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It can not be possible a same girl's voice with angry emotion talking to me in 24hrs for 5 years, she has creativity, she want me to die everyday with her aggressive words, if she is a real "human" why she don't need to rest?

If she is a computer why her thought is faster than me, and she knows my "everything" since I was born, she knows more then myself, how could it possible?

I felt more likely she connect with my nervous system, there is nothing "touch" me, but I can feel it. She is in my  nervous system.

She is just like a ghost and I think those human stalkers for me are not normal people, they are not do this for money, they looks something wrong with their health and have the same emotion with the ghost, seems like they create the girl attaching me, I guess they will doing this until I die. 

I had tried to hide in a hospital, the doctor said to me there is no electromagnetic radiation can run into the room, but I still hear her voice, I feel safe but still can hear her voice.

I pray for God many times and her voice becoming small now, but I can't sleep smoothly, she call my real name when I felt to sleep, she bothers me just like she sell the "death", she has character and she knows me really deep. She is really innocent can't understand that why she put me into some situation but I'm not angry, or I lie to stalkers and other peoples to avoid the conflict, she will scream loudly in my brain, so I know she prepares some times to let me sad. She, the voice has a young spirit.

It maybe some rules they can't just kill me. I pray to god to save her sometimes.

I got a tumour last year, I remember I met a women she hate me and my clavicle . Then I got a angioma  on my clavicle, I do nothing to my body I swear, it just happened.

Please God save the world.

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Comment by brian bovo on October 30, 2016 at 8:34am

first off, the monks and meditators of the world report hearing sound effects as they go deeper into there states.  Native americans told stories of voices near the waters.  Everything carries information somewhere.  The universe is immense energy.  And people expirementing with peyote and DMT report hearing and seeing beings bringing them knowledge.  Earth emits electromagnetic fields everywhere.  And that combined with gravity can affect the human mind to hear these frequencies our ears were not designed to hear.  Ghost hunters have found these "beings" or ghosts..invisible energy basicly can affects detectors intelligently.  The technology involved would rationally thinking based on the previous operate on those principles.  The ego and concience and logic and language parts of the brain are likely working incorrectly and feeding it into the hearing cortex where the voice has free reign to know you.  And the optic nerves have images and neural information about your past as well, and your possible future.  Someone really smart created an interface to read these things in us and feed them back to our hearing cortex.  I think its membranes or altered nerve centers allowing us to pick up these voices.  regulated by a technology of some kind.  i might be wrong.  but thats my logical picture i have of it.

Comment by Richy Peel on October 31, 2016 at 3:45am
Have you tried using a code word? Remember a word eg. "Golden" (which is rarely said) then if she ever says this you you then know they are turning yourself against yourself. Modulating your thoughts with a female voice and playing back to yourself. Worth a try cause then you will know!
Comment by Yi lue on October 31, 2016 at 8:29am


I understand what you mean, in somewhere, I was learned a lot in these years. But I think what they are doing on me is more like Illuminati's want . It's not just a test, they have some intentions.

Or the "psychiatrists" hate woman and child, they want me know what their feeling. Those voice from "female" and "child" are really weird, both stalkers, they want me hate "woman" and "child", the only things they want is "sex", they hurt my nervous system everyday especially push sensitivity ways, I wanna sleep, I don't wanna sex. They try to brainwashing. I have a boyfriend before, I know I need love, not sex.

I have a pet, she sleeping in my room, in the time I wake up by the electronic feelings, my pet is hurt at the same time, she will not lie, they attack in a area.

I didn't think that they are intellectual, what they are doing is stupid. I didn't mean to the degree. Last time I hear the other louder voice is this "I punish you again again again and again is so much fucking cofortable.", it appear after I was in a troble with stalkers,  they are a group of mad. They only "used" the most simple words to me.

Comment by Yi lue on October 31, 2016 at 8:41am

thanks your comments, hope you everyone will get better.

Comment by Sally on November 14, 2016 at 6:13pm

Yi lue...l think whats happening is they have us connected to super computers that have our entire information stored....everything you have ever thought, experienced, been etc since birth. This artificial intelligence can speak/respond to our thoughts 24/7 in any voice they choose (including voices of ppl you know or famois ppl etc) Sometimes it is real ppl talking in real time but in yr case definitely sounds like a computer. They are super intelligent including reading yr emotions, "seeing" what you see etc and will harass you to make them seem just like a true person.


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