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This video will show you the evidence,as well as how you can download it and judge for yourself. Also this Video shows a new Head Monument that has been recently identified on the Maritian surface. This is not a hoax. Download the evidence from here: For a CloseUp Photo of the Evidence discussed in this video please click on the following link : ''A very large unidentified craft or object was detected by radar. "This object had no transponder and was tracked on radar for over an hour. Most of the time, the object was either stationary, or moving at speeds of less than 60 mph. At 7:32 pm, the object was tracked accelerating to 532 mph in 30 seconds and then slowing to 49 mph only 10 seconds later." ''The report's authors, Glen Schulze and Robert Powell, are identified as highly-trained experts in technical and scientific fields relevant to this investigation. Schulze in particular is reported to have an extensive background in radar systems.'' What appears to be an ancient Hindu symbol is visible amongst the structures; for a close-up view please use the following web link: For a written report on the evidence presented in this video please click on the link below : Thank You, SDR. YouTube-Possible evidence of Civilization on Mars,Vimana, Life on Mars, Mars Life, alien, aliens, Alien Civilization, Flying Saucers, UFO,nasa, ESA,Crop Circles, Monument, Face On Mars, Roswell, Cydonia Region, Pyramid, Pyramids, Extraterrestrial Life, ET, World Religions, Space Exploration, Area 51, ufo visits, Alien Abduction, Remote Viewing, Astrotheology, Hindu Symbols, Hinduism, Mars Civilization, Evidence Of Life On Mars, Mars Life Evidence, Richard Hoagland, Ancient Civilization, Hindu Vimana, Hindu Swastika, Swastika, Lost Civilizations, Ancient History, Alien Visitation, Face Monument, Head Monument, UFO Evidence,Mars Anomalies.

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Please send, Please share.

UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court International Court of Justice Canadian GovernmentCC :justin.trudeau@parl.gc.casgcentral@un.orgmbachelet@ohchr.orgCP@ohchr.orgcat@ohchr.orgccpr@ohchr.orgsr-torture@ohchr.orgpetitions@ohchr.orginformation@icj-cij.orgBy this attached photo, please send and  confirm if you all received what I sent, thanks.…See More
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"Lots of right wing political leaders are using russian mind control tech to get elected and eventually change US consitution."
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