Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


I am being non-consensually and unwillingly subjected to remote neural monitoring via brain to brain link and sometimes brain to computer link via embedded particulates in my brain due to drinking from the public water supply and possibly due to ingestion and inhalation.   Neuro operatives who are indirectly employed by military-intelligence can reproduce their voices inside my head using microwave hearing/synthetic telepathy/ voice to skull direct human communication technologies.  Millions of individuals other than myself are also complaining that they too are being subjected to remote neural monitoring as well as remote neural manipulation.  

Electronic mind control frequencies are being transmitted to hospital and government staff to the extent that we have failed to get them to take our complaints seriously.  I have made two representations to the police of my country, both resulting in a request to attend for psychiatric evaluation.  I have also informed psychiatrists and psychiatrist nurses of my predicament but to no avail.  They appear to be under such strong electronic mind control that they will not confront the existence of remote neural monitoring technology even if hundreds of thousands of individuals have complained to them that they are being targeted by it, which has been done across the world.    

There is no defence against electronic mind control other than to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters urgently.  Electronic mind control has made idiots out of people in positions of authority in the sense that it has convinced them to believe in all types of hoaxes such as the extra-terrestrial hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the poltergeist hoax, and many other hoaxes.

We will be in the grave for a billion years.  Do right while you still can.  

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"Olli , ja ehkä muutkin muistavat, että tapaamisessa päätettiin vuosikokouksesta, ja varattiin tila siihen läppärillä. Muistte ehkä että otin tilavarauksesta kännykällä kuvan varmuuden…"
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"Buy BITCOIN people, if they are preventing you from working in a career then just opt out of their system, and do that by putting some of your money into Bitcoin. IMO Bitcoin is going to be huge, not financial advice! But I have put all of my life…"
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Stephen O' Neill commented on CLS's status
"Dude , you are always bringing race into it. The TI programme has NOTHING to do with race. I have never met an Asian or Black TI , only White TI's. I am white and I have been through the mill , Zersetzung, mind control , career ruined ,…"
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"Laser cuts and magic glue. It has almost no marks when finished. I can see though. I have been trained to see them."
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"Babys brains are perfect for alteration. Nice soft and quickly heals. Lasers leave little trace but after it heals its even harder to see."
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"Map 1 of these criminals brains and read their thoughts. You can trace every criminal in their tree and bring them to justice!!!!!!!"
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"Robert Kennedy got murdered by these people Russian and Americans to hide this technology. Look now. Their crimes are worst in history."
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"Thank God someone said enough rape, oligarchy, cheating, hiding technology, murder, lawlessness, hate, oppression. Russian and Americans gui"
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