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The Police State, Direct Contact and Reason

    I would like to start this post by saying that i'm often taken out of context or to extremes.   It's normal since we can't be exact in agreement.  It's okay to agree to disagree.


   I wish that governments and perps would be more clear about their intents.  Oftentimes, we've offended someone with power, and they wish to destroy us due to some inner ego problem, probably developed in childhood or something.  I'm not going to go indepth into the psychology of these individuals that somehow feel that they are more important than another's feelings.  It's our right as human beings to not like someone.  It is not our right destroy someone for simply expressing a dislike.  In short, we all hate someone or something, and we secretly wish them ill.  That doesn't mean that we do them ill.  We can directly and fairly confront them about this, or we can be sneaky and corrupt about it.


  If you have a problem with someone, tell them directly.  Have some couth.

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Comment by TI CHI on February 28, 2011 at 10:17am


You seem to be missing the point, although your pleas for reasonable negotiation are traditional.

The decision-makers of their cult are insulated from any dialogue with victims.  This is done by design to ensure adherance to security protocols and prevent the exposure of the operation by an exasperated or careless action.  Everything is delegated through message systems to operators who are emotionless and obedient.    

The objective is to play with the victims until they break (ie., die), and reallocate resources to play with new victims. 

None of the arguments you wrote, based on psychology and honor, etc., apply to this situation.  They can't possibly care, and probably don't even know directly what effects they are having on us except through monitoring reports fed up through their communication protocol system.

So are they honorable or are they cowards? Not even !!  The concepts do not apply.  Force is all that matters to them, and deception is used when it is expedient.  It has semi-human cogs in it. but it is essentially a machine - totally immune to persuasion.


Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 1:29pm

TI CHI, I had reason for writing that.  You make it sound like they all have a superior awareness when in truth they don't and this baffles me.  If their weapons did what they were supposed to, I wouldn't have issues.  I would function in a logical place.  I have been corrupted.  They believed in something, and that's what caused their error.

 II'm isolated.  They did something weird to me.  All it did was make me uncomfortable.  Prior, I tried to fake break to let them win, as they would win no matter as I'm a single unit and don't have the same weapons.  I was trying to avoid what they completed.

Comment by kaela creighton on February 28, 2011 at 1:58pm
There are good things in the world, but these people can't see them.  I love "The Way" by Fastball and that kind'of stuff if it's real.  I don't like when people are dumbed down, but I like when they have a narrow scope.  The more we sense, the more we go into demonic worlds.  I am a full-fledged demon these days (have been since about 8), but a lot of people are amazingly intune and these evil people mess it up with their second observations based on individual fear of death; they base their views on their survival, aren't who they are.  With the others,  it's like, you have dreams that you can fulfill, are healthy and can develop into you.  Nobody has corrupted you.
Comment by won't cave on August 30, 2012 at 2:30am

IMHO, TI CHIs comment is so "spot on" that, upon reading, i felt the need to "bump" to 2012.  We who are fodder to this system would be wise to get a grasp on the concept.  GL!


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