Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

would you consider organizing an event for this summer(?)

Essentially, as everyone knows, what we're up against is a continuation of MK Ultra and Cointelpro - CIA/FBI Mind Control Programs that just went deeper underground hidden away from the
American people. What is being done to this targeted victim, in
addition to horrific assault and abuse, sleep deprivation, alienation of affection, is for testing purposes and
experimentation. What I am most aware of is the placement of
nanotechnology from head to toe in an elaborately set up system
throughout my body... The Futurists (SRI in lead position) have a
preoccupation with Cyborgs, Androids, Robots, et al., and from what I
read somewhere, graduate students are having the time of their lives working on this stuff
“ being a kid again and doing your
favorite thing and getting paid for it.”

Not the type replacement system that functions nicely on jobs nobody else wants to do and on assembly lines but rather as autonomous, fully functioning nannies, household assistants, waiters
and, of course, in the lead role as sex slaves for those who those so inclined who can afford it.

Almost every organ in the human body can now be duplicated and actuators made of human tissue has been developed and built into human neuromusculature - bionics and power units.. superior humankind with mental, psychological, emotional and physiological enhancement through nano-bio-info-cogno improvement recognition. At SRI, the ghouls are working at tranceforming human beings into super structural entities to be mind controlled to take orders. BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are being spent annually on nanotechnology with much of it coming out of Silicon Valley.

We must do everything in our power and beyond to put an official end to it! If it means I will have to eat at the Salvation Army every day for one month to save the money and live on a shoe string budget spending next to nothing because I will need to participate and will have expenditures, then I'll do it. If it means
being tossed in jail by a corrupted police officer ((3) of them on the local police force here in town have been identified.) The place we pick should have youth hostel camp grounds or other park facilities for those of us limited financially.

The covert criminal enterprise, its agents and assassins operating within
the U. S. Government Corporate Complex– guilty of doling out abuse
and torture to American citizens and keeping it secret cannot be
permitted to continue. We need to organize and march in the streets
just as Martin Luther King did in the South. He knew there was one
way to be liberated from hell and that was to be seen on tv screens
across this entire land. They showed up in great numbers and told the world. If I am wrong, and the majority of you agree that a march isn't the best way then maybe you have a
suggestion as to another bold move to promote our cause and putting
an end to this.
I'm not looking to be the one with all the
answers; but there is one fact written in stone: We need NUMBERS and
if everyone will unit with no excuses, we can do whatever it is we
set out to do. - If you are interested in pursuing this, let's all
of us brain storm, get imput from each other and come together on
this. Then get an overall consensus of opinion and work towards that

We need critical mass of victims for a one-day event. We can keep expenditures to a minimum utilizing youth hostels. We need to pick a good small city, and I know of one in Burlington,
Vermont. D.C. would be business as usual . We need to be seen by the media as a force to be reckoned with.
chairs for they are the ones who truly need to be recognized for what
has been done to them - they are symbolic. Its simply gone on long
We must act in large numbers and do something... its what scares these cowards the most.

We need to plan a major event in a good city filled with good people who truly don't know what is happening - get these crimes out in the open before the American people. THEY are our only ally to
put an end to it. We've got to be willing to do whatever it takes
even if it means a short stint in jail. chat lines and conference calls get us nowhere
unless we've exhausted all avenues, and we haven't until we converge on an American city and spell out for THEM what the U. S. Government is doing to defenseless American civilians and getting
away with it day in and day out; year in and year out. Once we get
their attention, THEN Patrick Leahy, head of the Senate Judiciary
Committee who turned us down last September and instead telling us to
find a lawyer when it is HIS JOB to investigate Intelligence
Agencies. 1st we must alert the American people; then at that point we can DEMAND that the fine Senator Leahy listened to us!

Many of us have become penniless because of the attacks. alot of us have become sick and have lost all
hope or believe a lawsuit is going to put an end to this. Nothing is
ever going to end it unless we are seen in great numbers so
I suggest that all of us get out there and find other victims... they
are out there - I found (2) in the past (2) weeks and wasn't even
looking. We must go on automatic pilot with the end result our focus
while we work towards getting ourselves seen and heard and finally
recognized for what this government has taken upon itself to do to
us. Allow the American people to awaken to the fact that these CIA BLACK operations along with the U.S. Military has spent huge taxpayer
creating sexploitation tools of the trade - weapons applications developed to be able to "sexually penetrate and/or manipulate men and women in their homes in
their bedrooms in their communities
" I guarantee it will get their attention fast! Weapons
that Colonel John Alexander told the USAF the American people would never
find out about because they are silent and invisible and they
therefore had nothing to worry about. Technology perfected to
sexually assault or seduce and mind control. If that isn't a telling statement about the shape our country is in and the leadership that has gone on in the Department of Defense and its corporate contractors (SRI intelligence contractor in top lead and closely linked to MK Ultra Mind Control and today's
continuation thereof) I don't know what else would be. Telsa (emr)
technology that could be finding cures for cancer and other diseases
being used for sexual conquest in bedrooms at night as people lay down to go
to sleep OR better yet when they are sitting in church OR because a degenerate CIA
"handler" is satisfying his own personal needs or those of his superior “elite.” Expose these
clwns and watch the American people take heed of
our plight and the house of cards topple over.

Where would African American's be if Martin Luther King had not stood up proud
and tall and changed things?

They are not small injustices that are being done to me . Just knowing there is a pathetic loser who has been given the honor and privilege of seeing through my eyes, hearing through my ears and
feeling what I feel is something I make a concerted effort each day
to rise above. Last night I listened to someone on a conference
call who is embarrassed to take her clothes off and step into the
bath tub, and I thought to myself
how could anyone concern themselves with what these
individuals possibly think about what their bodies look like.
are at war with a powerful, sleezy, despicable enemy.

I want my life back. I hope any of you who read this willrethink what you are willing to continue to live with until the time comes when they short circuit your system after years of misery
(unless you're enjoying the company) or you die from radiation
poisoning or cancer or a designer disease with your name on it.
Personally, I'd like to see the technology destroyed because it is
the only way all this will end. .. there are too many sick men in
powerful places who have access.

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 11, 2010 at 5:07am
Hi Lou, no one responded last time I brought the subject up either; has everyone been silenced, brainwashed, mind controlled and manipulated? They have forgotten about the lives they left behind or maybe they didn't leave enough behind that mattered, or they have given up hope and settle now for crumbs.
Ignorance and secrecy allow uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and amoral illegal experimentation to continue w/o any public forum and discussion and with no Congressional oversight because "good" people whose job it is to stop it, turn their backs just as the "good" people turned their backs on the Jews in Nazi-occupied Germany and throughout Europe until it became too close for comfort and the same as "good" people turned their backs on Blacks in the South when they were being hanged by the neck from tree limbs and beaten up in the streets by police. What they are doing to this Human Subject Research Study is criminal and staying silent about it is also criminal. God helps those who help themselves.
By the way, Lou... I have a suggestion for you - please don't think me a little vamp, but I've heard your comments about their sexual aggression and wanted to pass on to you that one sure fire way to halt further advances is to let them know that you like it - one of two things will happen; they will fall in love with you and constantly seek your approval, OR believe me, they'll never come near you again . . You might also toy with their psyche's and emasculate them if this suits your personality better- after all, does a real man hide in the shadows wielding an imaginary joy stick?
Comment by Soleilmavis on April 11, 2010 at 7:14pm
Thanks for all the great work.
Comment by Karen Dawe on April 19, 2010 at 1:22pm

This is a message that I have been waiting to hear. I am at home and listening to the gang stalkers that like their easy to roll and lay human beings to satisfy mental case philosophical changes of extreme right wing positioning in government.

Way to go, I wish so much I was there.

I am in Canada and if I had the money I would be there. There have been times that some of us met in the past in hostels and outside on city benches and in other areas, now the home....


Karen Dawe
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on April 20, 2010 at 3:16am
Hi Karen,
I don't have money either, but I will certainly beg, borrow or steal to make it happen.
You probably wouldn't be in the situation if Canada had not been a playground for the CIA for decades - I'll bet the U.S. is probably responsible for most governments getting involved in mind control abuse and torture. It's not going to happen overnight - will take a little bit of time, but once we get a plan put in action and rally the troops, hopefully you and everyone else up there will be able to join us. I hope so. Wouldn't it be great if we could Soleilmavis over here, too.


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