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I don't want to offend anyone but I have been listening to this divine intervention b..s. for 25 years. Why give people false hope that help is on the way. It sure is not going to come from the United Staes where the country is listed in 17th place on the honest countries list.

The U.S.A. is a neocolonial state that has always profited from one form of slavery or another.

The only help that is on the way is when a perp and or their accomplice dies.

When you get tired of praying pickup a gun and go to an Office of Science and Technology Office in the U.S. Military or D.A.R.P.A and find the director and empty a clip full of ammunition in their brain .Then and only then is help on the way.

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Yes, Help is NOT on the way!!  Your smart and RIGHT!!  It is another way for us to be enslaved, tortured and killed by the Reptillian Government and controllers of Earth, they will be killed by the good aliens and Council of Worlds at the Upcoming Poleshift!!!  See my post on it and Youtubes on Poleshift as I added to DISCUSSIONS ON HOME PAGE HERE AND ON MY OWN YOUTUBES UNDER MY NAME: NIBIRU NOW ON HERE AND MS. KRIS DURSCHMIDT ON YOUTUBE!!!! YOUR RIGHT, PREPARE FOR POLESHIFT AS I SAID WITH WWW.ZETATALK.COM!! NO GOV. SITES OR NASA!!

i noticed christian people are not liked on peacepink, they are discriminated here, but mark, I tell you God walks with me and he helps me not to give up and to find sometimes peace in the slavery we are living 


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The Vatican which is also known as the catholic church has the enormous responsibility of maintaining the inculcation levels of up to two billion followers. The Vatican hierarchy are and have always been experts in psychology. They use trauma based mind control to initially inculcate each child into their belief system. In order to trauma base mind control a child you first need to put the child into a state of extreme fear or extreme shock. Then you give them a message and because they are in…See More
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"linkit toimivat naamakirjassa, ei täällä kuitenkin TI´S "SYMPTOMS""
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" Lista tuli tänne lopusta alkuun- MUUT OIREET"



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