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There is good news for those following international TI activism and as far as I'm aware this is a first for our community! Magnus Ollsson and Henning Witte with the help of Liliana O'Connor, who has a 25-year employment history with the UN and ICATOR, the international TI coalition organization of which PACTS is one part representing the United States, have managed to obtain entry to attend the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland for this current session (February 24 - March 20).

This is a MAJOR step forward for our activism to be represented in this most respected international organization.  There are naysayers about our involvement in the UN however, the UN Human Rights Council is THE premiere international human rights organization on the planet in my opinion and their giving our issues a platform is HUGE in terms of awareness, visibility, and credibility for our cause. 

Click on this link to see a list in Google of all the world news outlets that reported on the Rapporteur's speech and his use of the term 'cybertorture.'

Magnus and Henning plan to report soon on their activities, including a planned meeting with Nils Melzer, the UN Rapporteur on Torture.

In the meantime, it seems that our community outreach efforts to Nils Melzer may have paid off after all. Mr. Melzer presented his speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council today on the subject of "psychological torture", and more specifically in regards to us, something he called 'cybertorture' which includes the use of "neurotechnologies."

He states in his report that "individuals or groups systematically targeted by cyber-surveillance and cyber-harassment generally are left without any effective means of defense, escape or self-protection and at least in this respect often find themselves in a situation of "powerlessness" comparable to physical custody." 

And that "much more systematic, government-sponsored threats and harassment delivered through cyber-technologies not only entail a situation of effective powerlessness, but may well inflict levels of anxiety, stress, shame and guilt amounting to “severe mental suffering” as required for a finding of torture."

Click on the link below to read Mr. Melzer's entire report:  

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Torture and other cruel, inhuma...

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Comment by Stan J. Caterbone on March 1, 2020 at 11:37am

Soleilmavis, GREAT JOB AGAIN!  I started posting the report yesterday and thought I read that he is going to give a speech on the report Monday March 2, 2020.  I love the way you presented his report - I'll be sending your email and Peacepink post to everyone!  Always, Stan.

Comment by James mathews on March 1, 2020 at 3:37pm
I find night mouth teeth guards help... ice packs help... every peice of clothing with 42%+ silver thread, i wear a stabproof vest with foam paintball inserts then a chinese made level 3A bullet proof vest with 9 multi layered steel plates in front and 10 in back that stops 95% of the organ attacks snti emf hats i wear 2 one with the bill in back one in front the top one is covred in magnets seems to piss them off for some reason but is heavy on the neck i take xanax 4 times a day and adderall twice a day for anxiety and fatigue trying experiments with bone conduction headphones recently seem to help... anyone meed to talk get at me at but no i will not sell "post space" on this or any other website so don't ask I am about truth God and Buddha bless you all if you are suffering try what i do also buddism helps very much as he said life is suffering so just observe it and ignore it same with pain or the words of you're captor.
Comment by ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS on March 1, 2020 at 9:01pm

Unbelievable!  Finally this whole thing seems to be going somwhere, let's hope that individual nations take note.  My main concearn is that this is a genie they will have great difficulty in puuting back in the bottle.  One word, 'Compensation,' for the lives it has wrecked.  They may choose to ignore any guidance and plough on anyway.

Robert W Matthews.

Comment by Stephen O' Neill on March 1, 2020 at 11:15pm

Hmm I got my hopes up in the past only to be disappointed , time after time. So I am fearful to get excited just yet. Nonetheless thanks for sharing. 

Comment by Maree-Lauren on March 2, 2020 at 12:01am

Is this being presented to the UN as a world wide crime to encompass everyone?

Comment by ramiz berisha on March 2, 2020 at 3:59am

Thank you Soleilmavis........Let's share this in every forum that we know....We've got to spread this ASAP......Please

God Bless all TI Community........

Ramiz Berisha

Love you all...

Comment by cili K on March 2, 2020 at 5:15am

As I am feeling that the situation is still not described precisely enough, I believe that there is much further work to be done. This reminds me of the (80's) 90's german situation in context of "socalled sects and psycho-groups"(1998). Attempts to eliminate the disastrous influence of psycho-groups failed for a long time. It required a petition in the german under house to start initiatives to help citizens, although a parapsychological institute with consultatory functions existed since 1988(10years earlier than the petition). In the end it became obvious, especially consodering the expert witnesses, that this whole endeavor was against damaging influences of e.g. psycho-groups using telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol. What was omitted back then was establishing or introducing new laws, but it was recommended. One very probable difficulty arising from this was the generalised perspective that parapsychological methods are a factor or a risk for all and every person without naming any actual perpetrator. It was and is a legal problem for a state or a country to name individual saboteurs using that kind of manipulative methods, namely PSI-methods.

The possible misleading idea from this is that everybody could be a PSI-perpetrator, which is certainly not true. Most people, my person included, can not and would not committe any manipulations to anybody.

I have the impression that the recent report is not precise enough to defend against a PSI-method being perpetrated by known persons, longtime perpetrators.

One could argue that if the real, the true and actual source of dangerous manmade PSI-manipulations is not named in person then these crimes and moveover the disastrous influence could go on infinitely. Look in my blogs for a better description of what I came to know and an outline of the scope of the consequences.

If there is chance to name the perpetrators precisely in person it is probalby unnecessary to keep laws in unspecified and generalised form.

The question for our future is should we further allow and falsely tolerate PSI-saboteurs in our civil society, and I thought the answer already was no.

The report isn't precise enough because it still does not name exactly what methods amount to psychological torture, and if telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol are such acknowledged methods.

I wasn't answered any of my communication whatsoever.

Comment by cili K on March 2, 2020 at 5:20am

I wasn't answered any of my UN-communication whatsoever

Comment by kaela creighton on March 2, 2020 at 10:50am

My demographic is always attacked.  I have been tortured and left even more disabled.  This is a sick joke.

Comment by ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS on March 2, 2020 at 6:12pm

Hi All,

Just thought you may like to know that the new Mental Control device is called the GROWLER, and like Lilly Wave Mind Control, which rides piggy back on all electrical devices and wiring, utilizes, 5G technology, which why the US are paronoid about the UK going with Chinese technology via, Huawai, to supply the infrastructure, they define it as, 'Security Risk,'  The growler is particularly evil peace of technology and if what i've senn on YouTube are actual examples of it's power?  We are all in trouble.  It is planned that the UK is going to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, is trhis so they can continue, with their evil plans, and agenda?



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