Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Write to British Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear all,

Please write to British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Meanwhile, please also write to government officers, media, social organizations, and public.

Here are some contact information. You also can help to find more contact information or email addresses, so that we all can write our letters.

An sample letter:

NAME: (姓名)
Citizenship: (国籍)
Year Torture/Abuse Began: (受害时间)
Website (网址)

Subject 标题: I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse and Torture of Mind control, Directed Energy Weapons and manipulation weapons on Civilians”.

[English] I support the worldwide campaign "Stop the (secret) Abuse and Torture of Mind control, Directed Energy Weapons and manipulation weapons on Civilians”.
I am a Victim of electronic Harassment/ mind control/ directed energy weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.
[中文] 我支持世界性运动, “制止大脑控制武器,定向能武器和远距离操纵身体武器对平民的滥用和酷刑虐待”。我是一个电子骚扰/大脑控制/定向能武器/有组织跟踪和酷刑虐待的受害者。
[Français] Je soutiens la campagne mondiale "Arretez l'utilisation abusive (secrete) d'armes de controle de la pensee a distance, manipulation sur la population civile".
Je suis victime de harcelement electronique, de controle de la pensee a distance, de harcelement en bande organisee et de torture par des armes a energie dirigee.

[English] I come from China. My Nationality is Chinese.
[中文] 我来自中国, 我的国籍是中国人。
[Français] Je suis originaire de Chine. Je suis de nationalite chinoise.

[English] I realized to be attacked on xxx1 (year) when I was a xxx2 in xxx3 (city of province)of China.
[中文] 我于 XXX1 年在中国 XXX3 (市或省)意识到我被虐待.我当时是一个XXX2(职业,或填无业)
[Français] J'ai pris conscience de mon agression en XXX1(annee) , quand j' etais XXX2 (Profession), en Chine.

[English] My current address and contact information:
[中文] 我目前的地址和联系方式:
[Français] Mon adresse actuelle :

[English] My current Occupation:
[中文] 我目前的职业:
[Français] Mon activite professionnelle :

[English] I demand for an international investigation of those crimes and huge violations of human rights.
[中文] 我要求对这种犯罪行为和这种严重的侵犯人权的行为进行国际调查。
[Français] Je demande une investigation internationale de ces crimes et de ces violations totales des droits de l'homme.

Sincerely/您诚挚的,/Bien sincerement,
(Your name/您的姓名)

In English


Thousands of people are asking for an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.

In recent years the numbers of those crimes against humanity rose so much that we can openly speak about the civilian population being under attack.

This attack is committed with technology working invisibly at a distance, beyond the bounds of borders, and is at this moment being used against helpless and unsuspecting citizens.

The victims are constantly lobbying to report these crimes to government officials, human rights organizations, world leaders and the press. Mostly, they don't get answers because of a general lack of knowledge about the technology. Mental institutions may diagnose the victims as delusional. And complaints lodged a t local police stations are often treated as psychological problems or ignored.

It may take several years, before the "silent holocaust" becomes public knowledge. And for the victims, the comparison is very real.

The scale of the crimes being reported, and the seriousness of the accusations, justifies an urgent international investigation.

Because there are so many victims worldwide, spawning a worldwide movement coordinated via the Internet, it is only the most diligent and conscientious of victims who are able to report this crime; the actual number of victims being many times larger than this group of activists.

Meanwhile, from all parts of the world new victims are showing up in greater numbers. They are asking for these crimes to be made public and are insisting on an international investigation of this problem. And starting a collective campaign against directed energy weapons (DEW) harassment .


Write to FBI and CIA and urge them to investigate mind control abuses

Please write to Europe

Please write to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Write to François Hollande, president of france

Write to British Prime Minister David Cameron

Petition to John McKay (Canada)

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Comment by Soleilmavis on June 6, 2012 at 9:44am

Welcome everyone prepared the email listing of UK government and media, human rights organizations and public.

Comment by 이주영 on June 20, 2012 at 8:52pm

인터넷망, 유무선 전화망, 디지털기기, 위치추적 등이 한꺼번에 첩보위성을 통해 가능하며 여기에 원격 전자 성추행 기물 및 원격 소음공해 투사질 기물 및 원격 뇌 신경 모니터링 기물 및 인체 통증유발 극단적인 통증유발 고문 프로그램까지 내장된 원격 무선 전자기 (지향성 에너지 무기 DEWS- Directed-energy weapon 살상 광선) 주파수 기물들로부터의 그간에 하루 24시간 매일 너무도 흉악한 것들로 인해 너무도 흉측한 기물들로부터 겪는 ..피해들이며, 전자기 에너지 빔 개인 타켓 전자성희롱 기물 및 소음공해, 뇌 신경 모니터링, 상시 원격 미행 추적. 인체, 통증, 극단적인 통증 고문 등 피해 등을 유발하는 원격 무선주파수 하이테크놀러지 전자 성범죄 장치 및 원격 무선주파수 살상 빔 광선 주파수 장치 기물들이 너무도 파렴치하고도 위험한 기물들로서 결코 인간, 인간들에게 쓰일 수 없는 장치 기물이라고 봅니다. 또한, 너무도 파렴치한 갱 스토킹 아~주 흉악한 범죄자들이 사람들에게 무작위로 말로 다 할 수 없는 많은 범죄를 저지르고 있어, 그러한 갱 스토킹 ..범죄자들이 속히 퇴치되도록 관련해 생활 속에 말로 다 할 수 없는 피해 주파수 차단 대책 및 관련 대응책이 속히 마련돼야 하겠습니다.

Comment by AtlantiTeo on June 20, 2012 at 10:16pm

Internet, wired and wireless telephone network, digital devices, location tracking and spy satellites at once, here is available through remote electronic molestation tusajil noise pollution vessels and vessels of the remote monitoring and remote brain vessels and nerves causing pain in the body causing extreme pain, to torture programs built-in remote wireless electromagnetic (directed energy weapons destruction DEWS-Directed-energy weapon beam) frequency vessels deulrobuteoui in the meantime, 24 hours a day, every day due to too too ugly, vicious things. damage deulyimyeo suffering from vessels, electromagnetic energy beams personal electronic harassment target vessels, and noise pollution, brain nerve monitoring, and regular tracking remote shadowing. The body, pain, extreme pain and torture that causes damage remote radio-frequency high-tech sex crimes unit and remote radio frequency electron beam destruction of vessels of light frequency devices deulroseo never so shameless and risky human vessels, vessels of devices that can be used for human beings try that. In addition, too unscrupulous gang of vicious criminals stalk Ah week to random people can say it without committing many crimes, such a gang of criminals stalking soon to fight in life can say regarding the frequency blocking measures and no damages related countermeasures will be devised soon. 제 번역이 정확한지?

Comment by AtlantiTeo on June 20, 2012 at 10:19pm

deulyimyeo ??? tusajil??? i don't found this words


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