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One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture.


Despite of disagreements of religions, I indeed believe that everyone should fight against torture and abuse of mind control technologies and Directed Energy Weapons. 

No matter what religions you believe, I wish that you can stand up for justice - To expose…

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More Information about mind control, directed energy weapons

Paper "Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency":


Laws Against Criminal Uses of Electromagnetic Energy Weapons


Peacepink volunteers in your area for supporting and networking

Online groups (all over the world) who are helping victims


Works we have done during the past few years

Lawsuits of mind control victims


Peacepink is a community of diversity and is open to receive new members from all cultural backgrounds. All members are free to give their own opinions, your opinions are respected and your attention will be much appreciated.


If you have advices about this website, please leave your messages here 

You also can write to Peacepink Managers:

Donation for peacepink


Our Facebook Group: Peacepink (Ban mind control/directed energy weapons abuse and torture)

More victims’ websites and groups



Model questionnaire to be completed by persons alleging torture or their representatives

Information on the torture of a person should be transmitted to the Special Rapporteur in written form and sent to:

Special Rapporteur on Torture
c/o Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


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How to make a custom amplifier

Step one: Why?


In early 1997, my father and I participated in a family entertainment program. We wanted to make the best speakers Text to Speech possible. I have heard about the main models from almost every manufacturer. I already know all the drivers in the DIY category and I want to know which one is the best.


Finally, after voting, we all without hesitation chose JM Labs Grande Utopia as our…

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The Colony

In the country where I live and in its capital, where I live, a long-announced “ecological uprising” or protests against serious environmental pollution are being prepared. The day before that event, they published my next comment on a column of “gloomy” content by a great journalist of rare independent media:

“On a foreign portal, when asked if we already unknowingly live in the nightmare world of Margaret Atwood’s story, my answer was – yes. I wrote that the…

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Scariest Nightmare

It is the the first time i share this story that happened to me before they attacked me and they made me remember it yesterday because unfortunately I almost forgot that is happened




Before they attacked me, as I remember started at intermediate school time they kept sending this scary and terrifying dream and kept repeated with some difference as I will tell. The…

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7 ways to improve your Voice

Your voice text to voice is able to convey your confidence and authority. You can appear like a trusted professional. Convincing your audience and creating more impact isn't just about podcasting! It can also be used for business conversations, presentations, and daily activities with children.


Think of your body as an instrument like a guitar. Does bending the neck of the guitar make it sound awful? In the same way when our…

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Be a soldier of Jesus Christ

2Timothy2:3Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

God gave mankind freedom and liberty. God never controlled mankind’s minds. Only Satan and his supporters wanted to control mankind’s minds. Nazis were the first to develop the mind control weapons. With the help of Satan, they even wanted to conquer the whole world. Even though the world had destroyed Nazis, People had not been able to prevent the proliferation of mind control weapons, and prevent such weapons from falling into the hands of followers of Dragon and Beasts. More followers of Dragon and Beast started to research and develop mind control weapons. The Dragon, Beasts and their followers wanted to control their followers and also used their mind control weapons to abuse and torture God’s people secretly.

2 Samuel 12:12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.'

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