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At 11:19am on October 16, 2015, AtlantiTeo said…

At 5:29am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

It is not easy to wish Merry Christmas and happy new year because all T.I. live a drama, a difficult situation, harassment and torture. All T.I. I'm a bit depressed, demoralized, tired,angryand for many years, they do not live a peaceful Christmas. From 7 years, I do not live a nice Christmas, Easter, birthday and other celebrations. I have pleasant memories of Christmas in my childhood. Now I live like a slave 24/7.

I hope this little thought, give a bit of security, trust and a little smile for 2015. We will continue to fight a common struggle against the common enemy. The war against the common enemy will continue in 2015. What is the last thing out of the Pandora's Box? THE HOPE. You do not lose hope dear T.I. ...

At 5:55pm on August 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 1:39pm on August 2, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

Russia Exposes U.S. Secretly Forced Brain-Chip Mind Control Weapon

Friday, August 1, 2014 11:33

At 3:42pm on July 15, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

Лучший детский break-dance коллектив в Беларуси

At 8:04am on June 19, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…
  • 2 Italian officials: 1 majors of carabinieri and 1 General of the Guardia di Finanza
  • 2 Russians: 1 Minister of Putin and 1 Russian General Ratnikov with his interview translated from Cyrillic and connects fully to the book of General Umberto Rapetto from Italy; both general and both same statements by the Russian man and the Italian man
  • 1 President Bill Clinton admits mk-ultra in 1995.
  • 1 FBI : Ted Gunderson
  • 1 American politician : John Fleming with revelations about the satellite
  • 1 John Hall who has written books on a certain scale on the threat of satellite and in 2003 reveals backstage STAR WARS Reagan used in Iraq
  • 1 Spanish : Fernando San Augustin former member of the secret service Iberian showing a gun psychotronic laptop, electrofree
  • 1 English: Barry Tower former member of the British secret service MI5
  • 2 psychiatrists who have understood that the synthetic telepathy Voice to skull : 1 is Pakistani, the other is American.
  • 1 American private detective Roger Tolces describing in interviews how they ruined his customers who have been offered private investigations on such clandestine operations covered by the Secret State.

I'm, sorry :-( only italian language in my blog and not english :-(

If do you want >download< this collage for your website or blog

(it's free the download of this picture to alls victims).

At 9:38pm on May 29, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

Пси-технологии. Интервью с генерал-майором запаса ФСБ

Интересное интервью, хотя это всего лишь верхушка айсберга, устаревшая информация, которую разрешили слить публике отставному генералу. Сегодня обсуждаемые тут технологии устарели на несколько десятков лет, но и это впечатляет. 

Генерал-майор запаса Федеральной службы охраны РФ Борис РАТНИКОВ рассказывает о создании в России и мире установок, превращающих людей в зомби

Генераторы чудес

Странное словосочетание «психотронное оружие» появилось в СМИ еще 20 лет назад. Но рассказывали о нем  тогда, как правило, отправленные в отставку военные или непризнанные Академией наук ученые. В основном они сообщали о неких  генераторах, которые, находясь за сотни километров от «объекта», могут якобы создавать «кашу» в мозге человека, менять его поведение, расшатывать психику и даже доводить до смерти. После таких публикаций, как правило, находились жертвы воздействия пси-оружия. Они атаковали редакции жалобами  на то, что некие голоса шепчут им приказы. Журналисты  вежливо выслушивали, а по окончании беседы советовали обратиться к психиатрам.

К  2000 году  поток этих мистических басен, попахивающих психиатрией, почему-то иссяк - о пси-воздействии было забыто на несколько лет.

И вот тема опять стала всплывать. Вдруг заговорили куда более серьезные люди - бывшие работники органов госбезопасности. Ныне  «рассказать миру правду» намерен генерал-майор Борис Ратников.

My translation in italian language (RUSSIAN-ITALIAN)


At 12:23pm on May 8, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

At 8:54pm on March 16, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…
At 9:36am on September 5, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

Today I found this.

Is it an italian website of psicotronic weapons. Maybe is userfull of your letter to Pop !!! :-)

With google translator (or other) you understunding this article in italian? Maybe italian-English. Google translator now is better. Now version and many programmers. I think that in you letter you add also this article in italian and the source. Maybe is an idea to you.


At 11:08pm on August 25, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

Perfect. This topic is finished.:) I hope it is useful to our cause. :)

свидетелей "Холокос-молчаливый" тиз России

Thank you for your version in russian :"What is peacepink"  :)

paka dmitri

At 5:57am on August 25, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

Я знайшоў гэты сайт.

Психотронное оружие. Генерал-майор Борис Ратников

Published on Jun 6, 2013

At 11:10pm on August 24, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

привет Dmitri, как дела? хорошо?


At 8:52pm on July 21, 2013, AtlantiTeo said…

This video represent my island  UTOPIA. It's for you :)

Thomas More and UTOPIA

At 6:19am on August 8, 2012, james said…

Could you please review this page on TI's:

At 11:10pm on July 9, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

прывітанне Дми́трий

Калі Вы зацікавіліся, вось спіс.

paka paka :)

At 6:45am on May 27, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

Спасибо spassìba Dmitri

If you need a favor, write me a message.
I always repay a kindness and a favor.

At 6:54pm on May 25, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

ops I'm sorry 3 MEN and 1 Female. I have written 3 man.

At 6:52pm on May 25, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

Dear Dmitry, this our "friends" : THE STALKERS with Satellite surveillance in a base underworld !!!

clumsy, silly, conceited, maniacs, etc. a team of idiots !!!

At 6:46pm on May 25, 2012, AtlantiTeo said…

Today as I am? My ife is always the same. :-/
No work, no wife, no savings etc etc. but always accompanied by 

bother - neck - pain - pest - troublemaker my 4 STALKERS : 3 man and 1 female.

Every day at the computer with V2K (bla bla bla bla and again bla bla bla),Tinnitus and stalkers. Every day is always the same. Nothing work, nothing savings, nothing freedom etc etc.

However no problem, I have not lost the smile.

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