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1. If you speak first they may assess your weaknesses from your speaking style, your accent, your vocabulary, your level of confidence, the facts which you present, and your ability to express yourself. They could then use whatever weaknesses you present against you. You must always invoke the right to remain silent if you are ever asked anything whatsoever by a police officer.

2. When you are in the presence of the police they may project negative emotions or stand over you in order to appear dominant. Therefore always remain standing while in the presence of the police.

3. In your normal life, refrain from drinking tea or coffee because they are strong stimulents. If you are addicted to tea or coffee and you are ever obliged to speak to the police they may wait until you need a caffeine boost before they interview you so as to interview you when you are weak and tired. If you are not a caffeine addict they can not use this tactic against you. Many senior police and intelligence agents now have the use of technology which can remotely decipher your emotions and blood glucose levels and other personal information from a distance and without your awareness.

4. If you try to inform the police that you are being subjected to attacks from directed energy weapons while inside the supposed safety of your own home, instead of validating your statement which they are legally obliged to do , they will force you to attend for psychiatric evaluation which will then render it unsafe for you to continue speaking and it will also render it unsafe for you to speak openly to the psychiatrist and it will also render it unsafe for you to ever return to the police station again in order to reissue your complaint. You are denied the protection of the law under this type of ongoing serious and torturous crime. It appears to me that the police are not being taught about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons when they attend police training colleges throughout the world.  If they are not being instructed about the existence and widespread abuse of both directed energy weapons and neurological weapons throughout the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the world then why not.?

5. The police, through no fault of their own, have been placed under thought control which is outside their awareness. Technology is now commonplace which is being used to enhance some thought patterns inside the brains of certain individuals and to completely block other thought patterns. Because the police and other government employees are obliged to work close to microwave transmitters they are more strongly affected by microwave mind control than those of us who live in rural areas far away from such microwave transmitters. Therefore it is futile to attempt to reason with a police officer because of this remote thought manipulation which they are being subjected to.

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