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At 12:12am on September 23, 2019, John Keddy said…
Stuart you still in Banbury
At 12:11am on September 23, 2019, John Keddy said…
Stuart. Hi how are you
At 12:09am on September 23, 2019, John Keddy said…
Hi how's things going
At 6:17pm on August 11, 2019, John Keddy said…
I'll have a look at other magazines as well
At 11:00pm on August 10, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Parliament addresses dont work for me.

At 10:59pm on August 10, 2019, ghstdtnee said…


Seeking a publisher now.

Maybe people can help by searching online for Human Rights Activists.

Maybe we can find a Media magazine to do an Article on this.

One thing leads to another.

If found get back to me

At 10:56pm on August 10, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Hi John

I read your post.

I want to Challenge the mainstream.

From my perspective re Book- my experiences will mean nothing to the mainstream reader {this

does Not mean your experience wont be read]

My Focus is more on Abuse of power/ Tyrrany, Telecomm Fraud/ Terrorism at Public expense.

And the providing of Evidence.

I believe there is;

No equal protection under/ as to the "law".

There is a Denial of the Right to Personal and Public security.

There is a Denial of Civil/ Constitutional/ Human rights.

There is a Denial of the Right to Self defense.

I want Accountability.

Perhaps if people realize how their money is spent, there will be change.

At 2:12am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Mr Keddy- I didnt read your response.

I got a notice in my email box that there was a response.

Ill keep looking.

At 1:12am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Mr Keddy-

Interested in looking for Media Contacts if you would know of any.

I believe people would be interested in how their money is being spent.

{Called Criminal Fraud/ Waste/ Abuse}.

Wanting Accountability.

Unfortunately- these are people who have public "oversight"

At 1:06am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Mr Keddy-

Are you a Publisher?

Also looking for Human Rights Grants re this global issue.

People can look for Grants if interested.

I see some heavy Human Rights sites

At 12:44am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Investigatory Powers Tribunal

worth going over re Human Rights violations.

Complaints can be sent by email

At 12:37am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

For Steven

Distance will show its telecomm fraud, and done by gchq

At 12:36am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

If interested State an Investigation is requested as to GCHQ,s Denial of Civil rights/ Human Rights.

GCHQ conducts transnational organized white collar cyber crime {Telecomm fraud} at personal and public expense

At 12:34am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Wait- just click address

At 12:34am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

website sent to me is

may have to type address into search box

re RED Box on site

Top Box-  pick  POLICY INTEREST [screens members]


hit GO button

Email addresses I got from site dont work

At 12:29am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…


I read you live in the UK.

House of lords can investigate Policy matters of Crime Civil Justice and Human rights viol.

Email addresses I have are useless. Maybe you can try them {House of lords}.

Up to you.

At 12:27am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

I did get a response from the IPT UK.

It was stated they would be in touch.

People can also try to bring Complaints to the Citizens advice bureau in UK

They have a website where it can be done online.

If they cant advise they can point you in a direction.

At 12:24am on August 9, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Hi John

Basically Im looking for a Publisher. For Documentary evidence of Human rights abuses

At 11:15pm on August 6, 2019, John Keddy said…
Hi Stephen how's it going I do know about bit coins. I'm so sorry to hear people stop you from going to the meetings as I said I'm willing to travel and meet you some time in the future l have had similar thoughts in the past as yourself.
Chat later
Kind regards
At 12:14am on August 6, 2019, Stephen O' Neill said…

Hi mate, I can't plan on going to European courts right now as I am putting every penny I have into Bitcoin while I can still afford it, before it gets too expensive I mean, they are saying that one bitcoin will be worth $10,000,000 in ten years from now so I don't want to miss out. And I wouldn't be up for a meet up as my attackers attack me worse when I am in other peoples company so it makes me want to be on my own all of the time , I guess I have induced social anxiety or something. My directed energy weapon attackers mess with my thoughts a lot , as in they force me to think violent thoughts whilst talking to my loved ones , my moter, my best mate and so on, so I try to keep to myself a lot. Its not healthy I know but it is how I deal with the mind control.Don't get me wrong my attackers never push me passed a point but the threat alone is enough to ruin everything and wreck my day.  I have missed the last two Irish TI meet ups too over my attackers. Thanks John.

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