Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The stalking/mind control activity in your life is produced by Satan and his demons... truly.

Oh, I wish I could be well recieved and believed. How i wish the truth of my life and that which I have seen and come to understand as truth could be also believed by you all. The gangstalking, the mind-reading, the invasion into your private life, the bodily pain, the mental disorentiation and diversion, all of this and anything i have neglected to mention is straight from SATAN and HIS DEMONS. 

You are not hearing from someone who initially believed this. You are not hearing from someone who was quick to believe this. You are hearing from someone who lived in rural Alaska and couldn't make sense of her experiences, then couldn't stop her stalking and then finally after NO answers (including those on Peacepink) truly fit her problems, stopped believing that an 'agencv ' could be at work. Because no agency could tell the future. Which was exactly what was happening to me. this mixed with dreams of scripture (again, this was a non-christian talking to you), and an all-over feeling that I needed to seek the Lord.

Please, oh please, at least consider that I may be truthful and that Jesus Christ really is the Lord and Savior. I challenge you here and now: if you read this blog, think on this: what if I am right instead of wrong? What if there really is a Jesus and those without him don't make it to Heaven? If there really is an eternity out there, isn't worth some of your time to try and figure out if there truly is a God? So I beg you-in all sincerety- give it 30 days. Pray every day (a few times a day if you can remember to) that the Lord will reveal that he exists  to you. The bible says: draw close to God and he will draw close to you. So for the next 30 days, pray every day that God will reveal his presence to you. Tell him that just because life hasn't made you want to be a believer yet doesn't meant that you are totally unwilling- you just are unsure!!! Tell him that if there is an eternity out there and our choices are making it to heaven or not, that NOTHING could be worth not making it. And that just because you are not sure doesn't mean you are unwilling to be guided by the Lord, if only he would reveal his presence to you. 

Just think about it. If there really is an eternity, that means a thousand years times a thousand years times a thousand years go by, and if there really is a heaven or a hell, it is MORE THAN WORTH 30 DAYS OF PRAYER to ask the Creator to show you he is truly there.

Once I came to see his reality, I was truly filled with this need to tell others the truth. I just thought: I can't NOT try to tell others this truth, even if they think I am silly or worse yet, lying. The truth is: Jesus loves you now just as much as he did the day you were born: NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG.  And the only thing he wants is for you to believe in him and follow him and do your best.  If you truly believe in Jesus and ask him into your heart to be your savior, everything you do wrong will be forgotten and your eternity in heaven will be his gift. I know it sounds too good to be true and a little strange but it is the truth. And it is worth questioning: don't just believe me; read the new testament and ask God!!!!! Only 2 years ago I was unsaved and heading down the road to eternal damnation- not only that but I didn't believe in such "b.s., nonsense, whatever" and let me tell you this much: boy did God ever open my eyes!!!!!!!! And show me that there was a whole new way to live, to think, to believe, to trust. 

Today my life is so different.  It is also still a work in progress... as in, much though I would like to be all of a sudden perfect based on my belief in the Lord, it is still a long road. But so worth it. I pray that someone, even just one person, will believe in my words, for they are the truth!, and come to the Lord because of it. My # is (907)776-3624 (my name is Gina Loosli)  if you want to talk. I put my number out in good faith that the Lord will lead anyone who needs to talk to me. My voicemail is messed up so just try again if you can't leave a message.  Don't worry about being judged. I cringe to think of the stuff I did before ( and still do, sometimes.) There is a good chance I was worse than you ever were, so  don't feel shy, Ok? 
God loves you FOR REAL and I want to try to help if I can! With love and care, gina

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Comment by D. Brown on April 7, 2013 at 10:12pm

Hey Gina glad to see you are alright!  Yeah the phone definitely works both ways but unfortunately this crap makes my mind work only way which ends up on the road to nowhere and nobody gives a damn and all that.  You know the routine I guess.  I will definitely be calling soon no doubt.  Take care and stay blessed!

Comment by egyptarian on April 7, 2013 at 11:31pm

Hi Gina...:)  I have also been leaning towards this theory as well but with one slight difference. Difference being, is that somehow these government scientists have "discovered" a way that they can tap into other realms and or parallel dimensions where the demons reside, via electromagnetic's.

My guess is that they use and direct this knowledge against "select" individuals of their choice via satellites or other means such as implants that somehow opens a doorway into the hell dimension. Thus, they now have the power to put an individual, into literal Hell on earth..egy

Comment by egyptarian on April 8, 2013 at 12:48am

Also, praises to you for being brave enough to bring this up, as you are "right on target".  I believe that the demons are preventing the people from realizing the truth. The people, including myself, see real people following them, real people harassing them ect and figure its all based in our 3D reality here and not something spiritual or supernatural. Truth is, somehow the demons are either possessing those around us to commit these acts, the demons are able to somehow "morph" into doppelgangers temporarily OR somehow there is a reality shift that takes place, putting us in a parallel but yet identical dimension, the "Yin", Hell dimension simultaneously while we still reside in the yang realm. I feel sure that it is something along these lines but have not been able to narrow down the exact avenue the demons go about accessing us in our reality. egy 

Comment by ginababy on April 8, 2013 at 3:46pm

I think that the powers those who represent Satan (aka demons) possess are used to misdirect us from believing in the simple truth of Jesus Christ. In other words, they are more than powerful enough to do a ton of damage to any project you have involved yourself in, including your gardening, but choose to spend their energy on that which will keep you focused on the wrong thing. If they can make you believe it is an extremely complex situation, involving the involvement of other dimensions and other humans (who know what is going on and participate for their own gain), then they are winning. I promise I PROMISE I PROMISE that the only involved parties involved are the Almighty and his angels and the devil and his demons. A daily war between good and evil exists, and our souls are the prize. 

Comment by ginababy on April 8, 2013 at 4:00pm

I cannot say this enough: what if I am right? What if Jesus is real? That would mean heaven is real and so is hell. That means eternal damnation is real. Which means a thousand years times ten thousand years times even a MILLION years go by and still those in hell are eternally tortured. If you stop to consider that possibility, isn't it worth time in prayer to ask the Lord to reveal his presence in your life to you? It's not some small thing!!!!! You are talking about ETERNITY IN HELL OR HEAVEN here... it's worth checking into. If you still felt I was wrong after honest soul-searching then that would be your decision but to have never even dedicated some honest time and soul-searching.... what would you say when you had to look Jesus in the eye and he says, "I can't save you. I never knew you."  Would you be able to say, "But I tried! I spent so much time looking for you! I asked you honestly, if you are real, would you please reveal yourself to me? Would you show me you are real?" God does not hide himself from us. He is waiting for us to seek him. In the bible it is written, "Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you." I sign off with this simple statement: fully 25 percent of Jesus's miracles in the New Testament were the casting out of demons/unclean spirits. And that was over 2000 yrs ago. Can we be so naive as to believe that evil only messed with people then? How much of what happens now could be explained if we recognized that evil is what evil does (i.e, a murderer is infected with an evil spirit which encourages hatred and murder). Why do so many people 'believe in God' yet they can't seem to believe in the devil? Think about it... gina

Comment by Cant use name due to electronic on April 10, 2013 at 8:44am

I want to believe that so much. I pray every day & get nowhere, as do many TIs. I have obvious implants in my ears, & recently met another person with those same implants.



I hear voices telling me all sorts of stuff, & get weird vibrating sensations through these things, into my ear canal. I am told I am a demon & that I am going to hell.


I wish someone could cast out my demons & unclean spirits....


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