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I need someone or somemany to email this posting to Dr. Scott Allen of Physicians for Human Rights at

Dr. Scott Allen

     I heard a man on NPR say that with the Istanbul Protocol we can even tell if a person has been tortured psychologically.  That's the only thing I heard of the entire interview but if was what I so needed to hear.  I know you are aware of involuntary human experimentation  and that it takes place in prisons in the United States of America.  Well there is a program of nonconsensual involuntary human experimentation occurring in communities across the USA and it is being conducted in the very homes in which the live.  I am one of the thousands of victims that this has been happening to.  The suffering, the invasion of body, mind and soul of this horrific evil is beyond any evil that you have ever seen and it is impossible to imagine such evil if you have not experienced it for years.

     I have several bodily function impairments and it remains to be seen what the long term consequences are going to be for not only me but the many, many others both young and old, male and female. We have sent letters, faxes, and emails to representatives in government including the President, the Attorney General, the FBI, State and local law enforcement agencies all to no avail.  Of the thousands of requests for help and assistance we get no response.  Which brings me to the reason why I am writing to you, Dr.  Allen.  You know about torture and its consequences on an individual and this kind of torture is cruel and mentally brutal and it is our government that is committing these crimes against humanity with the assistance and active participation of some in the medical community.

     Who provided the technological weapons to these torturers and who taught them how to damage bodies?

     I am seventy one years old.  They are killing me little by little every day and night and they enjoy what they are doing.  I would like to leave my body to PHR for forensic research.  They have damaged me from head to toe.  PHR is the only credible investigative body with the will and skills and the courage to bring this evil to the light of day and to the American people.  I am including the name of my attorney and other educated persons familiar with this evil. Perhaps you could examine a reasonable number victims to prove what is happening to American citizens and people around the world.  PHR may very well be the only chance democracy has.


Michael Benoit


Dr. John Hall,, Anesthesiologist, San Antonio, TX

Cheryl Welsh,, I believe she lives close to you

Dr. Robert Duncan,, The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report

Ramola Dharmaraj,, Author, Journalist, Educator

Connie Marshall, victim, survivor, descriptive documentation

Phair Firm,


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Comment by Sally on August 29, 2019 at 8:18am

Hi Michael have you sent this email yourself? Do you want others to join you? Is that what you're asking?

Comment by Sally on August 29, 2019 at 8:19am

I just want to clarify is all. And l agree what is being done to us is horrendous and it's not just the U.S. lm in Australia. I pray we get some justice some day.

Comment by SUBRA on September 22, 2019 at 10:53am

In Malaysia, Police deny, and ignoring all evidence, Malaysian Police claiming its not an evidence . I went to IPD Sentul, Kuala Lumpur Police station IO ( Investigative Police Officer) fail to concentrate on issues related to what I have written on paper and started asking erelevant question related to my grand father. What my grand father got to do with my car got damage, I need cctv footage,  I am 62 years old now, In my entire life , I dont know who is my grand father, I was born in Malaysia, my grand father in India. my parents got no money to take me visit my grand parents or great grand parents in India. Malaysian Police diverting original issue. I have been making police report on covert harassment since 1992, I lost my job because group of plain cloth on motorcycle following me since 1974, in 1989 it getting worse, I lost my job , I fail in exam, I got to repeat my that time Malaysia agressively introducing " Operasi isi Penuh"( filling in Muslim work force and forcing Muslims to be educate  experts in all Malaysian Universities. 90% of the University professors replace, Muslim started occupying. We as an Individual who are non muslim brutalized and marginalize, these perps started using non evidential base attack. These technology use by Malaysian Government to protect a particular race.


face book  NARA SUBRA


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