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a group for people of any country to chat but for those of us especially in Australia, that need to talk about what's going down.

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Stage Signs of Electromagnetic Energy.

1st Stage Signs 
of Electromagnetic Energy.
 Feeling a shock as one drifts off to sleep.
Seeing lights as one drifts off to sleep.
compressing the vertebrae.
Sensitivity to sound.
minor spasms and charliehorses.
Inability to concentrate.
Loss of memory.
Night sweats.
Sensitive ear to touch.
Upon waking finding that the muscles of the back are tingling as if electrified.
Ringing in one or both ears and or hear tone bursts.
Teeth snap together when drowsy. 
Loss of sleep.
Nails become wavy.
Water weight and cellulite accumulations on the upper thigh and buttox from cellular fluids dispalced generally from the head and upper body especially in women, where those fluids find ready redistribution in those areas.

2st Stage Signs 
Burning sensation on the skin.
Loss of hair.
Feeling of temporary heating of the head ( demodulating RF effect)
2nd Stage symptoms from exposure
Narcoleptic reactions, sleepinesss.
Sleep only after exhaustion.
Virtual insomnia.
Gaunt face.
Facial arinkles.
Losing skin turgor.
Hair breaks from rapid microwave heat on hair causing increase fracturing of hair shafts.
Accompanying activity of sabotage of business and or
personal life, strange people in area, strange reactions 
from people, items moved or missing in home.
Waking after sleep feeling as though you did not sleep,  children's
symptoms manifest 
themselves as ADD and Hyperactivity.
1st Stage Signs 
Changes in the tone of the internal voice.
Waking up in extreme pain, and arthritis condition.
Spontaneous tearing without emotional thinking.
Mild pressure in the head, a cloudy feeling.
Increased need to urinate during the night.
Feeling puffs of air on the face and back as if as an example a hair
on the body or eyelash moved, such is a
demodulation of energy on the skin.
Sensation that blood is trickling into localized areas of the 
brain and other parts of the body-this feeling is akin to the 
impression that these areas were devoid of blood.
Unaccountable increased heart rate just before
drifting off to sleep causing the person to wake up.
3rd Stage effects from exposure
Loss of coordination.
Accidents from sleeplessness.
Damage to eyesight.
Atrophy of the muscles.
Heart valve damage.
Loss of weight.
Sensitivity to sound.
3rd Stage effects from exposure
Decreased dexterity.
Unaccountable increased heart rate.
Vivid dreams.
Lost time.
Change of mood.
The personality becomes quiet, a lack of thought takes place.
Decrease in mental activity.
Limbs jerk typically as one is trying to sleep.
Lethargy or hyperactivity.
Aggravation reactions.

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Comment by Holly Timlin on July 31, 2016 at 8:27pm

Hi to everyone, I now know that i am not only a victim of electronic harassment/rape I am a Fn guinea-pig...these bastards have been totally smashing my ribs and origins just so they can fix them 

Comment by bethmcllln on July 17, 2012 at 6:30pm

Hi and welcome Emma, great another aussie, I am south aust, emma

Comment by Emma on July 17, 2012 at 6:06pm

Hi all,

I'm Emma, 32yo, from Melbourne, Australia.  I've been targeted for the last 2 and a half years.  Anyone else here from Melbourne?

Comment by bethmcllln on April 24, 2012 at 9:19pm

Hey I remembered talking to a friend of mine i see occasionally and she told me I wouldn't have brought it up but as she was a doctor in poland who used to work as a thoracic surgeon, she warned me about electromagnetic radiation about 5 years ago, she told me she did not want to use her pc much or her mobile phone much as she was now working for community care program. just i remembered that today that is all.

Comment by bethmcllln on April 15, 2012 at 9:04pm

Radio frequency energy is known to cause instant  drop  in melatonin and calcium in the nervous system, and other chemistry components of the nervous system. Such depreciation of the nervous systems constituent elements that make the nervous system work properly lead to decreased immune system. 

Comment by bethmcllln on March 14, 2012 at 11:49am

Welcome Michael to my e/h group and thank you for joining.

Comment by bethmcllln on March 3, 2012 at 7:13pm

this eh of australia is the second time I have created this group in Aus, as the other group, gets rarely seen these days so, here we go.


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