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Turkish PSI-attacks and assaults: child, the childhood and infantility

When I lived in Heidelberg and learned more and more about the PSI-Terror and specifically came to know that Kilic is the real cause behind it another odd thing started to become recognizable.

First it appeared to me that Kilic was only interested that much in my childhood because he felt or gained the impression in any way that my childhood was so much perfect, was too much perfect, and how handsome I was. For many years I believed this to be the true cause for his special jealously interest in my childhood.

A little later I believed that the probable reason for this special interest is related to his PSI-Experiments and possibly to the question of how to make somebody do anything, to generate urges and needs and how all of this is relevant for manipulating the human mind.

Then while living in the floor above them I became aware of the weired ideology they started to propagate through telepathy. For example a female turk, probably a sister, was perceivable with the content: "a human without telepathy is only half of a human", or originally in german: "Ein Mensch ohne Telepathie ist nur ein halber Mensch....". It appeared this turkish PSI-group made this a principle for the following years. A weired development started. Then later it became more and more recognizable that this turkish group not only experiments with adults. I think it was experimenting with more younger persons, adolescents and possibly children.

I am today 100% certain that this turkish PSI-Group invented special methods, applied and concentrated their methods also on younger persons.

I will try to give a glimpse of how this was realized in detail.




Over the years Kilic became known for his secret or personal channeling to other persons. It only appeared as if persons thrived under his special influence. Intellectual thriving. In recent years it developed more and more to a intelligence-hybridization-experiment, to find out if telepathy can increase the intelligent mind of youngest children.

Relevant for the question of Kilic's special abnormal manipulative interest to hit the child, childhood of any victim can an also be the following observation or experience, I think the combination of these and other details can point to a pedophile behaviour with Kilic Heidelberg:

Other even more highly pervert and sadistic details could be named. Two most decisive details from my own experienced PSI-rapes are for example:

1.) Kilic was that much aggressive and pervert he always wanted to know where my bed was or is, and where all the cum(sperma) was spread out onto the bed, he loves to remember his Sex-PSI-victims about his rape or rape-assaults, still remembering that after such an attack and assault victims stay submitted.

2.) Kilic's abnormal interest in my childhood, which was and is more than he is permitted whatsoever. He always had the impression that I was too handsome and very much beautiful, it is definitely also true that Kilic plays with other children's childhood picture in his telepathy and mindcontrol, their personal pictures from earlier ages. It appears he collects these childhood pictures in a way, never ever forgets them again. Other details can be stated in great detail. Kilic's manipulative interests and methods are by itself very much identical to pedophiles and pedophilia. He is highly interested in the personal elements of success of other peoples and obviously not able to convince on a regular basis, that's why he had to assault citizens with pervert, cruel, inhuman and degrading methods, his favourite method is a pervert PSI-Sex-Terror-rape-method. Kilic destroys life and the lifes of millions of other citizens. I think we're all best educated to realize that this behavious is by far a genocital or genocide-aquivalent behaviour. And the question, especially in my case, is what kind of innocent citizens are hit and affected from Kilic's perversities. It is healthy and innocent citizens

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