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At 2:58am on February 14, 2021, Madison Justice said…

The severe em attacks began at approximately 18-present.   They were outrageous and can continue to be.  These perpetrators are so cruel, sadistic and exploitative it is unconscionable. 

At 6:55am on November 20, 2020, targeted imae said…
hello stephen =)
At 8:09pm on May 10, 2020, Ms. K. said…

You said I left you a comment to see my Youtube Channel, and I only left "your" Youtube Channel name???  Sorry, if I did, my YT Channel would have been easy to find and I rarely get on P.P. any more. I was only on here to delete most of my comments as it is going out all over the world web, this is not a private site, and she is fake, the owner..I can't get jobs so I am eliminating alot of what I post now days.  I have all evidence: Dr. and P.I. Reports and know who and what they are doing to me, I filed several and all possible lawsuits on my own, and all Judge are totally corrupt and dismissed them.  Their is even a law, you cannot dismiss a lawsuit, if it is a pro se lawsuit litigant or any lawsuit just contains technical errors, as due process (right to speedy trial) (justice)  has precidence over anything in court.  My YT again is under internet search of my name (I had my full name on here for 6 yrs up till 3 days ago, and I want to be more private now, as I even got fired from a volunter job here in Marshall, MN, even these small town people are participating in Gang Stalking to kill me.  I have 3 (inj. against harassment which is Civil not Criminal charges, after I yelled to stop following, torturing and killing me..which is criminal and called Entrapment..see laws on Criminal Entrapment, cops do it all the time..and now it is worse than ever, if you/we don't stop the US Congress/President from enactiong: drones, satalites, chemical trail spraying, entering our bodys for us to be antenas and full of disease, know to detox, live and get these evil fake unConstitutional Laws revised and taken out and restitution.  Time to fire those who enacted them to get "get smart." If your a kind person and positive, call me after 8pm to network or for short talk or help.  Thank you  507-823-4383 after 8pm I can talk and home..

At 9:02pm on March 20, 2020, K. Bharath Kumar said…
Thanks Stephen for signing petition and enquiring about my wellbeing. Am surviving as well as possible under our special siege circumstances. By the way, my twitter page is visit sometime. Thanks.
At 9:00pm on March 5, 2020, K. Bharath Kumar said…
Hi Stephen. Requesting you to read my TI petition and do sign if you like to. Thanks.
At 12:55pm on October 8, 2019, superhello said…

hi man , I got solution for electronic harassment , what 's your email ?

At 7:09am on September 18, 2019, deca said…

nope ....I get people disagreeing with me all over the internet really only have a vague memory of it I  am still here putting out similar if not better info that should tell you something 

At 6:05am on September 6, 2019, Stuart Carter said…

Hi Stephen,

OMG you think the Americans have targeted you ! let me tell you a little story.... Basically I feel I have great telepathy and I know it don't want to boast hear but hey how.  Once years ago I looked up the sky back in December 1996 looked at a star in the sky and it moved into a figure 8 quite clearly then I realise what the fuck....took a day or two to comprehend then realised that it was big brother watching me !  I read a book in about 2006 about another mind control victim that spilled the beans about the American government people like George Bush etc and how they manipulated a woman called Cathy O'Brien and her daughter and after that my life went totally pear shaped was controlled like a fucking robot in my flat for a least two weeks and had not choice to do what I was doing total chaotic fucking mind control it's happened so many times in my life.  Lets say the American's picked on me because I read a book "Transformation of America" lets just say my flat looked normal before the reading the book, and after it looked like a tornado had hit it ! The tornado was me being mind controlled like a pupped to fuck the whole place up.  Much more had happened and with deep resentment but hey I live in England have had british mind control done one me and yes we live in a global place where every country in the world nowadays has use of this technology and I wonder how they all agree to govern the shit that they have invented.  Any how I have not been picked on for many years and have a great story to tell you folks on peace pink and will upload some interesting pictures on my profile and talk more about my agonising story. 

God Bless for now sorry to blast on a bit lol


At 11:46pm on August 19, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Hi Stephen

While I didnt write to Parliament, I did correspond with the IPT.

I did get responses.

Looking at UN sites for Accountability

At 1:01am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

At this present time, Cancel statement below re  "IPT is useless".

I finally got a reference number.

RE IPT SITE- They WILL ask for a date of birth. I didnt give it the first time. Make one up.

I wrote a Discliamer on the bottom of complaint that Personal security is paramount {to that effect}.

You Dont need anyone getting your information other than a complaint

At 12:56am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

If we look at the way they use x- rays, its a lot like the same thing.

There are no implants used for this Abuse. {own findings}.

If someone was caught doing that its assault, a Federal offense and prison time if caught.

How could a large part of society be implanted without knowledge?

By whom? With whose money? Taxpayers?

At 12:52am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Hi Stephen

Is it difficult to make a Youtube video?

What do I need?

Can I use an iphone? Documents on it.

How do I plug into a computer to set it up?

Anything helps

At 2:52am on August 5, 2019, davidfulton3 said…

Hi Stephan ; The targeting, against me, is also bad in Thailand....The "Slow Kill" contract has followed me through 16 countries, since September 2009 (I left the USA the month after JFK's brother 'Ted Kennedy' had died.).........The implants were able, to locate me by the DNA resonance frequency, of my eyes, after being shot in the the vicinity, of where I was. They are site specific, felt like tiny chards, of glass, in my eyes until they morphed their way into my eyes...It took approx. 4 months, for them to self assemble, self replicate, & conduit with my neural system enough, that I was able to realize the implant's capabilities....The implants transmit & receive, visual imagery.... The first set, of ocular implants, were later deliberately disabled by the cabal...The next implants were inadvertently disabled (Viajira Hospital in Bangkok), when they were doing dissolution of memory, against me (EM Pulse, Chemicals, & Drugs),,,That set, of ocular implants, were shot into both of my eyes by laser, which tore retinas in both of my eyes...The retina in my right eye became detached, which has caused me, to be blind in my right eye.....I later went, for eye surgery, aster the implants were disabled....I paid cash, for surgery, to recover my vision but my doctor was given a "Gag Order", when the cabal had me re-implanted, while under anesthesia ........ I interviewed my eye surgeon on video, after the cabal had re-implanted me.....This is my email address :


At 2:36am on August 1, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Hey Stephan

How are you doing? Maybe we can all send letters to international human rights orgs

as Human rights are violated.

I sent asking for an investigation into Global Human rights violations by those in england

At 2:33am on August 1, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Sue You have a great point. This abuse is also meant to turn people to the Lord. Not to rely on self but upon Him. {John 14: 6}

Ill get off my soapbox now

At 2:31am on August 1, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

This Human rights violations, Business/ Internet/ Telecomm fraud

At 2:30am on August 1, 2019, ghstdtnee said…


At 2:29am on August 1, 2019, ghstdtnee said…


Check this out. Its how taxpayr money is spent, indication of how they use "Media spin doctors". This is at Public expense.

type it in search box. dont know why it doesnt work as is

my web is up

At 12:05pm on July 30, 2019, Sally said…

Hey Stephen

I also live in my mums home but shes aging and when she passes the hoise will be split with my brother. I dont like thinking about my mum passing but the future does scare me. I wont be able to afford my own home so things will be uncertain. People our age are in their prime, raising their families and enjoying life...lm just worried about what the future will bring. I hate that my extended family and family friends all either think lm a bludger or lm mentally sick. This is so not the life l envisioned for myself. I have to count my blessings. Im not as badly targeted as many Tls but lm aware that things can be made worse at any time. So lve halved my medication and as predicted they upped the attacks. Last night they attacked me all night in my sleep. They brought me into other relms  where they were assualting me physically and sexually. It made me want to take the meds again but lm going to persist with quitting them. I already have arthritis and lm too scared of ending up immobilized. I can think of nothing worse then being bedridden and a Tl. Its good that you have a friend to catch up with, someone yoir own age that you can banter with. Its alsogood that he doesnt judge you. My friends all turned against me in one go. That was before l became a target but now l realise the perps arranged it all even back then. That hurt me a lot and lve not made many friends since. Youre lucky that the perps dont turn yr mate against you. Ive come to the conclusion that they control everything. They like to play God. I hope yr enjoying yr lrish summer. Its winter here and l have the winter blues...cant wait til it warms up a bit. A new girl posted on here...Hanna. i always feel sorry for new Tls. I remember how scared and alone l felt in the beginning. Ppink is good...the only forum for targets l think but its not very interactive (unless theres an argument going on-haha)  Every now and then someone comes here who thinks they can change the situation. I used to think that in the beginning. I gave up looking for answers a long time ago. I think the only answer is God! Keep up the fight Stephen!

At 6:18am on July 29, 2019, Sally said…

Me also since 2005 but l believe they've always been watching me and planning this. The early times were crazy, the gangstalking was rife and l was running around telling everyone about this, trying to convince them l was a victim of this persecution. Of course nobody believed me and l got the schizophrenia label which l will never live down now. I hate that my whole family thinks lm mental and l don't have a single friend left anymore. I'm 44 now and l was just 30 when this started. You would have been just 27. It's such a big chunk of our lives to have taken from us. We've had so much stolen from us. I couldn't maintain a steady job so l reluctantly accepted the doctor's schizophrenia diagnosis just so l could get the disability benefit. I was lucky it was approved. My chance of having my own family is gone now and l don't think l could ever let a partner in....there's too much about my life that l can't share with ppl. Sometimes lve been tempted to tell someone in the hope that they believe me but then l think better of it....l know nobody would believe me. I live with my mum in her home. She's really good to me but it's hard being an adult and living with yr parents. She doesn't trust me to go anywhere alone. I just wish sometimes l was living a normal, independent adult life. But overall l have it pretty good compared to many Tls. I have a roof over my head. I've experienced so many crazy things during my years as Tl as lm sure you have too. Their capabilities are really scarey and they can make life hell. I always have a fear that they will drive me back to the psych ward. They can so easily do it. I'm glad yr life is manageable and things aren't toooo bad. I've been led to believe there is a greater spiritual reason behind all this. The mind boggles. Sorry for the long vent Stephen. It helps to talk sometimes. PM me anytime you need. Keep up the fight and don't let em get ya down! Take care mate!

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