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I have been on a covert system of control for more than fifteen years.  This covert system of control that I am under is commonly known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.    My brain and spinal cord and my muscles are imbedded with neural  dust and I have been wirelessly connected to a network of computers from said neural  dust against my will and without my permission and without being informed by anyone whatsoever that this situation was about to occur.    Because of this situation my thoughts can now be read in real time and unwanted voices of individuals who I perceive as criminals  are being transmitted into   the auditory centres of my brain on a continual basis, each and every day for more than fifteen years.  As well as this,  visions and holograms and sensations are occasionally transmitted into the centres of my brain that govern seeing images and feeling sensations,  at random times.

Further to that,  the neural dust which has become imbedded in my brain, spinal cord and muscles have been interlinked with a network of computers to the extent that criminal neuro operatives now move the muscles in my face and neck  whenever they wish, which they do on a daily basis.  I know of other targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation who are complaining of having the same experiences as I am.  I know of one particular  targeted individual who was forced to beat himself with his own fist repeatedly totally against his will.   In order to cover up these scientific capabilities the cover stories of demonic possession and other false super-natural events have been used.   Further to this,  false psychiatric diagnoses have been ascribed to the experiencers.


Targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and extreme remote neural manipulation have complained of their plight to all types of government officials.  Nobody took us seriously.  They all assume that we are mentally ill?   They offer nothing other than psychiatric evaluations and toxic substances posing as anti-psychotic medication.   We sometimes feel that they have thrown us to the wolves to suffer extreme torture while they refuse to evaluate extreme advances in technology which all us to be remote neural manipulated to the extent that our own muscles can be wirelessly remote controlled by criminals working from a remote location.   We realise that our fury may be misdirected.  Government officials have dangerous bio-technology inside their own brains and bodies which is being used against them.  They are unable to think clearly.  I realise now that we should all unite as one force and direct our fury against the  real enemy which is the self-proclaimed elite who own and control both the money supply and the weapon supply on this planet.  They wish to divide and conquer us.  We will unite and re-empower ourselves by disabling, disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia.  We will also provide  pulse guns in order to give ourselves strong pulses of  magnetic energy in order to destroy the bio-technology which is inside our brains and bodies which will set us free from this wireless tethering which has us wirelessly enslaved to the whims of sadists and psychopaths.


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"Lots of right wing political leaders are using russian mind control tech to get elected and eventually change US consitution."
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