Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Dear All,

Please write to the following organizations of Europe; please send them both emails, and faxes and posting letters.

(Please help to find emails, faxes or posting addresses) 

European Parliament

Council of the European Union

European Commission

Court of Justice of the European Communities

European Court of Auditors

European Economic and Social Committee

Committee of the Regions of the European Union


European Parliament

European Parliament/MEPs

Postal address:

Martin Schulz
President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Bruxelles

Mr. John Finch call all victims and supporters to sign EUROPEAN PETITION NUMBER 0392/2012

Please write to or fax -

The Petition Committee Of The European Parliament

Committee on Petitions Secretariat

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz, B-1047


Fax number 0032/22846844

The text of the petition is as follows -

Below is the information proving that you are probably not informed about the existence of mind control technologies in NATO countries. I hope you will realize that there is no law in the European Union countries prohibiting individuals, organizations and governments from the use of such technologies. The absence of such a law is rather proving the continuing experimentation with those technologies by the governments of the European Union countries on unwitting citizens. For sure enactment of such a law would also mean that the law should contain provisions establishing the teams which would be equipped with a technology capable to verify the complaints of victims of such experiments through detection of the existence of „psychoactive“ physical fields penetrating into their brains.

A letter from John Finch to The Petition Committee Of The European Parliament

Please write to the Council of Europe

A letter to Chairman of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso


Victims please fill the form of European Ombudsman

A Victim from Europe is filling the form of European Ombudsman, She wants other victims to support her work. Please contact her at

She needs the EU nationals to contact her so that to endorse her complaint and to make it a group one. She would need to get in touch with victims as soon as possible so that they could support the appeal for official investigation on what has been going on.

To: Directorate A


1 avenue du Président Robert Schuman

CS 30403, F - 67001 Strasbourg Cedex

T. + 33 (0)3 88 17 23 13

F. + 33 (0)3 88 17 90 62

I have written a letter to European Ombudsman and got an Acknowledgement of receipt with Registration Number: 1191/2012/MF (S2012-156875) For ( ) Complaint.

Here is the attached form of European Ombudsman which you must fill in.



An sample letter is from the following link: (welcome to translate this letter into other languages)

In English


Thousands of people are asking for an international investigation of enormous human rights violations that are silently taking place worldwide at this moment.

In recent years the numbers of those crimes against humanity rose so much that we can openly speak about the civilian population being under attack.

This attack is committed with technology working invisibly at a distance, beyond the bounds of borders, and is at this moment being used against helpless and unsuspecting citizens.

The victims are constantly lobbying to report these crimes to government officials, human rights organizations, world leaders and the press. Mostly, they don't get answers because of a general lack of knowledge about the technology. Mental institutions may diagnose the victims as delusional. And complaints lodged a t local police stations are often treated as psychological problems or ignored.

It may take several years, before the "silent holocaust" becomes public knowledge. And for the victims, the comparison is very real.

The scale of the crimes being reported, and the seriousness of the accusations, justifies an urgent international investigation.

Because there are so many victims worldwide, spawning a worldwide movement coordinated via the Internet, it is only the most diligent and conscientious of victims who are able to report this crime; the actual number of victims being many times larger than this group of activists.

Meanwhile, from all parts of the world new victims are showing up in greater numbers. They are asking for these crimes to be made public and are insisting on an international investigation of this problem. And starting a collective campaign against directed energy weapons (DEW) harassment .


In Français

Des milliers d'individus demandent que soit faite une investigation internationale d'énormes violations des droits de l'homme qui sévissent actuellement dans le monde entier, dans le plus grand silence.

Ces dernières années, le nombre de ces crimes contre l'humanité s'est accru à tel point que nous pouvons visiblement parler d'agression de la population civile.

Cette agression est commise avec une technologie qui agit, à distance, dans l'ombre,au-delà des limites des frontières, et qui est utilisée contre des civils sans défense et qui ne se doutent de rien.

Il y a une pression continuelle de la part des victimes pour dénoncer ces crimes auprès des hauts fonctionnaires de l'état, des organisations pour les droits de l'homme, des dirigeants internationaux et à la presse. La plupart du temps, elles n'obtiennent pas de réponse en raison d'une méconnaissance généralisée de cette technologie. D'après les diagnostics des établissements psychiatriques, les victimes ont des hallucinations. De plus, les plaintes déposées dans les commissariats de police locaux sont souvent considérées comme des problèmes psychologiques ou sont tout simplement passées sous silence.

Cela risque de prendre plusieurs années avant que "l'holocauste silencieux" ne soit connu du public. Pour les victimes, cette comparaison est tout à fait juste.

L'ampleur des crimes dénoncés et la gravité des accusations justifient une investigation internationale urgente.

Etant donné le nombre considérable de victimes à l'échelle planétaire, qui a engendré un mouvement mondial coordonné par le biais de l'internet, seuls les plus zélés et les plus consciencieux parmi les victimes dénoncent ce crime, le nombre réel de victimes étant, de loin, plus important que ce groupe d'activistes.

Entre-temps, de nouvelles victimes de plus en plus nombreuses se font connaître des quatre coins du monde. Elles demandent que ces crimes soient rendus publics, elles insistent pour qu'une investigation soit faite sur ce problème et entament une campagne contre le harcèlement par les Armes à Energie Dirigée (DEW: DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ) et contre le harcèlement collectif.


 Write to FBI and CIA and urge them to investigate mind control abuses

Please write to Europe

Please write to the Council of Europe

Please write to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Write to François Hollande, president of france

Write to British Prime Minister David Cameron

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Comment by Soleilmavis on July 9, 2012 at 3:55pm

Yes, an example letter needed to be translated into other languages

Comment by Catherine Sarah Hislop on July 13, 2012 at 11:29pm

All have an excellent weekend.. many arrests have been happening recently

Comment by Catherine Sarah Hislop on July 14, 2012 at 12:58am

i have posted alot of information on google+ and linkedin

Comment by hassanmcv on June 6, 2013 at 8:21am

the form of European Ombudsman is about complaing against an institution!!?? which one?


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