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At 12:07pm on March 8, 2015, Mark Iannicelli said…

Sorry you are experiencing V2K. We need to find a way to fight the perps. Does England have any radio clubs that may be able to detect the peprs location so they can be killed?

I would like to start a motorcycle club for us V2K labrats all over the world and England makes a bitchin Triumph motorcycle.What do you think about motorcycle clubs that can work together to combat perps with Direct Energy Weapons. If it is Americans they should be tortured and killed after showing their fake Constitution to the rest of the world.

At 10:05am on January 22, 2015, Ms. K. said…

For you dear, if you don't already have:

At 3:43pm on October 2, 2014, AtlantiTeo said…

That's interesting. :) Coincidence we had the same idea. I am looking on google: help targeted individuals and I found your facebook group in research.

I'll add your facebook group on the homepage of the group (or web page) peacepink.

After 7 years of harassment and/or torture, I learned that the first problem is to defend the head. If the head is not protected you can not think, reason and write or even speak. The brain and head are important for thinking and to find solutions and communication. The first two years of my torture, I was not able to write, to think or even to speak.

I think it is useful to find solutions together and then translated into the various languages with others web pages. Translating solutions Tips, Advice, Tactics, techniques, tricks of defense for Targeted Individuals in Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Greek, etc etc.

Every single issue has the potential solutions or remedies, but they must be translated into the languages for alls T.I.s,  It's necessary translations the solutions in the languages for all.Many T.I.s do not speak English and are marginalized. :)

ciao Denny, take care

At 8:11am on September 1, 2014, Nina Gonzales said…

1.)  List of Articles

2.)  1933 "Great Depression Bankruptcy," That changed American Sovereinty & History.

Well, trying to send a message here with this tiny little box.
Just wanting to let the people know both in America and Worldwide that America has not been a Sovereign country since 1933 during "The Great Depression & Filed Bankruptcy."

All laws and Statutes were signed over to the U.N. as this Senator Represents in his speech with the link given above.  It tells you exactly who owns America and why we cannot get any Legal Remedies or Representation in America.

Good Luck & Thanks !

At 1:46am on July 29, 2014, silvia miras sanchez said…
At 12:19pm on July 26, 2014, Annabelley said…


At 4:50am on January 18, 2014, Mark Iannicelli said…

Denny please check out me, MARK iANNICELLI'S PAGE

At 6:49pm on July 14, 2013, Tee i gave denny32 a gift
At 9:19pm on July 7, 2013, asmati augustin said…

hello last i could find your story and photoes about mind control and microwave weapons.i should say that i am the victim of tourture too.two weeks ago my sister assured me to gotothe mental hospital as it should helpe wwith our trip to germany as we have a lawer i went to stay but another day i was ready to live the hospital.there were the violation of human rights.but theni stayed and had twisted my right leg as i fall down onthe wett i have my leg inthe plaster cast and take the drugs.i should wear it 20 daysasmati augustin

At 9:06pm on July 7, 2013, asmati augustin said…

At 7:05am on June 2, 2013, ELISEO PEREZ said…

Read it in Group: TO DISCIPLE, EDIFY, TEACH, AND HELP SPIRITUALLY. I hope you come to read my research called, TIPS ON LIVING A SURVEILLANCED CHRISTIANITY, filled with a wealth of scriptures that will apply to your emotional and spiritual struggles. It is my desire in God that God will edify you. Please also read, WHY I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. These are a product of many years of struggling as a Christian under surveillances while attacked verbally electronically. I was an Evangelist and God gave me the answers I was looking for. It is to help and strengthen, not to start a religion. I love you in the love of God. I hope all of you will be blessed. It is my hopes and desire that God Blesses You All. I have gained victory in Jesus with these scriptures and Bible Interpretations God gave me through my struggles. I want you to be strong in faith when you go through your troubles. JUST SELECT ALL AND COPY TO YOUR WORD DOCUMENT. You will find it in the DISCUSSIONS FORUM SECTION of my group page. I also have original Bible chip implant Scriptures, commentaries, and interpretations God gave me that are at the beginning of my group page for you to read. They are part of my works published under The Theology Of Prophetic Scriptures, Inc. I am not a prophet, but an eschatologist, student of end times Bible prophecy for over 25 years. JESUS TOLD US WE WILL HAVE TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND PERSECUTIONS. WHY? Because He is not a liar. HE TOLD US WHAT IT WOULD TAKE! So do not believe that bad experiences means God is not with you or is against you. Read and JOIN.

At 1:43am on April 8, 2013, sasa said…

hey denny32 it was nice talking to you sundays are a bit boring,i might talk to u every now and then to check up on you, You see when you are feeling down and then somebody talks to you about something diffrent you forget about what is bothering you.

At 11:48pm on April 6, 2013, The Rose - Sharon Poet said…

If you'd like to help bring public awareness to these crimes against humanity please help support this news paper:

At 6:50am on March 24, 2013, In God I Trust gave denny32 a gift
At 2:37pm on February 19, 2013, Ms. K. said…

Do you have a thin laser scar on back of hand, long line, they mark victimes that way. and I have scars on back of my ears!! See more on Michael Fetzhugh Bell's site...he might help you more than I can...there is a contact page on his site...I am the only one who told people how to record V2K..I can't believe a guy told it would not help and no judge would believe need Michael Bell as an Expert Witness...I give out more info to really get it stopped that anyone on this site?? I wonder if this is a government-cover up site????   Reading from the Bible will NOT stop it!!...Good Luck..hope I help....

At 2:32pm on February 19, 2013, Ms. K. said…

Hi Denny:

Did you see my posting tonight????  This man and his new book and web site may help you..I think he said he has a blanket that helps stop the Microwave pulse and more: and see his interview on under archives for Feb 14: speaker and victime: Michael fitzhugh can send him a message on his web site..

I'm still at 480-786-8883...good luck!

At 5:17pm on December 06, 2012, Michel gave denny32 a gift
At 10:12am on November 29, 2012, xixi said…

i  understand why got mind control cause  lots question about life , because the life difference from lots people ,when study and read and done lots things all hear  voice comes and want to disturb ours normal life  indeed we own lots question about where the voice come from and why we got this thing and how to cope with attack .later i read the artical about victimes in american ,i think may this artical can help you answer your question about victimes life .i love read this artical because this words bring me lots understand and said lots victimes experience .


read the artical name 'MIND GAMES '

At 1:52pm on November 14, 2012, Ms. K. said…

..the rest of my info. of where I filed my lawsuit to stop this direct torture and murder attemps....we are Gauranted Life, Liberty and the persuit of happiness under the Constitution of the US!!  So I am not going to sit arouond and let them invade my privace and get me trespassed out of everywhere I go including jobs and murder attempts:

International Criminal court

Office of the Prosecutor


PO Box 19519

2500 CM The Hague

The Netherlands





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