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The truth behind a most recent NYT article

The clown that wrote the NYT article had been corresponding with DR.Robert Duncan,a well known whistleblower in the TI community.What Duncan said in the interview was omitted...Here's what Duncan posted to FB shortly after.

I said that I would tell the public what was asked by the NY Times
reporter with my responses if he didn't publish it. I was irrelevant to
his interview. Hopefully Mike won't be upset that I posted this. You
know who to thank for smearing my credibility on the internet and hence
created his own demise, A.F. Be sure to thank A.F. for perpetuating your
suffering and the many aliases he uses.

"-- Is it correct that
you worked on some kind of “voice-of-god” weapons for the C.I.A.? Could
you describe that work and when you did it? And what makes you certain
that it is being deployed against TIs?

Yes. The CIA was not the
only interested party. The Pentagon and DARPA had great interest in it
too. I need to be careful here on what I tell the public. The military
applications were quite transparent. I worked on the AI (artificial
intelligence) natural language responses. They are broadly called
"chatter-bots". They are useful in occupation of the target mind for
disablement, NLP (neural linguistic programming), and interrogation.
From an unknowledgeable observer's perspective the target will appear
crazy and easily discredited. The CIA formerly used mostly LSD and other
substances that would perform similar functions.

I have
interviewed over a thousand self proclaimed victims of this newer
technology that uses old mind hacking tactics. I have only included
about half of those people in my studies because naturally occurring
schizophrenia does exist but these sets of technologies can "drive a
target crazy with voices". With "V2K", as the army called it, or "voice
of god" technology, the vocabulary and sentences that the target "hears"
is a dead giveaway for the methods used to break the human spirit and
probe the memory of the target for reprogramming.

-- Who is behind this? And what’s to gain from torturing U.S. citizens this way?

There are many stake holders. A weapon more powerful than the atomic
bomb for influencing populations is quite sought after by many
countries. It is another arms race.
When weapons are "field tested"
they need to be very secretive. The database for the probability
matrices of the efficacy on each culture and language needs to be done
for improvements, development, and evolution of the AI system. Doing it
world-wide is necessary for other reasons too. The testing needs to be
done in a way that few researchers could statistically discover outliers
in the people complaining of such torture. In the far future country
boundaries will be less important, so the system needs to work on all

-- There are records going back to antiquity of people
hearing voices in their heads. How do you ascertain whether the voices
heard by TIs are a product of “voice-of-god” weapons?

True. Moses
talked to a burning bush. From a psychologist's perspective, the
increased number of people complaining of non-stop talking in their
heads can be explained away by stresses of modern society. It is a
perfect cover story. For "area 51", it was UFOs. For "the Philadelphia
experiment" for RADAR jamming experiments, the cover story was they went
back in time.

A different technology often called the Frey's
microwave hearing effect and another called LRAD were used in the Gulf
War to say in their local language, "I am Allah. Lay down your arms." If
the communication appears non-directional, it is easy for religious
cultures to believe it is their God of choice speaking to them.

-- Could you explain disinfo agents? I think I saw someone accusing you of being a disinfo agent somewhere.

Technically they are called "offensive information warfare" or
"psychological operations" units. Most countries have those divisions.
It is a good sign that they don't plan an assassination if they try that
first on you. In fact, one of their tactics on the internet is to point
the finger at someone else, while the other three are pointing back at
them. Could just be their paranoia or mistakes that I have made.

-- How do you think this all ends?

Let me give you a couple possible futures.

1) Here is how the TI community would like it to end. They would like
to see the story go mainstream around the world. They would like to see a
congressional investigation more deep than the Frank Church Hearings
over MKULTRA. They would like an apology to the world TI citizens,
regulations passed, and compensated for their participation in
non-consensual human experimentation.

2) More probably this will
happen. The "Brain Initiative" will achieve progress in the next 10-20
years. The government will hold their position that it was just invented
at that time. They will not reveal the many technologies already in use
until they are rediscovered in the public sector. Regulations will be
passed but no agency will be capable of enforcing them. Schizophrenia
will have a cure through modern brain entertainment technologies.
Society will have the debate over freewill. Those who join a hive mind
become more intelligent and employable, and society bifurcates between
the Luddites and the hive mind. People like me will develop a type of
"firewall" for the human mind. 40 years from now the majority of the
population might read TI history and believe the experiments occurred
and maybe a future UN leader will issue an apology.

Empathy only
occurs in humans if that human can recall or imagine a similar
experience derived through the senses. No blood or torture marks, no

-- Finally, how large do you think the population of TIs is in the U.S.?

That is an impossible question to answer. There are many experiments
going on where the pleasure centers of the brain are stimulated and they
talk to a kind god. This group is not vocal in public trying to
alleviate their pain. They often get a Jesus complex. According to an
Army intelligence officer, the Russians were bombarding the U.S. in the
1970's with psychotronic microwave brain entrainment frequencies to calm
the population. Perhaps everyone is slightly affected. TIs are just the
population enduring the extreme experiments of splitting personalities
and using Monarch Programming methods.

Numbers from support
groups based on those who are vocal, speak some English, and know how to
use the internet would imply a minimum population of ten thousand
people world-wide. Clearly given those restrictions, the number must be
much larger."

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Comment by Bonnie on August 28, 2016 at 7:16am
I failed to mention that someone named Chris originally posted this comment online. Hats off to him/her and thank you. My intent was to share this with everyone on PP & in the future I will obviously give credit where credit is due. Thanks again to Chris.


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