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Trying to sneak in prop tax exemptions for 'new businesses' .. be sure to vote

Be on the lookout for property tax exemption questions on your primary or general elections. They are not reporting it extensively in the media, and they may be trying to downplay its existence so that voter turnout is low and they can pass it surreptitiously with very few people aware of it.
I have discovered another reason why the rich are trying to create property tax exemptions for new businesses (they have this proposal on today's election ballot in Pinellas) .... it seems that this property tax exemption methodology is standard operating practice for the rich in England.
"In an article in 2002 on the subject of how 'Rich people are costing Britain millions in lost tax by not registering their houses in their own names', the Guardian[18] reports that Thatcher's home in Chester Square, London was registered as owned by Bakeland Property Ltd, Jersey. It was acquired in 1991 and Thatcher has it on 64 year lease. The shares for Bakeland Property Ltd are held by two Jersey individuals (Leonard Day and Hugh Thurston) who are the Thatcher family's financial advisers. According to the report, they are 'acting as nominees for a trust with concealed beneficiaries'. The former prime minister's office is reported to have refused to explain why she does not apparently own her own house. Leonard Day in Jersey is reported to have said: "No one's going to tell you about that." The article claims that through the exploitation of legal loopholes 'wealthy individuals... appear to be enjoying the country's choicest property virtually tax-free'."
In America, property is taxed regardless of who owns it, but in Pinellas they are trying to pass a property tax exemption for new businesses (supposedly to lure new jobs). This is getting ridiculous, and it affects the county's cash flow. These businesses are trying to get rich but not paying property taxes at the expense of the local population.
Be sure to vote in both the primary and general elections so that your opinion can count. And keep track of any sabotage that you notice around election time .... I seem to have my toilet act up everytime there is an election, clogs, slow filling, etc, that don't happen at other times. We may be able to show a pattern of voter sabotage to influence the elections.

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Comment by TI in Florida on August 27, 2014 at 4:41am
Many local governments are still struggling financially after they were decimated from the financial collapse a few years ago. Local governments all over the country lost a tremendous amount of money when the property values went down, many state & local governments came close to bankruptcy, and they are still struggling to maintain normal operations and meet future needs with less money than they had a few years ago. They don't need aggressive, wealthy, outsider special interest groups dictating their communities' budgets and needs - both present and future (mass transit, zoos, education, after-school programs, etc). Since the super-wealthy send their kids to private schools, they don't care about the quality of the public schools or availability of after-school sports, band, dance, or other arts programs, many of which are getting cut because of lower taxes.
Comparing costs spent on these huge propoganda campaigns to property tax savings, do these billionaires spend more money funding the special interests groups & lobbyists than they save by defeating local property tax increases all over the country? And do these local communities end up suffering from the long-term consequences of these outsider special interest groups?
Is this another example of the super-wealthy ensuring that they get richer & better educated at the expense of the rest of the country?
"Though the network of conservative groups funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch are better known for spending millions on top-tier Senate and gubernatorial races, they may be having a more durable impact at the local level.
A report released Thursday by the left-leaning Center for American Progress Action Fund compiles example after example of how Americans for Prosperity is mobilizing supporters to campaign against local tax increases and mass transit systems and for like-minded candidates running for school and county boards. Americans for Prosperity is a key player in the Koch-affiliated universe, with chapters in 35 states.
Among the local targets cited was a proposed tax increase to provide a permanent source of funding for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. After Americans for Prosperity's Ohio chapter mailed fliers, made calls, ran radio ads and knocked on thousands of doors, the proposal was defeated.
"There is no issue we won't get involved in if you’re going to raise taxes," Eli Miller, director of the Ohio chapter, told a local NPR affiliate in April.
The CAP Action Fund report suggests that the Ohio effort was aimed less at protecting local pocketbooks and more at protecting Koch-affiliated business interests in Columbus. Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, a Koch Industries subsidiary, would have seen its property taxes go up at one facility if the levy had passed.
Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), who leads the action fund, said that the Kochs are interfering with the ability of local communities to "determine what's right" for them.
"The local business community was largely supportive of the zoo levy," Strickland told The Huffington Post. ... "


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