly exogenous, and its effect is not dissimilar to that of

the thermode experiments. The only difference is that instead of a thermode, contemporary advanced

technologies using electromagnetic energy as their core functional unit, with the aid of advanced wireless communication systems needed to remotely access my body, both enable the guided and controlled energy of a specific frequency to replicate the role played by the thermode the researchers used in the experiments.


Temperature Manipulation In Torture


The head as the target area of the heating is a very specific case of the well documented torture phenomenon of

'temperature manipulation' in torture. Normally, temperature manipulation in torture is implemented through deliberate manipulation and exploitation of environmental temperature conditions at the time of the torture. Most notably, including in documented cases during the Nazis, in Guantanamo and elsewhere, the subject's whole body is exposed to the harsh temperature environment, whether super hot or super cold but never just one isolated body part, in this case, my head.  This fact makes it inescapable and impossible to not attribute the heating of my head and face to a deliberate, premeditated and diabolical heating of my brain with remote electromagnetic weapons system for the sole objective of inflicting irreversible injury to the brain substance itself.


On the subject of temperature manipulation in torture, Slahi in the Guantanamo Diary writes:

' The Marine turned the air conditioner all the way down to bring me to freezing. This method had

been practiced in the camp at least since 2002. I had seen people who had been exposed to the frozen

room day after day; by then, the list was long. The consequences of the cold room are devastating, such

as rheumatism, but they show up at a later age because it takes time until they work their way through

the bones. The torture squad was so well trained that they were performing almost perfect crimes,

avoiding leaving any obvious evidence. Nothing was left to chance. They hit in predefined places. They

practiced horrible methods, the aftermath of which would only manifest later..."



In hyperthermia, torturers subject torture victims to extremes of heat by exposing them to high heat on hot days

without the benefit of water or air conditioning. Clinicians often treat fevers with antipyretics. Tylenol. Aspirin. Etc.

There is a reason they do this. Although it is generally believed that fevers may play a beneficial role to the host during an illness by boosting the effectiveness of the immune system, it is also sadly known that sustained and uncontrolled fevers can cause widespread damage to organ systems, and some patients die from fevers. And that is one of the reasons doctors use antipyretics to tame down a fever.


Especially susceptible to excessive heat is the brain. Heating the brain is documented as extremely destructive to brain cells. Excessive heating of the brain can lead to convulsions, coma and finally, death. And when brain cells die, they cannot regenerate. It is one of the reasons antipyretics are used by the medical profession in fever

management: to prevent brain damage.


When the intention is to destroy the brain tissue by directly heating it, with bursts of high heat directed exclusively on the head, for short durations, several times a day and several times a night, the stress on the brain tissue that it is sustained over time is almost guaranteed to gradually degrade its function, causing cognitive impairments, impaired motor functions as well as aberrations in autonomic systems.


The objective of heating my brain every day and every night, for five months now ongoing, is clearly the

destruction of my brain. Many in Guantanamo Bay are known to have brain damage. According to the Nobel

Prize Winning Physicians For Human Rights's reports, 'Experiments in Torture', the whole thing was about using

peoples' brains for experimentation. Extending that conclusion, one can guess the goal: to subsequently destroy them thereafter in order to evade accountability. And thus do away with evidence of gross abuse of a human being.



All evidence of a person's abuse resides in his or her brain. Destroy the brain, and you destroy the evidence. And the person dies a living death, a form of death far worse than actual death without any chance at redress.


That is why I document. So that when the torture psycopathy destroys my brain with impunity and unaccountably, as they have thousands of others of other innocents before me, and as it appears that they are allowed to do so, will continue to destroy more innocent lives in the future, the crimes that they are committing shall live long after they themselves are long gone, for generations to learn about. And, hopefully, to do something about a cancer that, left to its own devices, will surely destroy more innocent lives and slowly eat away at both democracy and the innate freedoms that all humans are born with. In a way that no external enemy ever could hope to achieve.




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Comment by Sugey Ortiz-Serrano on March 15, 2018 at 11:38am
Hello, thank you for sharing this important information, I can add that I have the experience of feeling high temperature in my head and in my face and profuse sweat, I even presented smells more accentuated than those I have normally presented. I live in a tropical country, here the temperatures are between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius on average, so I thought the heat was due to the weather, I started to sweat too much, I had never done it like that, but something happened, I know my murderer, like Michael Jackson are leaving me without sleep, I know I have sleep without sleep, I go to bed at 12 pm calling the dream and I open my eyes at 2 am, the murderer told me that he is counting the weeks to know me dead, that he no longer lives with me one more minute, at this moment when writing I have lethargy, I can not concentrate, I have work that I do not allow myself to concentrate, it's intellectual work, I'm a teacher and even though I know it's going to make me worse I go to the end, until they kill me, or the person I am disappears. It is horrible the heat that is felt, now at all times I am touching my face, I dehydrate easily but I do not want to drink water, so the kidneys are damaged. I do not know how long it lasts, the brain damage I have is already being quantified, I have a psychiatric diagnosis, I try to live as happy as I can, the happiest, sometimes my genius changes and I am aware of it, but the people close to me They make fun of what happens because they say that I take care of the aliens. Sometimes I think it is very hard to live especially when you have changed your whole being and when you hear a woman saying you are killed, they put you in the public pillory because they tell people that I am a pedophile, that I am a murderer, I am mediocre and I am a woman of low socioeconomic status that should work in homes, here those women are called "guisas".


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