Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Testimonial of victim to United Nations--(amendment)

Massie Munroe is collecting Testimonials of victims for United Nations.
Massie Munroe said she has close relationship with someone who can talk to a high position United Nations officer. It is a great oppertunity for victims to bring our cases to the United Nations.

Instruction from Massie_
* *Do not exceed 3 pages*
* *Tone page he petition goes to the 4th page*
* *please leave all the yellow highlighted lines more distinguished*
* *the blue lines are just to demonstrate how your attachments are going to be if you have any....*
* *Your attachments are the evidences and your important explanations that you did not get to express within the 3 pages.*
* *Please stay with the format do not deviate from the Temp let*
* * Tell your story short but very effective and factual, then the rest of your story if it is really important put it as an attachment*
* *Please leave the Road Map as it is on page two since , this is how we arrived to this place.*
* *Only change the Road Map if you are not in the USA*
* *Please leave attachment #1 as attachment #1 that is going to be the same for every one . I will provide you that attachment later.*
* *Do not change the Petition unless you are in some other country*
* *Every one can not have their own petition when we are going as one voice even if some of those are not applicable to you but as a whole we are going through it for each of us it may differ a little. we are applying as a whole ....*
* *If we provide them with so many different ideas and demands we will get them confused we will dissipates their energy towards ourselves*
* *Our evidences are similarities of what we are going through so be specific and factual and emphasize on the universal things happening to us *
* *If you think you have to change something please cal me let us discuss it do not just change and send something to me i have to read them it takes a long time*
* *Do not submit your testimonial unless you have it exactly like the Templet*
* *Please work hard i have still a few of your Testimonials in e-mail or just in a few pages without following the format of the Templet*
* *Please do not send anything in hard copy till i receive your e-mail format and we confirm together that is good then send me your hard copy *
* *Please be reminded that i am going to send you attachment #1 you can read it on the sample Templet i have as an attachment in this e-mail*
* *Please plan at the end to provide a copy of your picture i will let you know when we get providing our picture we want to show that we are profesionals not criminals we want to look ourselves professionals no so happy not so sad.... *
*If you have any question please contact me by e-mail or my cell: 818-943-0661

Sample of Testimonial:

Date: 09/25/2008
Name: Mary Marcelle Vivian
Date Of Birth: January 11, 1951
Place Of Birth: Stratford, Ontario
Country Of Citizenship: Canada
Contact Information Address: 72 Stanley Cres, Elora, Ontario,Canada, N0B 1S0
Email Address:
Telephone Number: (519) 846-8272

Subject: Urgent Health Issues
Urgent Financial Issues
Urgent Security Issues


Dear Sir or Mam:

I, Mary Vivian, Say publicly the following Testemonial:
I am 57 years old, employed for 32 years by Bell of Canada, (Telecommunications Company), with a secretarial and engineering background. I retired in 2002 and for 5 years I volunteered as an Auxiliary Police Officer for Toronto Ontario Police Force performing details such as: Pope John Paul II’s Visit, marathon runs, disasters, crowd control for celebrities such.( Road Map & My Pettion Attachments)

Health Issues:
I enjoyed good healthy until approximately april of 2004, when I was exposed to the DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS & THE ORGANIZED CRIMES abuse and agression my health is deteriorating. I Am experiencing many rashes, red sores, eye problems, mouth sores such as swollen tongue, tooth problems, cankers, etc. I am very diligent about what I eat, do not smoke, do not take illegal drugs and promote a daily exercise program. My Sister and elderly mother are victims of this crime as well. (See Attachment # – Mary Vivian’s Health Issues)

Continuously pursued via organized stalking when shopping, at appointments, in the park, or travelling by vehicle. My vehicle has been tampered with a “beep” sound at certain locations. I have e-mail messages blocked, telephone calls transferred, and calls cut off. The Royal mail is interfered with resulting in calls to utility companies obtaining reprinted bills. In London, 1994-1995 when the perpetrator moved in, there were incidents of something occurring but no explanation as to what is was. (Attachment #3 – Surveillance.)

In Elora, Ontario, the ENTIRE home and ENTIRE contents were sprayed with a yellow chemical. White and black chemicals on heating pipes, reddish/brown chemicals on floorboards in basement. Under-aged youths are recruited, coached by adults, utilized to carry out vandalism and manipulating my wellbeing and my environment. The recruitment of such under-aged youths in such criminal activities are in violation of their Civil/Constitutional Rights, as well as mine. (See Attachment #4 –Vandalism )

Financial Devastations:

The financial attack on my limited pension income, vandalism and destruction of both homes, money stolen, replacement of personal property and items has been substantial over the years. (See Attachment #5 – Invoice for replacements-new appliances & beds purchased in 2004, cost of Naturopathic Doctor 2008.)

Organized Criminals /Crimes:
I believe the surveillance, vandalism, etc. are part of an ongoing organized crime which are mostly sponsored by some sector of the government. The organized criminals are equipped with the most sophisticated electronic surveillance tools that are not possible for regular/normal citizens to gather evidence, even if any evidence is gathered the organized criminals can easily access and retrieve the evidences.

Agencies Approached:
Contacted Ontario Provincial Police about prowlers, police made a notation. A second call to the police regarding the spraying, the lasers and the constable recommended sending Forensics the next day (no show) and follow up with the neighbour about the lasers. (See Attachment #6 – Agencies Approached Menatal health)

The Reason For My Being Targeted Per My Experiences Are:
My story as I have come to experience it:
1. The perpetrator was involved in satellite fraud involving DirecTV and NDS Americas Inc. (Smart Card).
2. The perpetrator required “a pardon” from our Canadian Government to enter Canada, after being deported from the United States of America (U.S.A.).
3. This perpetrator was arrested at Tampa Airport June 2004, on an immigration charge, re-entering the U.S.A. under a false name, charges of satellite fraud and TV piracy.
4. Once arrested, why didn’t the London police address our complaint about the thefts and retrieve our stolen property?
5. Employed by Bell Canada, formerly volunteering for a police organization, 3 single women living alone, and knowing about the operation made me the perfect target.
(See Attachment # 7– Mary Vivian’s Health Issues.)

Under Which Law I May Have Been Accuzed To Be Categorized Of Criminality:
The only indication of any laws or policy that has been utilized to criminalize me is by the London Police Force and Medical Doctors’ comments stating ‘MENTAL” due to numerous calls for assistance. June 2008, Fergus, Ontario Emergency Department’s notation on form stating ‘MENTAL” when I went for medical treatment for laser burn to the face.
In past years, Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted two Security Clearances: for employment with Bell Canada and volunteering as a Toronto Auxiliary Police Officer.

Under What Circumstance I Was Accuzed of Mentaly ill And Which Agncey Is Responsible For Such Accuzations
Our family doctor recommended seeing a psychiatrist based on numerous calls for assistance. The police psychologist advised the London Police Department that I was considered “MENTAL”.

Which Court Of Law I Have Filed And What Was The Out Come:
I have not filed any documentation with any court at this time.
The Reason I did Not File A law suit In Any Court of Law:
I am waiting for more solid evidence before proceeding with a lawsuit.
The Reason I did Not File Any Official Complain:
I am not aware of where I can go to make an official complaint due to the fact that Medical and Police won’t assist you. I have called many different organizations, they are not aware of “Directed Energy Weapons”. Still waiting for an investigation by London Police for the return of my stolen property.

The Road Map To How We Were Taken From Our Normal Path Of Life and WE Were Froced Into This Holocustal Never Ending Detour :
People who commit criminal act(s) & are declared mentally ill is the only justification the government needs to expose them to the directed energy weapons/mind control experiment/ torture and organized criminals. It is perhaps justified that it is necessary in order to keep them “under control so they would not harm public or the national security”!! Such people/victims are involuntarily experimented and tortured upon. The organized criminals are every where even in the most remote locations working among the security system establishments, the organized criminals are furnished with the most sophisticated surveillance and torture equipment based on nano technology.
How it began: 1) any law enforcement and/or governmental agencies would chose an innocent citizen who is in conflict with their personal agenda then, 2) the organized criminals utilizes local law enforcement and/or mental health institutions to generate, manipulate, and falsify criminal and mental reports against that person’s life. Whereas the Domestic Violence Act, the Police non-disclosure investigative reports and the “Patriot Act', The FISA and The Military Commission Act of 2006, “Courts of No Due Process” and the Crowd Control Act of October 1st 2008 and other such laws and policies are enforced to cover-up the“death sentence imposed upon those innocent citizens”.
Without the protection of “Due Process” the law enforcement, mental institutions and organized criminals can impose massive transgressions against humanity in the USA and will continue until stopped. No one is exempt, the under-aged are utilized in these crimes and/or subject to the same circumstances as adults. The US Senate Secret Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Homeland Security and US Defence Department, FBI are aware of such laws, policies and violations. Given that, the organized criminals are mostly hired by the police and the law enforcement or any governmental agencies and are mostly compensated by the US Department Of Treasury. This crime is taking place in the USA since September 11, 2001 the magnitudes are growing exponentially one could very well declare it as a National Security concern. These crimes are taking place overseas as well and are astonishing similar in the style of execution.
We believe these crimes are conspired and are imposed upon us by that sector of USA government (0r Canadian Governemnt) which operates under the No Due Process laws/policies and is in non- conformance to the US Constitution and the US Civil Rights.
Please see attachment #1 which presnts the history of American government experimenting on its own citizens/people such as Conitelpro, Mkultra as a proven consparecy.

I Declare That The Above To Be True Under The Penalty Of Perjury.
Signature _________________________________ Date ____________________

Attachment #1: US history of Experimentation on People of America
Attachment #2: Mary Vivian’s Health Issues
Attachment #3: Surveillance
Attachment #4: Vandalism
Attachment #5: Invoice for Replacements-new appliances & beds purchased in 2004
: Cost of Naturopathic Doctor 2008
Attachment #6: Agencies Approached
Attachment #7: Mary Vivian (Photo)
Attachment #8: Family Photo of my mother Florence and sister Marlene

Urgent Demands and My Petition:
1. an urgent end to the Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), surveillance, isolation, and the Organized Criminal/crimes against my wellbeing; including any implants and/or any types of gases used against me.

2. any and all law enforcement agencies including police criminal reports and/or investigative documentations prepared pertaining to me to be disclosed without costs.

3. to investigate law enforcement agencies’ misconduct and mishandling to my person and/or documentation pertaining to me without costs.

4. any and all mental health reports, documentations, and/or medical doctors’ statements prepared pertaining to me be disclosed without costs.

5. legislate to educate psychiatry and psychology professionals of existence of DEW.

6. to investigate mental health agencies’ misconduct and mishandling to my person and/or documentation pertaining to me without costs.

7. to investigate Directed Energy Weapons source of funding such as: covert Senate Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Military, Department of Defence, FBI, Homeland Security, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, private contractors and/or unknown individuals or unknown institutions.

8. to investigate the organized Criminal’s Crimes against innocent people and me.

9. Investigate US Department Of Treasury’s or any Canadian agencies connection in funding Organized Criminals.

10. education of the general public on DEW, torture and such Crimes against humanity. Legislate under the Truth of Information Act to inform the Public. Due to lack of information most victims are not aware of their exposure to these crimes.

11. the disclosure of what grounds any agency has the right to impose upon me any crimes of assaults and tortures and what these assaults and tortures included.

12. outlaw of the “No Due Process” procedure under the Patriot Act, Crowd Control Act, or any other governmental legislation and Courts such as FISA.

13. the outlaw of any and all DEW Tortures against humanity worldwide, Surveillance upon people.

14. full treatment for any and all physical and medical injures, present and future, which resulted from crimes incurred due to the criminal activity from these organizations and unknown individuals, until sufferers are restore to normal health.
15. full compensation for the financial losses incurred due to the criminal activity from these organizations and unknown individuals.
16. unclassify any and all classified information generated by Senate Intelligence Committee, Pentagon, Military, Department of Defence, FBI, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, private contractors and/or unknown individuals or unknown institutions regarding DEW/Torture and Organized Criminals/Crimes.

Please be note: This testimonial will also possible be used for petition to Government, Human Rights organizations and medis. if you want to keep your personal information as secret, please tell Massie Munroe.

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Comment by chiocciola on October 8, 2008 at 10:06pm
I have been harassed and bullied by some people at my workplace.

One of the things they say is that I underwent cosmetic surgery, which is only half true as I underwent an operation for medical purpose.

The thing is...I cannot tell whether they really said what I thought they said about me, some of the things I think they said seem to have really been said by them, the rest being another episode of harassment inflicted on me by the use of an ElectroMagnetic Weapon.

Those people at my workplace have also been controlled by the ElectroMagnetic Weapon since I started to work with them; some of them got sick quite often, some of them lost their family...and now they seem to be mad at me without a good reason(they don't like the way I am, the Project Manager wants to fire me or has already arranged to replace me with another contract worker). The computer I work on at my workplace seems to have been watched for some time, the Project Manager knows what kind of email I received from a co-worker and asked me to forward the email to him.

What I'm writing here now might be being read by somebody at my workplace.

I'm really exhausted and scared to death.

I would like to know how you all manage to live lives full of harassments, torments and unhappiness.
Comment by Marius on November 8, 2008 at 5:10am
Hi everyone,
before using this template, please read "Torture Handbook"first - it is very useful ( Also, there are a lot of grammar and writing stile mistakes. It is also important in some way.


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