Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Cargo Ghost Ship Alta Grounded at Ballycotton, Co. Cork, Ireland. - Storm Denis

Dennis meaning: God of wine


Definitions.. BALLY used to express anger, annoyance, or shock, or simply for emphasis.

Origin English19th can try- slang for bloody

COTTON cotton
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a soft white fibrous substance which surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant and is made into textile fibre and thread for sewing.
"a cargo of cotton and wheat"

the tropical and subtropical plant which is commercially grown to make cotton fabric and thread. Oil and a protein-rich flour are also obtained from the seeds.

White pure seeds

Alta= High

a buoyant light brown substance obtained from the outer layer of the bark of the cork oak.
"vinyl-coated cork is practical as a floor covering"
a bottle stopper made of cork or a similar material.
"he pulled out the cork and commenced pouring the wine"
close or seal (a bottle) with a cork.
"the bottles were tightly corked and wired"

Those who cry out to Jesus son of the most High GOD will be made pure seeds sealed by the blood of lamb the Rock of salvation and will be filled with the holy spirit for he separates the wheat from the chaff

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Comment by JasonMxxxx on April 27, 2020 at 12:47pm

 God is alive and fighting for us least we forget

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" Siis lyhyesti: kun yritän lähettää viestin, yhteys Googleen katkeaa. Ei liene stalkkerille kovin vaikea järjrstää."
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"I am here to stop the Gang Stalkers from doing electronic harrasment murders to Targeted Individuals"
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Use this audio to stop most torture, The results are instant and with some minor tweaks, I am able to continue my search for a better defense with some control.Use a radio turned all the way down and tuned to the end of the FM dial(108,0). Try AM as well and put a round object on the mouse pad so that it leaves some sound on the radio and allows the systems to track you better.another thing is the use of pinhole earplugs, which should only be on one ear at a time. Using clay or something rigid…See More
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Google, Facebook, Twitter, they are all blocking my accounts and hacking this message below :

Google, Facebook, Twitter, they are all blocking my accounts and hacking this message below :After UN Human Rights emailed me, they put their dirty hands on everything possible ,on everything I am using; and on anyone "related", on anyone I am contacting. Please see the attached information and evidence :…See More
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