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The voice communication once told me that I had been put on a program for government which is a system of punishing people who do not fully comply with the shadow government, which is an illigitimate criminal organisation which stands behind the scenes of legitimate governments all over the world.

The Voice communications also told me that the type of brain-machine interface which the signals intelligence operatives used to interrogate me is called a quantum loop interface.

The Voice communication informed me that they are obliged to target docile members of society who will not have the communication skills to reveal their unique experiences of being targeted by directed energy weapons, to the general public. They are also obliged to select people for targeting who do not have a lot to give back to society, for example people who are mentally ill or who are work shy.

The voice communications once explained to me how they were able to map the human body from a remote location, with the use of directed energy weapons. They force energy into the body of the targeted individual, and then they record the effects of the sensations the targeted individual feels. In that way, they can then gain a map of all the neurons in the body of the targeted individual. This process takes many years and many aborted attempts, because the targeted individual sometimes moves around in the middle of the operation. This is why the signals intelligence operatives do most of their work while the targeted individual is asleep

The voice communications told me at one time in the distant past that they were told to treat me with an extreme level of distain when ever they spoke to me in order to drive me to a state of deep despair which would further enable them to manipulate me more easily and without much trouble due to my feelings of hopelessness. They also told me that when I am writing about receiving voice transmissions directly into my brain centre, I must always use the phrase "voices downloaded into the hearing centre of my brain" rather than "voices transmitted into the hearing centre of my brain".


I was informed by the voice communications that I was rejected by one particular group of neuroscientists for further investigation due to a lack of infrastructure in my home. The voice communications outlined the fact that their experimentators do not have the legal right to install any technology into my home other than that which I have installed there myself. However, the voice communications have claimed that extra unnecessary technology has been installed among the telephone installations on a telephone pole adjacent to my home. I was also told by voice communications that, in some instances, it might be possible for operatives to place open source technology in a vehicle near the home of the targeted individual, in order to transmit energy into the home of a targeted individual who does not have electrical sources near their heads and bodies. They said that this was not possible in my case, as I live in a rural area, and the operatives, conducting the research close to my home could be apprehended by the police. If that solution proves unworkable, a second solution the criminal neuroscientists sometimes employ is to move the targeted individual to a secure location such as a prison or a mental hospital, by falsely accusing the target of committing a crime, or falsely accusing the target of being mentally ill.

A voice communication once told me, in the distant past, that the data analysis procured from the remote weapons testing of human beings and animals is sold on to individuals, who further sell it on to large corporations. This information is then used to formulate plans with regard to military takeover of humanity at some undetermined time in the not too distant future. This scenario is repeated all over the world on other weapons test subjects, other than the weapons test subject named Gretta Fahey, who is currently writing down this information that I, a weapons testing operative of many years standing, am dictating to her, word for word.

On one occasion I was exercising suitable distain for the voice communications. A voice communication expressed astonishment that I was not more pliable at that late stage of the non-consensual brain and body experimentation and manipulation. The voice communication then ordered a colleague to insert a loop in Gretta’s thinking so that she will be more acquiescent.

On one occasion, a voice communication transmitted voice was heard by me to say in the form of a question "Was there any infighting in the premises of Gretta Fahey’s home today or any day". (Gretta Fahey is my name.) A different voice was then heard my me to reply "No infighting observed".

When a targeted individual focuses their awareness inwards, inside their bodies, they are aware that there is a foreign energy surging inside their bodies. This energy surges over different organs or muscle structures at different times of the day. Sometimes, when I would focus my awareness internally, I would feel strong surges of foreign energy circulating around and inside my stomach area, with extreme force. I have been informed by the voice communications that a direct current of electricity (radio waves) is coming out of my body at all times, which would register on a meter reader. However, I have never been able to have this matter checked out.

On one occasion, I went on a distilled water fast, for health reasons. While I was on the fast, the voice communications were heard to say, "The subject is fasting today, on distilled water. We are taking samples of the fluids in her spleen". I also heard the following "Gastric juices have been subdued due to fasting. We are able to take measurements that we are not normally able to take".

On another completely separate occasion, after I had just eaten my dinner one day, a voice communication said "I could not detect what the subject has just eaten. The food was cooked to such an extreme degree that I failed to analyse its contents with the use of my stomach and bowel contents analysis platform. " At the same time that I was hearing this being said, I also felt strong swirling energy circulating around the region of my stomach.

The voice communication once told me that the would-be controllers hope to take down all governments eventually, and that they hoped that everyone would be individually controlled through their unique brain signature, and they hoped there would be one central command which is hidden at the moment.

The voice communications once told me the following information, and also told me that it was the most important information I am ever likely to receive and I should publish it. "Targeted individuals are living in a different electro stasis than the electro stasis the rest of humanity lives in. They brought this situation on themselves by refusing to cooperate with the self proclaimed elite. We are obliged to point out that the targeted individuals who continue to refuse to co-operate with the self proclaimed elite will be locked in electro stasis, by a process of coagulating the electricity in the environment of the targeted individual".

The voice communication transmitted voices told me that my own energy field will have less particles than a normal energy field if checked under an electron microscope. They claimed that my energy field is easier to manipulate. They claimed it can be pulled hither and thither.

On one occasion in the distant past, a voice communication made a light hearted comment to me. Immediately afterward I heard a voice from the same source say in a disapproving way- "Never approach the target on a familiar basis."

A voice communications once told me that there is a branch of science known as military science. It is funded by deep black budgets. It is only available to the top brass of military intelligence. They also told me that the one and only reason they converse with me at all is merely to entrain my brain so that they can dip sight into the internals of my brain and body in order to continue their scientific work Some of the subjects they converse with me about are subjects that are randomly generated by a super computer while other subjects are material that was (and presumably still is) secretly obtained by eves dropping on who so ever they wish who happens to have a smart meter or other smart device nearby while they are having a private conversation in the privacy of their workplace or home, or indeed any place they happen to be. That voice communication also said that they sometimes converse with me in order to impart information that is imperative to the future freedom of humanity, and it is imperative that I find a way to transmit this information to humanity any way I see fit.

The voice communications once told me that a certain sub-section of the people who target me, known as the neuro operatives, are slaves by proxy. They are American Government employees, who have taken out extensive student bank loans in order to gain their academic credentials. If they don’t pay these extensive bank loans back within a certain number of years, they would be incarcerated. The would-be control structure have a policy of never allowing anyone to redeem their loans without first giving assistance to the would-be control structure for a number of years after they leave college. That is the methodology they have used to manage to force their student level employees to do this type of unnecessary surveillance on innocent members of the Irish public and the general public of many other European countries.

The voice communications sometimes held conversations among themselves such as "Have we generated any leverage on Gretta Fahey?" (Gretta Fahey is my name.) The answer would always be " No, we have not generated leverage on Gretta Fahey, because she was initially very badly profiled. She came to us because of a recommendation which came from somebody very powerful without Gretta having broken any law ".

The Voice communications once told me that Intelligence agents use undocumented technology on unsuspecting people at the top of each government. By fair means or foul, they obtain leverage on a substantial number of individuals within each government. When a person has leverage on them, they are known to be captured. Ambassadors within each country are the people who are always captured first. By doing this, agents within the intelligence services can get admission into any country of their choosing so they can bring down that country from inside.

A voice communication informed me that every time the Irish government try to do their job of trying to protect the Irish people from directed energy weapons they receive directives from the Luciferian run European Parliament that stop them in their tracks.

A Voice communication once told me to do the decent thing and commit suicide.

A voice communication have told me that NASA is a front for Directed Energy Weapons and that no satellites have ever been launched in the whole history of humanity.

A voice communication once told me "This is not the candidate we had hoped for. We wished for a level of ambiguity when show-casing the finished product, which would be a fully solidified human being. All the other candidates are taken."

I once heard voice communications saying among themselves that they could not access me fully, as my computer, being old, is not interfaced fully, and I have no access to a television. (I gave away my television a long time ago.)

Among other things I heard the voice communications say is that Rome is the last bastion of freedom in the known world and I also heard them say "Nobody is giving us any funds to investigate this woman. She has raised her profile to such an extent that she is no longer feasible as a test subject".

Another thing I heard the voice communications say on several occasions is the following:- "Every electrical appliance in your room is being used against you right now". However, they went on to say that my storage electrical heater at the far end of the room was too far away to be useful to them and that the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room were not relevant. However, they went on to say that my computer and my bedside lamp which was directly beside my head were both being used against me when I was sleeping, but not so much when I was awake. I was also told that the force field around my head remains very strong, and is detrimental to my wellbeing if I don’t remove my computer from my bedroom, when I am sleeping. I was also told by voice communications that every body in Europe is being targeted with directed energy weapons at this point in time, regardless of what they believe about the matter, and nobody should sleep with electrical appliances within four feet of their heads, especially any type of smart technology for example a smart phone or more especially a smart meter placed on an adjoining wall outside your bedroom.

A voice communication told me that the pattern recognition aspects of the brain research which they carried out on my brain had shown astonishingly accurate results.

I was once having a conversation with somebody about how self sufficient we were in rural Ireland back in the nineteen sixties when I was a child and how we were totally free of government interference in our everyday lives. Suddenly, I heard a voice communication tell me that they would not allow discussion of past history anywhere in society in the future scenario that they hope to bring about for humanity. Severe reprimands would ensue. If the shadow government wish to build a false reality for the whole of humanity, they can not allow any knowledge of the past to seep through.

A voice communication once downloaded the following information to my brainstem. "A lack of a television in your home is in abeyance with our wishes.

A voice communication once told me at some time in the distant past that if a person disobeys their government or questions authority abuse within their government, or raises their head above the radar for any reason other than a government approved reason, then that person may be put on a black list and targeted for the rest of their lives.

On one occasion in the past, a voice communication told me that I have a security code which is used to access my brain in order to electronically harass me, or in order to conduct brain research on me. That security code is worth an amount of money and access to my brain can be bought and sold by foreign investors.

A voice communication once told me that they tolerate the attempts of targeted individuals to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice communication systems because the Satanic and Luciferian would-be dictatorship wish to have this new reality of direct access to each human being on the planet melded into the consciousness of humanity.

The voice communications once told me in the distant past that an artificial intelligence guidance system is due to be put in place shortly. This will involve wirelessly attaching miscreants and other undesireables to a super computer by their unique brain signature. These people will be guided as to how best to live their lives on a minute by minute basis through out each day. The system Gretta Fahey is on is currently being manned by a workforce, but in the future it will be run by an artificial intelligence guidance system. If targeted individuals do not comply with the recommendations of the artificial intelligence guidance system, they will be rendered rigidly immobile. This will be achieved by wireless means, through their brain stem, and from a distance. They will remain immobilized until they die.

I have been informed by voice communications that extra and totally unnecessary technology has been installed on the telephone poles outside the homes of all Republic of Ireland targeted individuals. (This matter should be independently verified by people who are not employs of Eircom.)

The voice communication once told me that in order for their staff to conduct surveys on selected targeted individuals, those targeted individuals need to have ingested particulates of certain food additives in the past number of days, so that said particulates would be in their system. A product called biscuit bake is put into all mass produced biscuits at the initial stage of baking. They claimed that this biscuit bake contains the particulates their staff need to conduct their surveys on targeted individuals. The voice communication also told me that crisps, commonly known as potato chips in the United States are a common source of the particulates needed by the signals intelligence staff to carry our their work.

According to the voice communications, personal records are being kept on all of the micro surveilled targeted individuals, and many other high profile people, to a level bordering on the forensic. These records include how many hours each human being sleeps every night, whether their sleep is REM sleep or otherwise, how many times they have had sexual intercourse in their whole lives, and with how many different partners, and how many times each human being visits the toilet every day, among other deeply personal things.

The voice communications once told me that they would have preferred if I was a ward of court, because they would be entitled to decide where I lived and what food I was allowed to eat. Because I was erroneously diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia, they might even have succeeded in illegally making me a ward of court if they used illegal tactics. On another occasion, the voice communication considered if it would be viable to have me confined to a long stay mental hospital, by falsely proclaiming me to be unstable. However, they rejected this idea on the grounds that they themselves would have accessability issues if I was being kept in an enclosed and locked mental health ward. The voice to skull communication informed me that their operatives would need to gain regular access to my living quarters in order to sabotage my possessions or in order to gain direct control of my mind.

The voice communications once told me that I would need to ask permission of the voice communication supervisor before I would be allowed to visit certain websites, any time I was surfing the internet.

If I did not answer the voice communications respectfully at any time, they accused me of showing hostility to their staff.

The voice communication sometimes used phrases such as cyber technology, and cyber crime platform analysis and computer data platform analysis or voice analysis platform technology.

The voice communication once told me that the energy field that a personal computer or mobile cell phone gives off is a completely different energy field than the energy field of the human body. However, when a human being is working on their computer or using their mobile phone, the energy field of their body is entrained to harmonise with the device they are using. By this method, signals intelligence operatives can call up information gleaned from the energy field of the human body of the targeted individual. The signals intelligence operatives can then use this information to further develop a control system over that particular targeted individual, and eventually with further development, they could use that same control system to control sections of humanity who appear to have the same personality type as that particular targeted individual who the signals information was gleaned off. The voice communication operatives once told me that they themselves almost never use mobile cell phones or personal computers or any smart technology. It is downright dangerous to do so at this point in time.

The voice communications relayed to me that people throughout the whole known world will be picked off for targeting with directed energy weapons and locked down into electronic enslavement programs, one at a time, in the not too distant future. If these targeted individuals tell anybody about what is happening to them, they will be publicly accused of being mentally ill, and will be incarcerated in mental hospitals, where they will be further debilitated by what is commonly known as antipsychotic medication. Nothing could be further from the truth about this medication. This medication is merely a blend of psychotic inducing concoctions which induce further terror and anxiety.

The voice communications gave me the following information. The Satanic and Luciferian control system plan to set up a worldwide chain of command so tight that nobody would have freedom to move without permission from the top down. Everybody on the planet would be part of the chain of command except for the Satanic and Luciferian ruling class. This chain of command is not in place yet, and more than likely will never be in place, because good people everywhere are becoming activists to ensure none of these plans will ever materialise.The chain of command would involve all women of marriagable age to be married by the time they leave school. This would be mandatory. Stringent marriage laws would ensure that women would be totally answerable to their husbands. No woman would work outside the home ever. All people would be living in dire poverty. In this chain of command, all of the men would be answerable to the state through their work. There would be no government. The dark occultusts plan to have one all inclusive worldwide religion. In this future worldwide enslavement scenario, all police would be secret police.

The voice communications frequently introduced the name of Brendan Thompson into conversations. They informed me that they needed to imprint the name Brendan Thompson into my mind for future reasons.

The voice communications often spoke about me, within my hearing, in a very disrespectful manner, as if I was a lower animal, and not worthy to be treated with human dignity. They would ask questions about my sexuality in the following manner, " How many times, if any, has this woman been penetrated sexually?", and " Has any seed been spilled in this woman recently?".

The voice communications gave me the following information in the distant past. The use of ear phones or a google glass device or any smart device held close to the human brain for long periods of time can be manipulated by remote control to entrain the brain of the unsuspecting user, over time, to a state of euphoria or depression or even extreme violence.

My name is Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560. Ireland.

My email address is


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