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The Complaint I filed with the FBI and the DOJ May 15,2013


This is a reposting of the Complaint I filed with the FBI and the DOJ which was deleted by someone other than myself.  Would you make a copy of this post with all information in case all of copies even the ones I have at home disapear.  Thank you.  Posted by Michael Benoit


Date: May 9, 2013

To: Federal Bureau of Investigation                                                          Chief Division Counsel

7915 Microsoft Way                                                                                  Mark Rich

Charlotte, NC 28273


The Complaint is of:


Civil Rights Violations

Criminal Conspiracy

Failure to keep from harm

Crimes Against Humanity


Jim Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and others who have worked with him, have repeatedly committed acts of torture, including those of aggravated sexual assault against my body and psyche.

Jim Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and others who have worked with him, have repeatedly violated my civil rights.

Jim Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and others who have worked with him, have entered into a criminal conspiracy to deprive me of constitutional rights and to deprive me of life and liberty.

Jim "Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Department, have failed to keep me from harm.

Jim Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and others who have worked with him, have Committed Crimes Against Humanity.


     It is a fact that Jim Eads of the Lee County Sheriff's Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Department and others have and are involved presently in an ongoing assault on my life, my psyche and my body.

     Around the time, June 2004, Mr. William O. {Doc} Batchelor was approached by Jim Eads and or others of the Lee County Sheriff's Departmnt and request was made to use his property at 2019 Lee Ave as a vantage point for the purposes of surveillance.  Mr. Batchelor granted the request.

      Mr. Batchelor's son, Jeffery, had a period in his life when he had a problem with drugs.  Local law enforcement personnel were very helpful to Mr. Batchelor and his son during that period of time.  Mr. Batchelor is an older and well respected person in Lee County and he has fulfilled his obligation to assist local law enforcement in any way possible within the law and within the bounds of obligation.

     Jeffery Batchelor was living in the house at 2019 Lee Ave around this time.  He also knows the individuals from the Lee County Sheriff's Department who made the request to use his father's property.  He in all likelihood saw the initial setting up of equipment by these individuals and others involved.

     My next door neighbor living at 2011 Lee Ave was compelled to assist them as well.  Also in all likelihiid he can confirm the identities of these individuals and can corroborate the testimony of the Batchelors'.  I do not have his name at this time but he and his family lived next door to me for several years and during this initial period of time.  I was told, sometime in 2011, that he and his wife had separated.  His wife and children continued to live there until recently.  I was also told that several men in the neighborhood also left their wives around this time.  They also may be corroborating witnesses.

     Jeffery Batchelor moved out of the house and Mr. Batchelor rented the house out on two close occassions.  Both tenants failed to keep up rent payments.  Mr. Batchelor is such a good business man and such a good judge of character that it seems odd that he could make even one miss judgment much less two.

     The house seemed to remain empty for a long time.  Mr. Batchelor would come by regulary to check the condition of the property and go in the house.  At a time when the house was empty or appeared to be empty he came by and parked his truck by the side door.  He was out of the truck standing by the front fender, on the driver's side, and he was talking to someone who was inside the back porch.  I was in my backyard changing a flat tire at this same time and someone was using a remote control device to lock and unlock the door locks on my car at the same time this person was talking to Mr. Batchelor.  I looked in Mr. Batchelor's direction and he saw me and hung his head while the  person continued playing with my door locks.  This person likes to show off and this was one of my first encountrs with long distance remote controls and how they can be used to harass individuals.

      It was during this period of time when the house appeared to by empty that I noticed that someone was coming in my house when I left.  I found credit card statements out in the open and arranged in an odd way like you would hold a hand of playing cards.  I don't leave credit card statements out in the open.  I don't even through them in the trash.  My trash was being gone through when I put it in the container outside of my house.  I kept putting up lights in the back of my house and someone would break them every time.  I also notice that medications were being handled, the seals of powered vitamin supplements were being opened but not by me.  Nothing that was left opened was safe to consume.  I had to change my way of eating entirely.  These guys were coming in my back door in the light of day for all to see.  This was after 9/`11.

     I stopped using my back door to exit my home but they still came in my front door for all to see.  I reported this to the police but I was told I needed evidence of breaking and entering.  I couldn't believe that law enforcementt officers were committing such violations with utter disregard of the laws, but this was just the beginning.  This was the beginning of terrorism being committed while "Under the Color of Law".

     Mr. Batchelor sold the property to a Hispanic man.  I believe he did it so he could wash himself and feel clean again. 

     With the selling of the house the violations did not cease.  My home was still being entered when I left.  I began to feel light shocks to my body as I moved around my home.  And later I began to feel a heating in the middle of my chest at night while in bed.  I had no way to explain these things to myself.  It was impossible to contemplate.

     My Hispanic neighbors are very hard working good people.  They want to be a sucess in America for themselves and for their children.  I feel these rouge officers have imposed much upon these good people and used them disrespectfully and without any regard for their aspirations and belief in America.

     With regret, I believe they are witnesses to the continuing harassment and violations of human rights here in America.

Michael Benoit

Michael Benoit

2015 Lee Ave

Sanford NC, 27330




June 19,2013



To the complaint I filed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Office at 7915 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC May 15, 2013

Attention: Mark Rich, Chief Division Counsel


     I will refer you the civil court complaint filed against me in the District Court of Durham N. C.  The court file number is File NO. 08cxvd3043.  I was the defendant and Dr. Tracey Carson was the plaintiff.  The court date was in June of 2008.  As I have written previously, the electronic harassment and unlawful entry into my home began in the year 2004.

It is my allegation that the plaintiff Dr. Carson and Jim Eads and others from the Lee County Sheriff's Department had relationship prrior to her filing of the complaint.  It is also my allegation that through this relationship, the plaintiff had knowledge of my whereabouts at all times through Jim Eads and others who worked with him, which means that the original complaint filed by Dr. Carson was in origination an act fo perjury and an act of subornation of perjury made willingly by Co-conspirators Dr. Carson and Jim Eads and others of the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

This is  part of the conspiracy to deprive me of rights and this a fabrication of evidence and are crimes committed while "Under the Color of Law".

When I filed the complaint in person at the Charlotte, N. C. office the agent refused to accept the photos of my deformed body part which were appropriately taken in a doctor's office after the doctor had administered an injection to effect an erection.

They continue to electronically harass me day and night and they continue to asssault me sexually with an attitude that they have impunity.  Several states have passed laws making it illegal to use an electromagnetic device to harm another person.  The penalties for committing such crimes are too lenient and they are a crime against humanity.


Retaliation and getting back at me is what they are doing now.

David McLeod is a key witness as to their identities.

Michael Benoit

When I filed the addendum, I also sent a copy of the original complaint I filed with the FBI at Charlotte, N. C..  The addendum to the complaint was sent by UPS Certified Mail with Return Reciept to The FBI office at Charlotte, N. C. and the DOJ in Washington, D. C.

A list of phone calls relavent to the truth


You can't even read the name or signature


Other relavent documents



Photo ID that I needed to enter the FBI office


Other documents that I included with the original complaint filed with the FBI and also sent to the DOJ in Washington, D. C.

Copy of a hand written document that I filed in person with the FBI and also sent to the DOJ



Also filed in person with the FBI





Track and Confirm Intranet,Washington, DC


Track and Confirm Intranet, Washington, DC




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Comment by Sally on November 10, 2013 at 6:30am

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Comment by Richard H. Lovelace Sr. on December 29, 2013 at 10:02am
Michael how did you get in the FBI office at Microsoft way I have called twice and drove there once,they ask me for my drivers license but they refused to let me in.they told me the they would call me and they never have.i had all my evidence in my large brief case.i was set up for dwi with phony breathalyzer locked up without phone call for twelve hours an attack while in jail.i have over eight microchips in my body and one is in my heart they attacked my heart in Cleveland county jail for twelve wife and I reported this too clerk of court office and the sheriff office
this is felony assault with intent to kill.i was scanned by Jesse Beltran for microchips. THANKS And God Bless.


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