Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

   I was attacked all day long by the Direct Energy Weopon photo 2780 from 8:30am to 6:30pm trying to finish a job back when I was still working.  They made mincemeat out of me all day long with "Direct Energy Balls" in the head of the photo evidence.  On another job I was ripped to shreds with the same weopon.  Yet another job was not so lengthy, but severe, so I never worked at that residence again.  Another job very severe, and occurred 50% of the time I worked there calling the FBI once by cellphone on this job.  On this job it still lasted all day but lighter part of the time,  but I eventually trained myself not to work anywhere they did direct energy attacks with the photo 2780 weopon. 

   If someone tells you on the mind control line to keep walking when inside the house you have the photo 2780 Direct Energy Weopon on you.  They usually do this for an hour about.  If they don't let you do your tax bookkeeping they have the 2780 photo Direct Energy Weopon on you which was on me since March 1999 for a tax default to wreck my credit. If you attempt doing your tax bookkeeping, or tax forms, they will rip you to shreds by direct energy balls so you never ever do your tax bookkeeping again. If you can not get it done by another source your at fault for not completing your tax matters when they did it themselves to the public held in subjection to one's control, and torture, by Electro-neuro Mind Control, and Direct Energy Weopons of authoritarian ghost police corruption and watergate for coverup keeping the victim financially disestablished, and out of the attorneys office.

   Photo 2780 can be viewed by anyone, click photos, on the navigation bar main page peacepink.

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"Hello im responding to being a targeted victim of mind control & surveillance since 2009 if you would like to hear a little of my story please let me know"
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" minulla ip on jäähyllä aina vaan paskajuttuja tehty, kivaa kun en pysty niistä edes kirjoittamaan"
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outi tuomi commented on H's group Finland
"Tuossa samalla kun kävin ketjua läpi, lisäilin ja päivitin, tajusin selkeästi yhden asian. FBI_n ja CIA:n palkkaamat vaino-ohjelman kehittäjät, eivät suunnitelleet näitä stalkkauksia, vaan…"
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