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Dealing with v2k.

Over the 11 years that I have been a Target for research by those who have created the technology and have the motivation to use this incredible technology to harass, torture, and manipulate humans to their ends. AS many know, two of the most often shared symptoms of being a Target are Gangstalking, and v2k. I have experience with both. As well as many other things related to these two seemingly primary tools the enemy uses against us.

There is an important understanding when it comes to the relationship between how these tools are used. When it comes to v2k, it is obvious that there is technology (machinery) that enables our enemy to make us understand their words. Ideas, thoughts…as well as what the AI (BOT, computer program, etc.…) has to put into our brains, and thus often our minds. This is interesting to examine closely. Most Tis who get v2k, find that they can communicate with the enemy by thinking alone! This is two way communication! They are not just inserting words and ideas, they are reading ours as well!

This is a daunting reality for most to face. The idea of dealing with gangstalkers becomes much more complicated considering that those who stalk, harass, play games with, or create street theater, have superiors who can directly feed our thoughts, or relative information from our thoughts, into their actor’sbrains! This ability gives them knowledge of when you leave your home, when you are thinking of trying to ‘capture’ a stalker on camera, or where you will be going.

Now, there are also other things that the enemy can do to a target by use of the v2k mind read/input technological abilities. There are various reasons that using large numbers of people to do what might be called traditional, or Stasi/Cointelpro tactics achieved. Much of the surveillance was to gather data. In our current, modern situation, not only is the NSA and CIA gathering all information from digital media, but there is also the agency that uses the Most Incredible technology in human history. They now gather data directly from our brains!!!

Also, because of the ability the enemy has to insert ideas, and control our emotions, they can easily manipulate our perceptions, thus creating illusions of being followed. Often they will manipulate the sounds of others voices. When strangers speak, the enemy has the ability to manipulate the brain processes that understands sound. They keep the sound of the person, but change the words to theirs. SO, even if you know this person, and know their voice, you will not likely be able to tell that it is a v2k illusion rather than the person who you think it was. This ability allows them to use actual people in any situation, much, much less often, because all the necessary components for harassment are contained in the technological approach. Eliminating g the vast majority of actual human involvement reduces the opportunity of a whistleblower coming forward against what the enemy does.

Understanding how the enemy employs the illusions they impose on us is important. It is often stated among many experienced Tis that when you become fully aware of a trick the enemy uses, they almost always stop using it. It’s like the magician who knows his audience knows the secret to his illusion, so there’s no use in using that particular one. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge we have of our situation, the better off we will be to deal with the things we go through.

Anothe3r tactic the enemy uses is mind controlling others into saying or doing something that you will perceive as gangstalking. The important thing to remember when confronted with this tactic, is that the person has no idea that they are being used! If they are strangers, they will not know you. IF they are not strangers, then they will still not know what they are actually saying. Sometimes they will not even remember they have said it. This tactic also keeps the chances of whistleblowers sprouting because the people involved have been high jacked and manipulated, and therefore have no knowledge of our plight, or of the enemy controlling them.

V2k can include many sounds. I have heard the most incredible sounds effects that the enemy made appear come from the tops of skyscrapers. I thought everyone could hear these sounds because they appeared to emanate from outside my head, but they were actually being created within my brain and had nothing to do with my ears. This ‘outside’ sound is quite different from ‘inside’ the head sound. This is when they seem to talk inside your head, or when they manipulate and change your thoughts. Finally they can make sounds that everyone around you can hear. They don’t do this often, as when there is found to be no source of the sound, then people grow suspicious.

While real people can and do run the machinery attached to us, most often it is a programed AI that is running the show. Since it is humans that decide what the agenda will be for each of us, even by programming the AI, I refer to the source of v2k as ‘they’, even when speaking of AI.


Here are some things to do to deal with v2k:

  1. When it is quiet, ignore it if at all possible.
  2. When it is louder, and can’t be ignored, I use a technique I learned from having OCD. I think the word, “inserted” right after they insert the word or phrase. This is a form of deprogramming. IT is a reminder to your brain that the inserted info was faulty in nature and not to be recognized. This can be hard to do when they turn up the volume loud, or repeat the phrase or word faster than you can think, ‘inserted’. I use this technique quite often, sometimes over a thousand times a day.
  3. When not knowing if you are hearing real people or v2k2, you can put on headphones, or wear earplugs. IF you play the music loud enough to drown out real people’s voices, but you still hear voices, then its v2k.
  4. Another way to help know is by ‘reality testing’. For instance, I had ‘heard’ employees at my local grocery store talk about me. They said ugly things, but then when I thought about it, they couldn’t have possibly known me well enough to form that opinion. SO I ignored it. Then when I had the chance to interact with them, they have virtually no knowledge of my existence. This happened again when I got a job at a drug store. Just weeks these same people seemed to be saying the ugliest things about me, but now they were hiring me!! It proved that the things I ‘heard’ them say wasn’t them at all.
  5. The enemy can also converse with you through v2k. By thinking alone, you can talk about many things if they wish to. Most highly recommend not to engage the enemy in this fashion. They are extremely deceitful and can mimic any voice, and they can use personality avatars that change their personality into someone else’s, maybe someone you know. I have chosen to engage in conversation with the enemy and have gained a bit of useful material, but for the most part, it’s just been psychological play in the end.

Whenever you deal with the ongoing programming that the enemy tries to instill in you by v2k, be Strong, and be Stubborn. Know you are right and stand your ground on your beliefs.

Please feel free to add to this list of tools to deal with v2k. AS I remember tools I’ve used, or as I come across new ones, I will add to the list.



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Comment by David ofTomorrow on December 6, 2014 at 6:41pm

As i sit here i am getting phrases run through my head that I first thought were OCD. But tgen I realized that it was a phrase tgzt the enemy ran through my head thousands of times, thus programming it into my brain, way back in 2008.
It is important to use some sort of deprogramming. Ive thought of playing positive phrases and words in tge background as i sleep. I often worry about what is happening to me while asleep. Sometimes I wake up to them saying things, or doing things.
Has anyone tried this?

Comment by Xuthal on December 8, 2014 at 12:36pm

I haven't tried any deprogramming other than to keep in mind what I know about myself. For example if my thoughts are going in a certain direction I stand back and evaluate myself, is this out of charactor for me? Is this new line of thinking coming from somewhere else? 

I too wake up with v2k occasionally. It's not the Ideal way to begin a day. Sometimes they manipulate my body along with v2k at waking.

For me being a long time T.I it's about keeping a positive outlook, I could be living in a dark prison cell in some third world country on top of the torture. As horrible as this is, it could be much worse.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on December 9, 2014 at 12:52pm

Buck, yes i too experience v2k when awaking. It is common to experience lucid dreaming wjils they are acting in your mind.
Have you ever repeated tgeir input? I found tgat if i copy everytjing they say, they become annoyed. Both real humans and AI . There may be some loop in the tech tgat crwatesca form of feedback or noise when we copy their v2k input.
Also, when tbey get 'close enough' with v2k to 'steer' your thought, you can concentrate hard enough to "'grab ' hold of the energy and push YOUR Thoughts into their grain. When i learned this 4 years ago, they quit turning up the volume altogether.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on December 10, 2014 at 3:27am

Great tools Carrin! Whatever our faith is, if we use it in a positive manor it can bring great results! Christ said, "If you have faith the size of a mustard grain, you will say to this mountain, "Be lifted up and cast into the sea," it will happen for you!"

Of course it was an analogy, but it is true that faith, in yourself or a higher power, or even just faith in a moral/ethical stand is of extreme importance.

I remember reading a post by Solielmavis where she said that has recorder her personal character to reflect upon after being manipulated and programmed by the enemy.

Keep up the fight Carrin, I hope the v2k lets up for you!!

Comment by David ofTomorrow on January 25, 2015 at 2:56pm
Is anyone getting regular persistent v2k? I am. It's alternating between negative and positive phrases.
Comment by Tom Ehaj on January 25, 2015 at 3:51pm

How about occasional clicks (cricket sound, like a morse code) on the left side of the head (ear)? That's a sure sign if someone's fore real.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on January 25, 2015 at 3:53pm
I don't get those. I know others do, but I get sounds that can be extremely clear. All kinds of sounds, from gnats to echoing voices traveling down to me from skyscrapers.
Comment by Tom Ehaj on January 25, 2015 at 3:55pm


Comment by Tom Ehaj on January 25, 2015 at 3:59pm

like ambulance sirens

Comment by David ofTomorrow on January 25, 2015 at 4:03pm
Yes. I've heard sirens.


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