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U.S. Government Surveillance & Electronic Torture-part 1 of 12

Roger Tolces, a private investigator with Electronic Security Company who specializes in surveillance countermeasures, was the guest on Noory's "Coast to Coast AM" June 12, 2003. He outlined a variety of ways in which US citizens' privacy rights have been eroded since the passing of the Patriot Act. "They can throw a switch and listen to all your phone calls, or gain access to your computer," he said, explaining that government or law enforcement no longer has to seek judicial authorization for many kinds of taps.

It becomes a "question of who the real crooks and criminals are," Tolces said as he detailed an astonishing array of electronic harassment devices that he has found evidence for through his work with his clients. Many of these people have told him they feel as though they are being used as guinea pigs in covert experiments. One device, which could also be classified as a non-lethal weapon, is a microwave energy beam, that can "make people hear voices in their head," Tolces said. The voices might be used to direct the subjects to commit suicide, he added.

Tolces said he has also been able to detect biochips implanted in some of his clients' heads, that could possibly be used as tracking devices.

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Urgent: No matter who, what,...I disclose it, you transfer it, not only for me.

Meanwhile, by "wall", by  hacking all VPNs I am using; by endless CAPTCHA check, by intercepting and hacking all my accounts... I can not normally send and receive any emails , or any messages  which is "dangerous" to them.Meanwhile, they are hacking UN,  International Human Rights Community, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court by cookies, emails, firewall , IP... regardless of anything.Why?UN ICCPR UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International…See More
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