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Finally Admitted! "New" Tech Can Beam Voices Directly into Your Head

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Comment by Steven Jones on November 2, 2019 at 4:29am

This is great stuff, but... 8 feet away??? That's ridiculous. Some reports are from people who experience it in an open area with nothing around for miles. Lasers can be effective from a great distance, as long as there is line-of-sight. This is another propaganda moment where the blame is being put on modern tech. There has been reports of this activity going back to biblical times. That tells us that something else has been used for many centuries and that modern tech is just starting to compete with the great evil. Directed energy is not new. V2K is not new. The abusive use of the apparatus on entire cultures and nations has been kept secret under threats of death if someone reveals anything. The all-seeing eye is one apparatus that has been secretly used on literally everyone on the planet. The Freemasons, Hindus, and Muslims have used it for millennia. The Jewish Bible says "they were your pilots, oh Tyre." (Eze 27:8) Modern methods of tracking and collecting EEG data isn't causing the harm that targets experience. The bad guys are calling good people evil and themselves good.

Comment by John Allman on October 31, 2019 at 6:09pm

V2K is useless for the behavioural influence applications that alleged targets testify are underway, without the capability of monitoring remotely any effect the V2K is having upon a target. Without the latter, the former is like playing darts in a darkroom. The perpetrator cannot calibrate whether he has even hit his target, let alone what effect the assault has had.

It is the capability for remote collection of biological data and the inference from it of human thought that is the more closely guarded secret than mere V2K.
Fortunately, there *is* evidence of advanced target tracking capabilities, remote EEG collection and thought inference from EEG data. All four of the capabilities have been documented by John McMurtrey and were confirmed by Colonel John B Alexander at a presentation I gave in Ettlingen in 2009.

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