Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hello everybody,

Violated I am. When I ask family members  for help, they attack me for things that happend in the past.

In the beginning they are normal. They can't keep up the front for long. They are angry because they are guilty of something. They Tried to drag me into something I don't want.

I am not to blame for their mistakes.  It''s a secrefice for me. Not for them.

They want to shame me on Social Media. You can hear everything they sat to me on the App. 

While they go on profiling their selfes as nice persons on Facebook. They attack me violent. Since  it''s on Social Media they van Kill you using Sophistry.  Charter assasination.  They pray on the mentally ill. Who's gonna hold them acountable for me?!!!

I am not Nice about what they said.  It''s demonic, it''s a sin to treat me like that. The devil has taken over.

They think got the war won.

People keep on Breaking into my house. The make little holes in my underwear. Dirty my clothes, they complaint about me.

I protect myself against them they call me rude. They want me to lay down and be abused. Aspecially the Twenty something people abused me. The mess with food in the supermarkt. They are greedy for food. They count how Many packages I am allowec to take. They want me to be gangstalkers for the second time by the same gangstalkers. That's what 2 packages means. They stole my toiletpaper at the till after I paid for it. They do this from time to time.

They keep on saying that I am rude. They want to punish me for my rudeness. God, Jehovah needs to step in.

I can't find somebody who has time for me. People work, I don't. I can't find a job.

I am by myself most of the time.  I  left to be tortured by the perp. People around me play victem. They're full of it.

The Horney perp keeps on persuing me.

I cannot prortect myself, he keeps on talking trash.

It''s lonely, after awhile.

I don't get to have normal convesation with Any one, it''s forbidden. The desicion for that was unanoumese. It's a lonely world. No one gots  my back. I Am the heroe. My own heroe.They all think I'm evil. That's sowrong!!!!

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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"White supremacist cutting internet then zip tying prisoners. Underground bases and shipping containers."
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"Sulfuric acid dirty bombs. Sulfric acid sprayed into peoples faces"
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"Zip tied prisoners underground and in shipping containers."
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