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War on information - my experience January 2014

We all know that any story  which  is about electronic harassment or mind control, has great difficulties to get publicized on mainstream media.  This month, I found that information blackout has reached some new heights.

 I ordered John Hall book a new breed satellite terrorism from Amazon. After a month, the parcel arrived. But book was not exactly what I ordered. The cover was from  John Hall book. but the first page  was from Harris W. Moore book “Manual training toys”. Unfortunately also rest of the pages were about how to build small wooden toys this example is from page 77.

I started to feel, that perhaps I should have used some precautions when opening this parcel. I opened the Amazon parcel on kitchen with my bare hands. What perhaps I should have done, is open the parcel in outdoors using  gloves. This  just in case, there was some deadly bacteria or  exotic poison, inside the parcel. I did not even check the radioactivity of parcel. If it had radioactive polonium inside, I will go same way to grave as Yasser Arafat did. I bought Geiger-counter after Chernobyl, but I have lost it somewhere.

  I would have perhaps believed for some error in printing process, if there had not happened some other strange things, on the  same time. The excellent hyperlink that was written by DeepThought: Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed , did not work anymore. Inside this article is a link for scientific paper about 2,5 gigahertz special electromagnetic wavetype that can go through anything, even inside the earth for several miles.  This link -      is not   in the same server than previous Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed story. Still It does not   work  anymore. I started to feel that there are too much coincidences  for same subject.

I searched information about  patent US#3951134  Altering and monitoring Brain waves remotely. I got the number of patent from youtube here. I found  a lot of interesting links, if one has time to check every one of them. Again I found  a hint of information blackout ,  this time from Wikipedia.

Now when I find something very interesting  about electronic mind control in Internet, I try to copy it to my computer hard drive ,if possible. After telling  interesting hyperlink to others, it perhaps does  not exist on next day.

 I would  get these disappeared documents with Internet wayback machine. Example this Rex research story about 2,5 gigaherts wave that can go throught everything is possible get with address but perhaps on next time disappeared  documents are not able to rescued, even with wayback machine.

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Comment by Martti Koski on January 30, 2014 at 6:49am

Now I understand, why somebody makes two  similar blog posts.  Our interface does not let person who publish something out, and he does not know, if something is published. On going out the interface questions (If you go out, you will loose what you have written (or something) Are you sure you want to go out ?

Comment by TI in Florida on January 31, 2014 at 1:33am
I also noticed that DeepThought's pages have been removed. Has anyone noticed the number of internet outages that have happened recently? It makes me wonder how secure and stable digital information is. Can it be modified by others without our knowledge? It is harder to change or delete printed copies, but digital information can be modified by those that are capable of hacking the encryption and those who have no ethics or morals. The world needs to ensure that digital data is secure so that we do not end up with a '1984' society where information is changed or deleted at the whim of those in charge. Encyclopedias used to be accessed in printed copies, but now a majority of people use digital access, and the world needs to insure that the information remains valid throughout its existence.
Comment by Martti Koski on January 31, 2014 at 6:54am

TI in Florida. I am not sure that these documents are removed. I believe that somebody has broken in the Newswine internet-site and cracked the site so that we cannot access the pages. There is another more technical story, which has this link for this Rex-research, I mentioned.  This documents has taken out also from wayback machine, and I could not salvage it there.  This Rex research, and deepThought were cracked, and not repaired. If we could find DeepThought we perhaps would get story, and put these stories somewhere here Peacepink , or my  site or somewhere. 

John Hall book is different story. Somebody has vandalized the printing , and only cover was from Hall book. People who work in Amazon , perhaps do not check inside of book, so thousands of people who ordered Dr. Hall book, got a book, how to make small wooden toys  inside Dr. Hall book cover .  This is a crime but when police. or intelligence organisation  has arranged  it in America it is called only "dirty trick " . 

This Michael Dwyer piece is third kind of story. It was intended for Wikipedia, but was forced out. In my opinion it had good references, and was fit for Wikipedia. It is interesting to find who were against it , and their connections.

This was second time, I have found this kind of information suppression. The first was James Walbert implant court case, court decision.  It is difficult to find if documents are edited by someone , who has broken Internet-site, but we should be aware of this too.

Someway I am happy that they have started to fight also other ways than electronic weapons. This way their existence is easier to prove, those who are not familiar our problem.

Comment by Martti Koski on January 31, 2014 at 7:25am

I found a copy of this DeepThought "Complete technical story:

Comment by TI in Florida on February 4, 2014 at 10:37pm
Thanks! Between the various internet outages (including the Federal court system last week), the various email sites that have been hacked recently, NSA's ability to crack most encryption standards, and the overwhelming amount of spying and outsourced hacking that has been done by the US Gov't, I am worried about the integrity of anything digital. Gaining access to a system allows them the ability view and to also modify or delete items, and our gov't needs a tremendous amount of ethics training before it can in any way be trusted to have access to the data on the internet. So far, our gov't has not demonstrated that is can handle its digital access to internet traffic and data responsibly.
Comment by Martti Koski on May 19, 2014 at 10:19pm


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