Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The threat assessment team abuses its power to give me a wrong assessment. Help






"As long as  a target is still perceived to be a threat to others , the remote monitoring or case management will continue."


我是脑控受害者。你杀我2个亲人更殴打我多年,对我造成了心理阴影。你对此承担赔偿的责任。你应该通过赔礼道歉为我平反,停止殴打骚扰我来赔偿我,以图消除我的心理阴影。请问为什么你消除我心理阴影的办法是更多殴打我让我为害我的仇人替罪?这就是你们威胁评估团队的又一个恶行。凭什么我因为被你殴打而投诉的结果是我需要为我投诉的对象替罪?你认为这是poetic justce? 这有何公平?你欠我的不赔偿我。你不对。我投诉。我要求正义与自由天经地义。凭什么让我为害我的人替罪就公平正义了?






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bernard blundell replied to Lauren C's discussion What shielding methods worked for all of you?
"Hi..I was wondering what the speaker system method consists of to deter intrusions? Thanks B"
39 minutes ago
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Download people fast videos

What are Twitch clips and what are they on the platform for?It must be taken into account that this platform offers its users various alternatives so that they can increase the visibility of your channels, nevertheless it is also necessary to create some resources that will help increase the visits to the channel twitching has offered what the clips are .From this momentum thanks to clips, viewers have the opportunity to quickly share the best moments of the broadcasts and thus the streamers…See More
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Robin Yan posted a discussion

At G7 Summit, they all promise democracy , freedom and human rights for the whole world. Please send this.

You all must receive all evidence about why I launch   international (legal  ) proceedings against "them" because they have committed  terror, psychological torture and MK Ultra. Now, I provide further documents about their ongoing brutality and evil...For 17 years, I write, write, speak out and stand up. Maybe you are tired of what I am doing. But, please see what OMCT stated recently after contacting them : "Torture Destroys Societies " ; " Global Voice For Ending Torture"At G7 Summit, they…See More
6 hours ago
Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for davidfulton3
"Fucking unreal what happens in Australia.. with the public mostly unaware/ oblivious"
9 hours ago
Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for davidfulton3
"Yes David..  * They're now threatning my safety  - in the process of writing a complaint to Aust Human Rights Comission to be forwarded as Allegation Letter to the United Nations (hoping that it'll be sent to the Aust Federal…"
9 hours ago
davidfulton3 left a comment for Jeremy C A Paul
"Hello Jeremy ; I have personally abandoned trying, to get accountability, through any conventional avenues of accountability...I instead focus on trying, to educate the unaware, about the true origins, & purposes, of  East German Stasi…"
14 hours ago
Sally Mander commented on 达 李's photo

Victim Certificate for Evidence on Court

"How do I get this device?"
18 hours ago



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