Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The following are general principles that apply to EVERY emission of energy. All attacks with waves or radioactivity of any kind are strictly related to energy. More intensity , more energy involved.

Every form of energy, when is passing through a material is either transmitted through
it, absorbed or reflected.
In order to block the material first it is necessary to create detectors based on the
principles above mentioned.
If you find a material that, while absorbing the energy of the transmition generates
some kind of effect, then you will be able to detect the intensity of the energy transmitted
by measuring how the absortion varies with respect to the intensity.
Then you will be able to protect yourself by using different kinds of thickness or laminates
to block the energy from coming to you.
It is not easy to do. Requires time and effort. But it's doable, above all if you live in a
house and want to block energy coming to you. You can substitute energy by any kind of wave or
radiation. The procedure explained above is standard.
A knowledge of physics is necessary to do what has been recommended.
Acoustics , Electromagnetism and Nuclear emission should be studied, since
these are the sources of energy that can penetrate a place.
It all depends on the will of the person that wants to protects itself and his family.
Since there are no rules in the attackers, there should be a thorough study of physics on the
part of the targets. Do not believe anybody, study physics and then you will be able to protect
Unfortunately there is a connection with Chemestry too. Since the use of specific waves
can interact with your brain they can alter the functioning of certain sections of it that are
closely working with different organs of the human body. So at some point they can alter the
chemical composition of your bloods or how certain organs work. Take it into account, physics and
chemestry are closely related in the attacks of the current world.
Thought that if I simplified the matters it would be clear for the readers how to proceed to
protect themselves. Select the right books and start protecting yourselves. The attackers have no
rules. There might be books with useful information that are very hard to get and can only be
obtained in the Internet or special places. Take that into account.

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