Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

hey i need you to do me a favor and post this on youtube for me my comp will not let me cause its old. all you have to do is copy and paste everything thank you if you want to proof read it a correct any spelling are words are if i left out anything feel free title it:letter to the mother of the navy yard shooter To The Mother Of The Navy Yard Shooter known as Arron Alexis, I Eric Griffin give you my condolence and would like to inform you that the fbi and other has lied to you about your son being a victim of voice to skull/elf, i too am a victim of this weapon of torture that the fbi and other are using on citizen and using there power to cover up these crime and committ murder. as you will see the fbi spokesperson has lied to you and the media about people making these cliams are mentally ill and these weapons are not being used on people unwilling. I ask you to help me go to the media and expose the use of these weapons and to make the people hold the fbi accountable for there failure to protect the your son and other victims of these weapons of torture and slow murder. I also ask that you demand a special prosecutor outside the dept of justice be summons to investigate your sons claim of being a victim of voice to skull due to the fact the fbi has a conflict in investigating these claims due to there corruption and the fact there allowing people to use to ese weapons and brake every law under the sun. Here is a little information below about my case and what i am trying to do to make sure this never happens again and that you know that your son was being held hostage at the time of his act and the fbi and others are covering this matter up to further use these weapons rather then arrest the people using these weapons. I Would hope you do your own investigation of my facts and the fbi as well and that you will set the media straight on these fact,you can make a difference And save a lot of lives and get rid of a lot of corrupt official in the USA and make your son tragic lost and other who was lost on that day something good that will last and be noted in the worlds history book. The Griffinnator I would like to have a private company make this for me.its a weapon to stop the use of voice to skull being use on kids women and men in the usa that is part of a mind control program that is illegal. what i want this weapon to do is be able to gps the direct location of the people using any kind of mind control device that use's low freqency to torture and kill its victim slow and make there murder look natural and is designed to make its victim look delousional as well. so the weapon we are making will not only track the person down by gps system and place there locations but it will also be able to hold its position on the person thats using the voice to skull are any other kind of weapon that has a low signal thats hard to trace dealing with mind control,it will also be able to notify the public and the media (just like a amber alert) that a rapist and a killer is in progress of a crime right now and are device is about to send a deadly signal to the people that is trying to torture and kill its victim with a weapon called voice to skull. due to the fact the people have a right to use deadly force on anyone thats trying to kill them this weapon will be made for law enforcement and private citizen to use as well. due to the fact any person who would try and use a weapon called voice to skull and other weapons like it has already shown they are scum of the world and has legally forfeited the right to live due to the fact there torturing and trying kill its victim in progress. it is also a fact that some law enforcment are involved in these crime do to the fact they refuse to use there tactical teams to bring these suspect down further shows the need for this kind of weapon and services. it also can be sold to other countries so that they will also be able to protect them self from criminal who has no regards for will be the first weapon of its kind that will trace suspect down to a tee using any kind of mind control weapon and notify the public and media and kill the perps that are scum of the earth trying to torture and slowly kill its victim by making there murder look natural. this weapon will sale for millions and can be used by non crooked law enforcment and hospital and for the citizen to have due to the fact there police and military has let them down. ------------------------------------------ On Thu, 8/15/13, E G <> wrote: Subject:Tortured victim complaint To:, Cc:, Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013, 6:43 PM Dear Mr. Juan Mendez United Nations Special Reporter on Torture a. Full name of the victim; ERIC GRIFFIN b. Date on which the incident(s) of torture occurred (at least as to the month and year); 11-13-2009 c. Place where the person was seized (city, province, etc.) And location at which the torture was carried out (if known); HENDERSON,NEVADA d. Indication of the forces carrying out the torture; VOICE TO SKULL e. Description of the form of torture used and any injury suffered as a result; ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE BY V2K BY TRYING TO BUST MY HEART JOLTS TO THE HEART MENTAL TORTURE f. Identify of the person or organization submitting the report (name and address, which will be kept confidential). VICTIM ERIC GRIFFIN AND F.F.C.H.S. Additional sheets should be attached where space does not allow for a full rendering of the information requested. Also, copies of any relevant corroborating documents, such as medical or police records should be supplied where it is believed that such information may contribute to a fuller accounting of the incident. Only copies and not originals of such documents should be sent. I. Identity of the person(s) subjected to torture A. Family Name ERIC GRIFFIN B. First and other names C. Sex: Male D. Birth date or age 7-22-1970 E. Nationality BLACK F. Occupation DISABLED G. Identity card number (if applicable)N/A F. Activities (trade union, political, religious, humanitarian/ solidarity, press, etc.) POLITICAL HUMANITARAIN G. Residential ADDRESS: II. Circumstances surrounding torture A. Date and place of arrest and subsequent torture HENDERSON NEVADA USA SPRINGFIELD FEDERAL PRISON FOR MEN 11-13-2009 STILL ON GOING BUT RELEASED FROM THERE 7-25-2013 ALLTHOUGHT MY TORTURE STARTED IN 2006 AND I HAVE COURT CASE AFTER COURT CASE THIS IS WHEN I BECAME A FEDERAL INMATE AND SUFFERED MORE TORTURE CASE NUMBER USA V. ERIC GRIFFIN CASE NUMBER 2:09-00493-RLH-RJJ IT IS ALOS A FACT THAT THE FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE WAS INVOLED IN NOT INVESTIGATING ANY OF MY CLAIMS OF TORTURE B. Identity of force(s) carrying out the initial detention and/or torture (police, intelligence services, armed forces, paramilitary, prison officials, other) C. Were any person, such as a lawyer, relatives or friends, permitted to see the victim during detention? If so, how long after the arrest? MOTHER AFTER 2 YEARS OF IN PRISONMENT D. Describe the methods of torture used VOICE TO SKULL WHICH IS STILL BEING USED ON THIS VERY DATE OF 8-15-2013 E. What injuries were sustained as a result of the torture? BECAME DIABITIC AND FASLELY DIANOSED WITH DELUSIONAL AND SCHIZOPRANIC F. What was believed to be the purpose of the torture? TO OPTAIN INFORMATION AND TO TRY AND MURDER ME COVERTLY AND TO STOP ME FROM BEING A PERSON TRYING TO EXPOSE THE USE OF V2K BEING USED BY THE USA GOVERNMENT G. Was the victim examined by a doctor at any point during or after his/her ordeal? If so, when? Was the examination performed by a prison or government doctor? THE GOVERNMENT FORCED MEDICATED ME WITH A ABILIFY TO FURTHER DISCREDIT ME H. Was appropriate treatment received for injuries sustained as a result of the torture? NO I. Was the medical examination performed in a manner which would enable the doctor to detect evidence of injuries sustained as a result of the torture? Were any medical reports or certificates issued? If so, what did the reports reveal? NO J. If the victim died in custody, was an autopsy or forensic examination performed and which were the results? N/A III. Remedial action Were any domestic remedies pursued by the victim or his/her family or representatives (complaints with the forces responsible, the judiciary, political organs, etc.)? If so, what was the result? YES LAW SUIT AFTER LAW SUIT BUT WAS DIMISESED BY EVERY JUDGE AS DELOUSIONAL ARE JUST IGNORED Dear congressional leaders my name is Eric Griffin a tortured victim of v2k comming from the obama adminastration illegal spying program i will make this a simple letter requesting that you order the white house to stop the use and sponecering of torture with these kinds of weapon taking place to me and other victims and america citizen, i also ask that you order the white house to either use the military to hunt and kill those holding us victims hostage and slowying killing us with these weapons forthwith and to compasate mr eric griffin and other victim from f.f.c.h.s for there torture and other illegal spying are this congress will get the militry to do its job and these facts will be used to impeach obama and hold him accountiable for his action of torturing and killing american citizen with these weapons forthwith. it is also a fact that the russian goverment wil be willing to help victims and this congress hold obama and other accountiable for there actions and human rights violation and will be willing to use there soldiers to help hunt these perps down and bring them to justice as well deal with this hostage matter by taking out the hostage takers. thank you for your time MR Eric Griffin and other victims of v2k and other weapons like it ... dated 8-8-13 may name is Eric Griffin and i have been blocked by the usa goverment in filing a complaint of human rights violation taking place in the usa. i am a victim of v2k torture and i would like your help in bring the usa in front of the international criminal courts and for you to forward this complaint to the right office to make the usa stop using these weapons which violates international law and i would like to have this complaint investigated to the up most and would like to bring my witnesses and experts to the united nation to adress this matter for other victims as well this is what the usa is going to do to edward snowden if they arrest him and i would like prove my case of this form of turture to the russian goverment. Dear Russia,China, AND Others, My name is Eric Griffin And i am requesting help from your goverment in getting a grant to start the eric griffin legal foundation which will be mainly about helping victims of the usa covert torture program of v2k and other banned weapons being used on human being and exposing the usa illegal spying programs and bring them to justice in the world court as well as other country were this program is being ranned by the nsa cia and other groups of the usa goverment and to impeach obama and others and hold them accountiable. most of this grant money i am requesting from you will help a group called f.f.c.h.s victims and getting my foundation started by hireing lawyers and protection for victims of the usa tortured program and to get affidavits from all victims to take to the i.c.c prosecutors. i would be very greatful in this embassy of china,russia,iran and other countries if they could show me how to file a grant with there countries office and start reciving founds for this great cause for mankind. the eric griffin legal foundation will also be a non profit as well as for profit org so i would be willing to allow your goverments to invest in my foundation and recieve every dollar back plus more. you may contact me by email are phone at Eric_griffin93@yahoo­­.com phone number 702 505-5525

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