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This morning on BBC 1, approximately 9.20 am, a expert exclaimed, "The Government are going to prescribe Vitamin D tablets to elderly & vulnerable people!  So why did the Government since 2008, when Nanny State was introduced, and so did their emissaries working in, 'Health Care,' & therefore called, 'Health Care Professionals,' advocate vociferously that you should reduce your Cholesterol Levels?  Remember, it clogs arteries, causes strokes, and heart attacks..... That is total Bovine Defecation, (Male of the Species)!

Cholesterol, 75 percent of it is manufactured by your liver, only 25 percent comes from food, you diet and reduce your intake your liver compensates, it's a very important item in your body. No question mark here it's a fact!

What's it do then?

It's your bodies No 1 repair kit, under normal wear and tear the inner lining of your arteries get worn, (endothelia layer) LDL or as they say bad cholesterol comes along and coats the damaged area, rather like a plaster over a graze, when your body has repaired the area, HDL or good cholesterol comes along and clears it up.  IT IS NOT DUMPED OUT OF THE BODY AS ITS A VERY IMPORTANT ITEM, it's taken back to the liver where it's re-cycled.  It also coats your nerves, which is your bodies / brains electrical communication system, preventing it from short circuiting, that's the bad cholesterol, nerves need the odd bit of patch repair at some time.

It moisturizes your skin through the grease gland in your hair follicle, preventing your skin drying up, cracking and letting infection in.

It produces, Testosterone, Progesterone, Oestrogen, & Serotonin, if you reduce these - well never mind men they've always got Viagra, and Ladies HRT, Serotonin?  The feel good factor - the joys of spring etc, the lack of which can cause S.A.D.

It also creates Vitamin D & K, Vitamin D is created by the enaction of SUNLIGHT, UVB,  on CHOLESTEROL IN YOUR SKIN.  Rat poison causes Vitamin K deficiency in rats which kills them.

I now turn my attention directly to Vitamin D, this is directly responsible for the creation and maintenance of your AUTO-IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Big question.....WHY DO THEY WANT YOU TO REDUCE ALL THAT?  They're still banging on about it.

Where does cholesterol come from? Cheese, Eggs, Butter, and good unadulterated dairy products, or a supplement tablet, cheaply available from your local supermarket.

All the above information is available for anyone to read on WIKIPEDIA, it's a none brainer.  I have been to the main library in B'ham and researched it donks ago, and for those who think I'm too cleaver none of this is hard, and most problems are caused by them beaming people creating them in the 1st place, every organ in your body has a frequency controlled via the Hypothalamus. The Radiofrequency Radiation Docimetric Handbook Edition No 4  &  5 freely available to download also Dr. Barrie Trower, YouTube, explain this.

I challenge any expert out there no matter how qualified or styled to comment and or destroy any of the information above, YOU MUST USE SCIENCE, NOT VOX POPULIS OR CONJECTURE, OR ASSUME MY IGNORANCE AS A WEAPON.

There are patents for their tech.


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