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A secret society known as the Illuminati have been manipulating world events for thousands of years. They control almost all organised religions from the very top of each religious heirarchy, most especially the catholic church. They own and control the federal reserve banking system which is a private banking system and all profits from this banking system go to them. They are so wealthy that they have gained some ownership and control of most central banking systems throughout the world. They own and control a large amount of the resources of the world such as apartment buildings, worldwide businesses and oil. They practice human sacrifice in secret.
The illuminati are experts in mind control. They use it to keep their fellow men and women of the world in a state of unconcern regarding their evil activities. The illuminati have a list of objectives towards worldwide domination which they have broken down into components. They have mind controlled unaware individuals into bringing into effect these components of their list of objectives in order that it would eventually appear that their worldwide dominion happened accidently and by no fault of theirs. If one of their mind controlled agents carry out a mission for them they agent is then electroshocked in order to splinter their short term memory so that said agent has no memory of that act.
The illuminati are now inserting mind control frequencies into their electronic mind control system and these mind control frequencies are being received and radiated by any accessing device such as a television or a computer or a cellular phone which is sometimes known as a smart phone. The illuminati also use smart street lighting to entrain the brains of urban residents into states of happy apathy and inertia so that those urban residents will take no action while their birth rights are being eroded. Emotional states and behaviour can be remotely influenced simply by placing a man, woman or child in an electromagnetic field, according to the late Dr William Ross Adey, M.D. 1922-2004 who was Professor of Anatomy and Psychology at the Brain Research Centre at the University of Southern California, U.S.A. Therefore, if all men and women are obliged to carry smart phones or TETRA communication devices on their person during the working day their behaviour and emotional states are being externally influenced and this has been the case ever since smart phones became ubiquitous. Their behaviour and emotional states can also be externally influenced from electromagenetic fields generated by technology which is built into the dash boards of their vehicles.
It is self-evident to those who are not under illuminati mind control that the earth is flat and fixed. However, mind control is so strong that those who are under it continue to believe that water can be curved rather than level at all times which is in reality the case.
Many men and women throughout the world have been implanted with bio-technology against their wills and without their awareness. Materials such as bio-sensors have been put into their bodies which is not from nature. They are now being externally and physically partially controlled by wireless means from unknown locations but whenever they attempt to complain to government agents in any country throughout the world they are being met with disbelief and then they are being misdirected to psychiatry where they are given false diagnoses by mind controlled psychiatrists.
The United States politician Dick Cheney is a member of the illuminati. Hillary Clinton is also a member of the illuminati and so is Henry Kissinger. Christine Le Gard who is head of the International Monitory Fund is a member of the illuminati. The Tavistock Institute in the United Kingdom is a well known illuminati mind control centre and has been so for many decades.
In order to save ourselves from total enslavement by the illuminati we aught to consider having smart street lighting, microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays and all related paraphernalia disassembled and banned in the shortest possible amount of time. We also aught to consider having the United Nations disassembled and banned as well as having the U.N. Agenda 21 document which I and others believe to be a protocol for worldwide enslavement annulled immediately.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my website which I alone own and control is called

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"I'm not sure what's targeting you but I do know that Lilly wave/ pulses were first knowingly used by US military during Gulf War (1990/ 1991) piping voice into mind of Iraqi soldiers ordering them to surrender (established by Dr Robert…"
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"Hi Stephen, I can not find the segment on infowars either nor on Matt Bracken's website.  I thought for sure that infowars would have it posted on their site somewhere.  All the body and mind effects of direct energy weapons he listed…"
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"not too sure about "satellite beam" but an electromagnetic wave of microwave frequency or higher can reach satellites, eg:  as used by your WiFi for iPhone.. radio cannot escape the ionosphere that keeps the atmosphere in as…"
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Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for Lauren C
"Lilly wave is the shape of the waveform, commonly referred to as a biphasic pulse (refer attachment-  +'ve ... Zero ... -'ve) with the Zero required to give the neurons time to respond to the first impact before being…"
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Lauren C replied to Lauren C's discussion What shielding methods worked for all of you?
"Can I ask, why do you think it is this Lilly wave? I think I am targeted from a satellite beam of some kind. Is this the same thing?"
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Jeremy C A Paul replied to Lauren C's discussion What shielding methods worked for all of you?
"You are most likely dealing with electromagnetic waves of radio/ microwave wavelength (as per Ms Soleilmavis's post.. I've been chatting with her and we've narrowed down the most probable and portentous "emf to "Lilly wave/…"
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What shielding methods worked for all of you?

I think I am dealing with satellite beams, but I'm not sure what kind.See More
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