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-Gang stalking network in Pakistan.

-Mind control strategy.

-Did you get targeted because you studied in a western country?

-Were you bullied a lot?

-In which universities of Pakistan have you met gang stalking teams?

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Comment by Farah on January 2, 2020 at 3:04pm

I am a targeted individual from Pakistan. My targeting started while I was doing residency in United States. For past 4 years I am in Pakistan and they are relentlessly targeting me here with 24/7 watch, listening to my voice and thought, V2K, remote covert physical torture and stalking. Mr. Kamran Khan, how are you now?

Comment by Kamran khan on March 31, 2015 at 8:58pm

i and you both know very well that if there is anything which helps me sleep at night after you do electronic harassment is binural beat which i got from youtube  which put my mind in frozen state. Thank you someone for this idea. I just want to out it across to you that you are moving very fast towards fire of hell,please have some sanity and save your soul before its too late.

Comment by Kamran khan on March 31, 2015 at 8:48pm

I was sleeping then these demons woke me up using heart beat manipulation and electrin shock using mind neurons. I remember when one of these demonic gang stalkers told me in university in Pakistan "If you don't stop bothering us, we can kidnap, beat you up, only reason we don't have is because you are someone son,child,brother,father"


you guys care about families. Remember when you told lies and bs about me to authorities you pathetic demons. When you tell BS do you also mention about how i was targeted at age of 16? Do you also mention why i protest so much about my son who is a Citizen of USA? You don't mention that part ever? Reason i protest so much to protect him from child abuse so that he can't be made part of Monarch mind control slave. Do you demons ever disclose that you are involved in human sacrifices of babies in forests of puerto rico to please Satan? Do you ever mention how you sacrifice 150 chicken every 2 months as part of voodoo ceremonies? Do you ever tell truth that you want to commit sexual,child abuse on my son that is why you separated my son from me? You know how you put children in cages and commit commit abuse so you can make your perfect spies? You demons your cover is over.This game of serving Satan and using technology to harass people is simply in one word job of "anti-christ".At end you expect me to shut up, world to close their eyes so you can continue horrible child abuse. Truth hurts eh? I can't call you humans because if i call you humans , its a disgarce to human race and i really can't think of any better sentence to describe you other than as "pathetic low-life demonic servant of anti-christ aka the forces of Satan the cursed".I know God probably has better name for you monsters but thats all i can come up with. You can call me crazy thats fine but everyone knows your MKULTRA program .If you don't wish to stop child-abuse , if you don't want to stop bothering me then i can always make public the name of your Monarch mind control slave(that special girl) and that child name.Best is you learn to mind your own business and leave me alone and leave my son alone.
At end, have some sanity and Fear the ruler of heavens and the earth.

Comment by Kamran khan on March 26, 2015 at 1:57am

Just after i put these comments these gang stalker aka the servants of anti-Christ called me from a certain Western Country(which i will name at a later stage) and told me "I am suprised you are still alive!!! i thought and heard you have been killed in a car accident.... " and then i hung up the phone.Later i got a call from the demon girls from my university(name of university will be published soon too) in Pakistan who said "i heard you are scared like a cat these days and are not going out".I ofcourse left the university after threats and that just before exams at night they manipulated my heart beats s i can't study and give exams.These low life demons claimed that they are operating under authorization of Pakistani "government"(lie) and later these same girls who wanted to have "Relationships" claimed they are paid heaps of money for jobs like target killing and murders and no one can dare to stop them.These girls claimed they work with ghosts,black magicans,voodoo and sit under trees at night to get satan to work with them so they can hunt the angels down and they can and will defeat God and those who love God.Obviously, they use combination of witch craft,voodoo and you can literally see demons and smile of Satan the cursed in eyes of these gang stalkers.After i left university, these gang stalker "characterless" girls text and call me every month hoping i will talk with them.She claimed "sometimes even God can't dare to save his creatures" i smiled and said "God is all powerful" and she laughed and said "If God is so powerful , then why can't He help you? Where is your God?Where are you angels?Where is Jesus Christ??????" and she started laughing and said "God is over.Satan rules the world and you can't change that".From 2 months i haven't worked at job or joined university but i am happy Thank God and these forces of Satan the cursed are still blind and said to me "We also wait for  God to dare to touch us?" Then i asked her in last days at university "You know there is hell" she lauhed and said "I know we will burn in fire of hell and we know our life in other world is doomed and angels will torment us in fire of hell" i asked "why not siwtch to God side?" she laughed and showed me cuts on hers arms and showed me knifes and said "i cut my arms every night knowing God will destroy me and my handler is the Chief Satan on Earth and if i turn away, they will kill me by heart attacks and orgran failures".I looked in her eyes and she had tears flowing and then she laughed and said "I am going to hell but i will make sure you suffer on face of Earth and no Angels can save you.Angels will pay very high price and Yes we rule the World,join us so you can sleep at night" i said " i am leaving university?" she replied "Yeah good stay at home like a mouse, you will not find any shelter on earth,Yes other world we are mouse,here you are!! we will torment you at every job in Pakistan,everywhere we will find you,no escape till your suicide".I warned "you know i can use voice recorder" and she said "No power on Earth can dare to do anything so good luck and welcome to age of Anti-Christ.We knew from moment you were born(numberology Date of Birth), who you are and we knew we had to target you.Your only solution is suicide or join us so you can meet your kidnaped son".

One Major reason they can't be caught is they use voice-skull or telepathy or demons to carry messages to each other.Why i wrote this message? Because of you i can't work, because of you demons my son has been kidnapped, because of you demons i can't go to university or progress in my life.

Oh wow wow you will kill me by remote heart attack LOLS demonic cursed servants i am not scared.Leave me alone before wrath of God knocks on your doors and that day you will know what a horrible death you all will have then again you already know that your destination is fire of hell so party hard before Death meets you.

Comment by Kamran khan on March 3, 2015 at 4:40pm

The system is very new to Pakistan.Most targets are ones who were chosen at age of 16.The general preception out there they got targeted after they went to study overseas and did a crime of no evidence but that is not true.They basically spread their network in Pakistan after 2001 using NGOs. Once you are chosen a target, first they give you heart problems like palpitations mind confusion and basically destroy your mind.Then they mold your life in such a way that you form mariages or relationships with their workers like some girl(who herself is a target being blackmailed).The ultimate aim can be many.The Pakistani press or police or courts can't help because you have no "evidence".They won't let me sleep every night using heart beat manipulation then next day cracking jokes about how they can be "God".After you get married to a certain target and have kids then they basiclaly destroy that marriage and take away your child using gang stalking. The girl that you loved turns out to be one of them with offers if you join us we will let you see your child.That is literally how pathetic these low life demons are.There are many Pakistanis who have been literally told to "shut up" or "you will be killed or kidnapped" that tells you how much they hate to be exposed.Why i am writing this? because every single day they manipulate my heart beats, give me confusion,headaches so saying i started this is lie, they started it when i was a normal guy studying in a school as a brilliant student and destroyed my life in a planned systematic way so that they can test their technology on innocent humans.

They expect us to bow to them and pray to them and call them our god? Yes you can manipulate heart beats and destroy lives but you can never kill the soul.They hate online comments. They literally scream in pain with every comments you make. If you are a victim, speak up.You are not alone.


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