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At 5:49am on September 16, 2019, Stephen O' Neill said…

Deca Mc, hows it going fella? Hey what ever became of that guy LAZARUS ZOMBIE? he used to stir the pot in the forum years ago and you two used to disagree a lot. I tried looking him up on the forum just now but all I could find was "Page Not Found". Do you know how he is doing? 

At 3:44am on January 4, 2019, Stephen O' Neill said…

Hi Deca

I hope you are well , I see they banned you from the Targeted UK forum , I think that was an injustice as you didn't insult anyone or break any rules. Anyway see you around peacepink and youtube mate.

At 4:14am on November 18, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…
At 4:13am on November 18, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…
At 12:43pm on July 11, 2016, Citizenfriend said…
At 12:32pm on July 11, 2016, Citizenfriend said…
At 10:01am on November 1, 2015, sasha said…

Will You Ever Be Able to Upload Your Brain ny times i think you will enjoy!!

At 7:16am on August 26, 2015, Stephen O' Neill said…

Deca , I agree with what you are saying about them making a mockery out of it in American Ultra, it is a comedy , but never the less it is putting out the idea , and is is giving another source to what us TI's are saying for ages now , there is no smoke without fire. Another thing , we all know that Hollywood is very controlled , it can not be an accident that they are putting this out , why now I wonder. Dr John Halls documentaries about targeting is to be aired in September on the discovery channel , but the US Government is GIVING THE HELL and threatening them into not airing it , how come they didn't try to stop this movie, oh I don't know what to make of this , but am leaning on the side that this is good news for us TI's.  

At 3:06am on August 26, 2015, Stephen O' Neill said…

I posted that American Ultra clip 5 hours ago and then you post it again an hour later, WTH? lol.

You are from the UK? , I went to London in 2008 to get away from targeting in Ireland but things were just as bad there so I came back after about 5 months. We are going to win this war I am sure , Dr John Hall is doing so much, he is a legend.

We only have to get lucky once , but they have to be lucky all of the time, our day will come.

Take it easy fella.

At 4:05pm on August 15, 2015, Covert Harassment UK said…
Hi Deca, Feel free to Skype covertharassmentuk or text. It would be great to create a strong organisation to help TIs in the UK. Knowledge and lobbying are priorities. Trying to find out detectives that can check targeted individuals unique brain frequencies to take the gangs to court. If you have some info let me know.


At 11:57pm on August 12, 2015, Robin Ivetic said…


I saw you on couple of forums like freedomfchs or davidicke, you are pretty active, and you sound very reasonable, like to know what did you accomplish with TV/FM realtek card, and of course to share experiences that we both have, if you have some spare time like to talk with you.

Thanks, Robin

At 8:50am on April 23, 2015, AtlantiTeo said…

Hola MC,

I received an email of a line and I do not understand. There is a European conference in Berlin in Germany in 2015? Please, you (or other) can create an event peacepink and add information and hyperlink?

At 11:46am on April 17, 2015, De Zwarte Tulp said…

What is the name of this instrument?

At 2:06pm on December 29, 2014, hassanmcv gave deca a gift
At 4:26am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

PART 2 (bug characters in your account :-( )

The perps are slaves of perversion, sadism and deficiency.

At 4:25am on December 25, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

It is not easy to wish Merry Christmas and happy new year because all T.I. live a drama, a difficult situation, harassment and torture. All T.I. I'm a bit depressed, demoralized, tired,angryand for many years, they do not live a peaceful Christmas. From 7 years, I do not live a nice Christmas, Easter, birthday and other celebrations.
I have pleasant memories of Christmas in my childhood. Now I live like a slave 24/7.

I hope this little thought, give a bit of security, trust and a little smile for 2015. We will continue to fight a common struggle against the common enemy. The war against the common enemy will continue in 2015. What is the last thing out of the Pandora's Box? THE HOPE. You do not lose hope dear T.I.
Often, the PERPS called me with V2K: "slave" or "little slave". (The word is _"schiavetto"_ in my language = slave in English).

I am a man and I am not a dog or an animal. If you are a T.I., you're not the slave. The slave is the perps. The perps

At 8:11am on October 5, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

Excuse me, can I ask you a favor?
I'm trying to gather all the tactics techniques and methods of defense.

If in the future, you can find other methods of defense to the various problems caused by kotrol mind, can you please add my account on my wall or send the links with private message?

I think it is useful to collect all the possible methods of defense on a web page (or group) and then translated into various languages for all. The first two years of my torture, I had nothing to defend myself. I learned that the head (brain) is the first part of the body that must be defended, otherwise, you can not think, write, speak. If the brain is protected, then you can proceed to step 2, that is, look on the internet and exchanging defense methods, tips, etc. and the purpose of peacepink is help each of us.

At 3:56am on September 24, 2014, Rev. Richard Northern of ICAACT said…

Hello, Deca.  Had to confirm with Jesse who you were before I accepted you friendship.  However, I primarily use FB.  You may also friend me there if you'd like. :o)

Rev, Richard Northern

US Technical Specialist ICAACT (Western Region)

At 7:25am on September 18, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

Coincidentally, I have found on the internet this rap song subtitled in Italian.

Really nice dear MC Deca. Too bad I can not play because my ears are under attack; I'd like to create a similar song on targeted indivudals and mind control techniques. I already had two ideas, but it is impossible with this tinnitus.

At 8:05am on September 1, 2014, Nina Gonzales said…

ooppsss.. Meant to say, "Trying to send a message in this tiny little box here."  :/

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