Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

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Created by Soleilmavis Oct 10, 2008 at 7:05am. Last updated by Soleilmavis Jul 6, 2019.

God Bans Mind Control/DEW weapons abuses and tortures

One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture.


Despite of disagreements of religions, I indeed believe that everyone should fight against torture and abuse of mind control technologies and Directed Energy Weapons. 

No matter what religions you believe, I wish that you can stand up for justice - To expose…


Created by Soleilmavis Aug 21, 2009 at 7:30am. Last updated by Soleilmavis Jan 7, 2014.

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Created by Soleilmavis Sep 29, 2008 at 10:33am. Last updated by Soleilmavis Sep 29, 2008.

I have collected many reported articles which introduce 'mind control technologies'. The listing of these articles will not mislead readers; it is a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies are.

Paper "Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency":

The book “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp” provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies, helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.

Blog Posts

To UN EqualEverrywhere - experiences from Serbia

Posted by Gordana Filipovic on May 5, 2021 at 3:32pm 0 Comments

It is with great pleasure that I have joined those who support the #EqualEverrywhere pledge. I am really happy taking a stand so that girls and women can be equal everywhere. I am honored to be a part of this global movement.
I am already part of a global movement whose members are both  men and women from almost every country in the world. These are international organizations to combat gang stalking or psychotronic terrorism.…

There's No Gangstalking here is there! Spurious it isn't!

Posted by Barbara Rogers on May 4, 2021 at 10:57pm 0 Comments

Perpdom and the authorities have decided my sexuality for me and I am obviously not happy.  I'm not sleeping with man or women and prefer to be known as aro asexual after there was reported sexuality confusion in the naughties.  There are people involved -

Fur Coke - Benefit Agency representative called Rebecca S From ATOS Healthcare

MA Parker - Strange white haired old lady in make up who is a private investigator that's  been talked about as being from 'The Moon' private…


Why I am refusing to accept any and all covid-19 vaccines.

Posted by Gretta Fahey on May 4, 2021 at 3:00am 0 Comments

The vaccines are untested and experimental.
The vaccines dont stop anyone from getting covid-19.
They dont stop anyone from spreading covid-19
They cause death and injury.
The vaccine manufacturers are not liable for injuries or deaths caused by the vaccines which they manufacture.

Technologically Induced Mind Control influences the behaviour of the Irish Gardai at every level.

Posted by Gretta Fahey on May 2, 2021 at 11:45pm 0 Comments

At ten past four pm Irish time on 2nd May, 2021 a voice which was transmitted inside my head by the use of bio-communication technology without my permission to do so was heard by me to say the following:-
"If you come to…


Posted by J.T. on May 2, 2021 at 10:30pm 2 Comments

Revelations 2:26

26 To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations-- 27 that one 'will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery' --just as I have received authority from my Father. 28 I will also give that one the morning star.

FBI Symbol.

Genesis 3:5 and 3:22

When you know the difference between good and evil then you shall be like…


Be a soldier of Jesus Christ

2Timothy2:3Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

God gave mankind freedom and liberty. God never controlled mankind’s minds. Only Satan and his supporters wanted to control mankind’s minds. Nazis were the first to develop the mind control weapons. With the help of Satan, they even wanted to conquer the whole world. Even though the world had destroyed Nazis, People had not been able to prevent the proliferation of mind control weapons, and prevent such weapons from falling into the hands of followers of Dragon and Beasts. More followers of Dragon and Beast started to research and develop mind control weapons. The Dragon, Beasts and their followers wanted to control their followers and also used their mind control weapons to abuse and torture God’s people secretly.

2 Samuel 12:12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.'

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Jeremy C A Paul posted a discussion

PRIORITIES- public awareness about mind control “emf/ DEWs (directed energy weapons

Y1). Lets not argue about the Physics particularly if you know nothing about Physics (as Vaibhav post2). Mind control via electromagnetic wave exists and one can’t break up any signal by absorbtion (as Vaibhav claimed *** the point is- public awareness about these so that the powers above/ governments  regulate these to stop the abuses PS: the particular waveform that I’m referring to is the one that was used by US military during the Gulf War commonly referred to as “Lilly wave/ pulses” that…See More
4 minutes ago
hassanmcv left a comment for Mojmír Babáček
"Hi Mojmir, thank you very much! I am not affiliated with any party. By the way, Lez, a member of the french group here, wants to put your translated article on line on her blog. Best…"
2 hours ago
hassanmcv commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"@ Lez, Mr. Mojmir Babacek a accedé à ma demande, vous trouverez donc la traduction postée en "Discussions". Je lui ai fait part également de votre désir de le mettre en ligne accompagné du lien de…"
2 hours ago
hassanmcv added a discussion to the group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".

Traduction de l'article de Mojmir Babacek "In the Czech Republic the Party for Freedom of Thought in the Digital Age is being formed" République tchèque, le Parti pour la Liberté de Pensée à l'Ere Numérique est en cours de création. PROCLAMATION DU PARTI POUR LA LIBERTÉ DE PENSÉE À L'ÈRE DU NUMÉRIQUE Alors que la cinquième génération de réseaux de téléphonie cellulaire est…See More
2 hours ago
Brother Parren and Elizabeth Hare are now friends
2 hours ago
Vaibhav replied to energyweaponsatme's discussion [WIKI] Shielding: Radiofrequency: Absorption by carbon and graphite
"How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake. All this universe is made of 2 thing's. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each…"
2 hours ago
Vaibhav replied to Soleilmavis's discussion Lawyers who know mind control abuse and torture
"How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake. All this universe is made of 2 thing's. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each…"
3 hours ago
Vaibhav replied to Tiffany's discussion I am a targeted individual seeking justice
"How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake. All this universe is made of 2 thing's. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each…"
3 hours ago



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