Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Who is behind the crimes against Targeted Individuals ?

The Dome of Jerusalem is an ancient communication tower used by beings for scalar wave transmissions aka communication on sound/energy waves.

Israel is using this system to hold hostage every nation in the entire world and was the one to transmit it into Iraq causing the soldiers to surrender with their
weapons when the country was originally invaded.

Why did the USA invade Iraq? Everyone knows that they did not have the weapons of mass destruction or did they.... since it was Mesopotamia and the original landing
place was sippur did Israel need to access it for something they believe
is hidden or perhaps buried nearby?

Why were the museums broken into and the ancient artifacts removed? If anyone came to the USA and broke into the Smithsonian Museum or went to London and broke into
their museum there would be hell to pay.

So what is it Israel hopes to achieve with this under handed maneuver?

Could it be world domination of all nations?

Let's take a look at the museum where the stolen artifacts were taken , which museum you ask...why London museum where the artifacts were taken as they never went
to the United States of America. In fact it is public knowledge that the
young Prince William also in listed in the armed services. Is his bravery not bazaar
behavior considering the fact that his father Prince Charles gave his last
speech via HOLOGRAPH because he was afraid to fly.

And while I enjoyed reading Sitchin’s book called ‘The memoirs of Enki’ as it was amusing it can be compared to ESOPS Fables as much of it is simply incorrect.
It is also notable that he is the one who was flown to London on a top
secret mission to translate something a little more than a year ago and now he
is deceased.

Was Zacharia Sitchin Islamic? I am not familiar with all the various sects here on Earth/Gaia at this time I just know he was not born in the United States of

While he professes to be an expert at the translation of religious documents especially those of ancient astronauts I personally have to question why he never told anyone
about the current ancient alien technology being used on Earth right now and
broadcasting throughout the air waves in every nation.

If you read about the Iraq invasion you will see that the first thing they did was take out the Iraqi communications so they had to use Ham and digital radio waves. These are
the waves used to transmit the microwave transmissions necessary to project
holographic images and must be fairly local. They could not have been projected
by the United States as geographically the distances too far however the Dome
of Jerusalem is in the proximity that would permit such a transmission.

If he wanted to be scholarly he should have compared the Ancient Astronaut theory to the ancient religious documents of all religions to put all the puzzle pieces together

I came here to Gaia to help you to know the truth however so much crap has been presented that the average person does not have a clue what is true and what is not so
first let me share with you a formula that has never once failed me.

1 + 1 = 2


If it does not then there is an undisclosed hidden variable. You may not be able to recognize it or find it immediately but you have to keep going back to the original

1 + 1 = 2

It never equals 2.3 or 7.9 or any other number if it does you have done something wrong and need to go back to the beginning and rework the equation.

So Let ‘s Take A Look At a Few Question Shall We?????

Why would a small country such as Iraq fly a plane into the Twin Towers or attach the United States in any way? Would it not be asking for
genocide? Do they in any way, shape or form possess the explosive power to wage
war with a country that could wipe them off the face of the Earth? Do you think
that the Iraqi people are this stupid?

I do not think so !!@!!

Could this be a ploy to get American soldiers in the Middle East to do the dirty work of Adamites, Israelites and others who never appeared anywhere on Earth until the second century after
the crucifixion and are in no way connected to any of the Nephilim.

Why is there so many coded messages being used to communicate over the internet via various sites and searches ? If someone has something
important to say and it is not intended to harm anyone why not just spit it out
and say it clearly and concisely so that all may hear and understand?

Flim Flam’s Against Humanity

Flim Flam President O’bama - has 2 birth certificates….1 from South Africa and another from Hawaii

Flim Flam Hawaiian Royalty - why is there a ‘Queen’ sitting over an American State that Britain still claims some ownership of

Who does Hawaii belong to The United States of America or The Royal Family of Great Britain?

Flim Flam British Royal Family - Nazi’s who moved from Germany and changed their name to give a sense if legitimacy where there was none.

Flim Flam New Testament Bible – what was wrong with the old testament?

Flim Flam Translations - with a flim flam rosetta that turned everything around and made it only partially true

The DEJAL – one who will prey on the lambs of all nations - MIT


JAPETH – JAPAN - PACIFIC RIM - I hear a lot of scalar transmissions like this

Japanese agent - agent paging phillipine agent black beauty is her code name she won a miss universe pagent in the past and is now function as a double agent for any country willing to pay her






Flim Flam John the Baptist – when you come to the water it means coming through the amniotic fluid of the womb

Why would Jesus want so fool to dunk him in a dam river

Flim Flam Simon - Simon sayeth = simon says

Do as I say thru scalar


FLIM FLAM SETI - Adamites spelled backwards = SETI mad A or SETI MADA

Pick one either is inappropriate considering the Nephilim ships landed in every Nation worldwide in the 1940’s

There were photos published in every paper – did you all forget – we did not

Like I said I have only begun looking at this crap so I am sure there is a lot more to be said and I will say it

Why don’t they send me code blue – they do all the time it just doesn’t work on me

In a recorded conversation I heard recently via scalar waves and the little digital recorder I am using I was privilege to hear a MIT discussion where the Media Lab was threatening the USA military
heads by saying. Remember the General who was going to go the British Police,
we sent a code blue to his daughter and told him we’d kill the rest of his
family if he said another word.

A code blue is a heart attack that is sent by transmitting an electrical pulse to the heart muscle. I do have a photo of this hidden in a wav I recorded.

A code red is when they send an RNA interceptor to cause a disease such as cancer, diabetes, etc…

Have I ever taken a physics class on Earth? No

How do I know about such communication devices used as weapons? I am very familiar with the technology and have been for aeon, eons, and ions

Who am I? I am someone who has come to help you and I will tell you how to protect yourself

What can you do to protect yourself? You must realize that there is no such thing as paranoid schizophrenia

And that there are over 8 million sites on the internet if you do a search for targeted individuals. Did all of these people in all countries worldwide suddenly lose their mind or is someone
beaming voices into their head in an attempt to successfully carry out their own

What I found in the Gnostics from Nag Hamadi Library is

I have only read the Apocalyptic Adam which is short and a part of the Pistis Sophia which is quite lengthy . I will publish them when I am done reading them and tell you what they are saying
and I guarantee it will make perfect sense
to everyone .

Scalar Holographic technology in religion

Halo of angels – the luminous light around the angelic visions is the holographic halo reflection

The voices out of nowhere that speak to you – scalar transmission

The S-quad or ssss - related to Hitler's personal SS protection unit it was how he controlled the world he was not the most charismatic individual

These are transmitted via sound waves that do not cause the auditory bones to vibrate and that are why they are not heard as an actual voice.

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on December 2, 2010 at 12:23am
Year 2003 Archive of AI in the news articles
July 29, 2003: Robotics to play major role in future warfighting. By JO1(SW) Ron Schafer. U.S. Joint Forces Command. "Project Alpha, a U.S. Joint Forces Command rapid idea analysis group, is in the midst of a study focusing on the concept of developing and employing robots that would be capable of replacing humans...
>>> Robots, Military, Applications, Ethical & Social Implications

July 29, 2003: Helping Machines Think Different. By Noah Shachtman. Wired News. "In recent months, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a series of seemingly disparate programs -- all designed, the agency says, to help computers deal with the complexities of life, so they finally can begin to think. 'Our ultimate goal is to build a new generation of computer systems that are substantially more robust, secure, helpful, long-lasting and adaptive to their users and tasks. These systems will need to reason, learn and respond intelligently to things they've never encountered before,' said Ron Brachman , the recently installed chief of Darpa's Information Processing Technology Office, or IPTO. ... 'LifeLog is about forcing computers into the real world,' said leading artificial intelligence researcher Doug Lenat, who's bidding on the project. What LifeLog is not, Brachman asserts, is a program to track terrorists. By capturing so much information about an individual, and by combing relationships and traits out of that data, LifeLog appears to some civil libertarians to be an almost limitless tool for profiling potential enemies of the state. ... Human beings don't dump their experiences into some formless database or tag them with a couple of keywords. They divide their lives into discreet installments -- 'college,' 'my first date,' 'last Thursday.' Researchers call this 'episodic memory.' LifeLog is about trying to install episodic memory into computers, Brachman said. It's about getting machines to start 'remembering experiences in the commonsensical way we do -- a vacation in Bermuda, a taxi ride to the airport.'" READ THE AFOREMENTIONED Wired ARTICLE.
>>> Commonsense, Reasoning, Representation, Ethical & Social Implications, Applications; also see the following article ->
-> back to headlines
This is what it's all about. It's also obviously about American Expansionism and oil. And, the reason they don't send you a Code Blue is because they can make more money sending you a Code Red when the time comes and if you are a genuine target they can find more amusement in torturing you in the meantime. Thanks, Cynthia... it was an interesting read. I recently met a 53 yr gang stalking victim and he is convinced that the Zionists are behind what is going on.
Comment by cynthia on December 2, 2010 at 12:29am
actually the code blue was sent to me


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