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History of Hacking - - 50:08 - Feb 1, 2008

This is a timeline of computer security hacker history. Hacking and system cracking appeared with the first electronic computers. Below are some important events in the history of hacking and cracking.

[edit] 1970s

[edit] 1971
John T. Draper (later nicknamed Captain Crunch), his friend Joe Engressia, and blue box phone phreaking hit the news with an Esquire Magazine feature story[1].

[edit] 1980s

[edit] 1981
Chaos Computer Club forms in Germany.
The Warelords forms in The United States, founded by Black Bart (cracker of Dung Beetles in 1982) in St. Louis, Missouri, and was composed of many teenage hackers, phreakers, coders, and largely black hat-style underground computer geeks. One of the more notable group members was Tennessee Tuxedo, a young man that was instrumental with developing conference calls via the use of trunk line phreaking via the use of the Novation Apple Cat II that allowed us to share our current hacks, phreaking codes, and new software releases. Other notable members were The Apple Bandit, Krakowicz, and Krac-man. Black Bart was clever at using his nationally known and very popular BBS system in order to promote the latest gaming software. He used that relationship to his advantage, often shipping the original pre-released software to his most trusted code crackers during the beta-testing phase, weeks prior to their public release. The Warelords often collaborated with other piracy groups at the time, such as The Syndicate and The Midwest Pirates Guild and developed an international ring of involved piracy groups that reached as far away as Japan. Long before the movie War Games went into pre-production, The Warelords had successfully infiltrated such corporations and institutions as The White House, Southwestern Bell "Ma Bell" Mainframe Systems, and large corporate providers of voice mail systems.

[edit] 1982
The 414s break into 60 computer systems at institutions ranging from the Los Alamos Laboratories to Manhattan's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.[2] The incident appeared as the cover story of Newsweek with the title Beware: Hackers at play,[3] possibly the first mass-media use of the term hacker in the context of computer security. As a result, the U.S. House of Representatives held hearings on computer security and passed several laws [4].

[edit] 1983
The group KILOBAUD is formed in February, kicking off a series of other hacker groups which form soon after.
The movie WarGames introduces the wider public to the phenomenon of hacking and creates a degree of mass paranoia of hackers and their supposed abilities to bring the world to a screeching halt by launching nuclear ICBM's.
The 414s are caught and investigated by the FBI. Although most members are not charged with a crime, they gain widespread media attention[5][6], eventually becoming a cover story of Newsweek entitled "Beware: Hackers at play". [7]
The U.S. House of Representatives begins hearings on computer security hacking.[8]
In his Turing Award lecture, Ken Thompson mentions "hacking" and describes a security exploit that he calls a "Trojan horse". [9]

[edit] 1984
Someone calling himself Lex Luthor founds the Legion of Doom. Named after a Saturday morning cartoon, the LOD had the reputation of attracting "the best of the best" — until one of the most talented members called Phiber Optik feuded with Legion of Doomer Erik Bloodaxe and got 'tossed out of the clubhouse'. Phiber's friends formed a rival group, the Masters of Deception.
The Comprehensive Crime Control Act gives the Secret Service jurisdiction over computer fraud.
CULT OF THE DEAD COW forms in Lubbock, Texas and begins publishing its ezine.

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